20 August 2011

Ecotools brushes

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all well.

When watching YouTube videos or even blog posts, I notice that people have mostly MAC brushes and MAC makeup, it seems to be the most popular brand. I'm not saying this is a bad thing because each to their own, but I just don't beginners to watch these videos and think "Oh no I have to spend a crap ton of money on all this makeup and brushes to get the same effect" because they don't, some people are just snobs and won't go for cheaper brands. I feel that people talk about MAC and overlook the other options and there is always a cheaper alternative like Sigma but who have MAC dupes, there is Crown which seem really good and I plan to make an order with them once I have paid for my college course. But, today I want to talk about Ecotools, I love these brushes.

I didn't think that the UK would get Ecotools because I'd never seen them, apparently Boots sell them which is news to me. I ordered my Ecotools brush set from eBay, I'm sorry I can't give you specific prices and the seller which I used, however, I did look last night on eBay and you can buy them for cheap. On eBay you will be made to pay higher prices so please don't buy the first set you see keep scrolling through and you can definitely get them cheaper. I opted for the 5 piece brush set and I couldn't be happier.

I really like the brush roll that it comes with, I think it's made of hemp or something like that. They come nicely packaged and have their own little compartment to lay in. I'm not going to talk about the comb brush because I've never used it, I don't use them. I love the look of bamboo brushes I just think they look nicer than a boring black like MAC brushes, in my humble opinion everything should be pink, but that's just me ;-)

Ok, so I do believe this is a concealer brush, they don't have names on them which is a bit of a pain but it's ok because I use them for everything. I think this brush is actually just phenomenal, it works so well with cream products like my paint pots it gives such a nice even coverage. But I also like it for just regular eyeshadow, if you pat the eyeshadow on with this guy you can get a really nice eye look. This brush cleans like a dream, with my white MAC brushes no matter how hard I clean them they are still stained, but this brush I have no problem with cleaning.

I think this one is an eyeshadow brush, like the first brush this is amazing for cream and eyeshadows, they are both a little bit stiffer but still soft enough it doesn't hurt your eyes or drag, it gives good coverage and it's just plain fantastic. I think this brush is great for getting into the crease too, just put a little bit of eyeshadow on the and "rock it in your socket" If I had paid £15 for this brush set I wouldn't have complained that it's too expensive because these brushes are so versatile, they work well with creams and shadows. I just really couldn't be happier.

This blush brush makes me so happy, I'm not a blush wearer but I do have a few blushes because I would quite like to wear them every so often. I'd never really tried to apply blush or bronzer but with this beaut WOW I'm not even kidding, it is so easy to use you get a soft look or press harder and you get the most gorgeous glow, it's good for blending out the product and it just does everything you need it to do. I honestly cannot believe how cheap these brushes are for the quality you get and it is a nice decent size and perfect. I haven't tried this with a cream blush yet, but I would like to see how it handles

This brush, I'm really confused about it. I have previously listed this in my favourite brushes, I'd compared it to my MAC 266 (which I adore) I thought it was that good, but I recently cleaned it and it lost of its shape it became so limp in the respect that when I applied my eyeliner it just became a big mess the line was nowhere near as precise as it had been previously and I'm baffled as to what I did wrong. I loved this brush and I even picked up a backup from eBay.

Do you lovelies have any Ecotools brushes I have to try out? 

Peace and Love

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