13 August 2011

My top 5 palettes

Hello my cupcakes,

I hope you're all doing ok, I had some bad news today so to cheer myself I wanted to come and blog, I hope you guys don't mind ;-)

I watched a YouTube video the other day about a ladies top five makeup eyeshadow palettes and I got to thinking about my favs so I decided to choose 5 of my own and thought I would talk about them today

So here goes.

Sleek original palette - this is always going to be my favourite palette. I'd be gutted if they ever stopped making them. It has a black for smoking out your eyes, it has an intense turquoise, my favourite purple of all time and a pink, a long with a couple of neutral shadows. The colours are exactly as you see in the pan very pigmented and last for ages.

Lets get a bit Naked with this stunning Urban Decay palette - I got this when it first came out, I think I wanted to fit in with the crowed. I liked it but it stayed in the cupboard it was just too pretty to touch. Last night before cleaning my brushes I decided I was going to do a look with it because I'm obsessed with smog. I can't remember exactly which colours I used but it turned out looking so beautiful. This palette just has everything you could possibly need, a black and brown eyeliner, a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows, darks and lights. You do get a bit of fallout with these shadows but for the beautiful looks you can create, I have wipes by my side to get rid of the excess.

Wet N Wild Pride palette - I'm just going to say about this palette. I do have a review on these palettes coming soon so I don't want to say much, but this really is one of my fav ever palettes. The green apple matte colour it's just die for.

MUA Starry Night - you can read my review here I like this palette for the soft eyeshadows and it has variety of colours from black to pink with whites. The shadows are so pigmented and I think you could create some super cute looks with this baby

And last but in no means least coastal Scents Winter Berry palette - this palette isn't for everybody, it's made up of pinks and purples but it's a seriously beautiful set of pinks and purples. I'm also going to be reviewing this and adding swatches so keep your eyes peeled for this :-)

What are you favourite palettes my loves?

Peace and Love


  1. Hope everything is okay hun.
    Fab post xx

  2. Thanks sweetie :-) I'm ok just had a crappy weekend xx