16 May 2011

My Fav brushes

Hello gorgeous :-)

I hope wherever you are it's better weather for you than it is here in South Yorkshire. It's soo cold, windy and the sky is black with promises of very violent rain storms (I sound like a weather woman). I hope you all had a nice weekend, it seems to be Monday too soon for my liking.

Anyway enough of the chit chat.

I've been messing around with my gel liner recently, they seem to be the other thing I buy loads of. I like gel liner the best because you get to choose your favourite brush. I find it easier to apply with an angled brush than I do with with a liquid liner brush and all the other brushes you get with liners.

L to R - Ecotools, Mac 266 and Sonia Kashuk

I'm going to say outright, the Ecotools brush is by far my fav. It's a little bit more stiffer than the others, which makes for a precise line. Bare in mind guys, I'm still only a beginner with the winged eyeliner technique. I keep going upstairs just before I take a shower to keep practicing it and I feel like I'm getting better, or maybe I'm actually not and it's the brush I use. Hmm *sits and ponders for a while* ok maybe it's both lol. I was messing around on Friday night doing my wing and I sent a picture of it to Carah, because I trust her judgement and she told me it looked super nice and clean.

Please forgive the picture quality of my eye, the lighting in my room is horrible and it was already getting dark. But this is how nicely the brush works.

The 266 brush, I love this brush and yes it's hard for me to put another brush before it. But it's a little bit softer and even though I like the line I get from it I'd still prefer something that doesn't have as much give.

Last but very not least is my Sonia Kashuk brush. I really like this brush, the problem I have with it, however, after the first use and the first wash it sort of loses it's shape and you get strands of the brush that are just sticking out which isn't good. This brush is good for people who are starting out with makeup and need to be able to see what they're doing in the mirror, I love the idea of the bent top because you have so much freedom to be able to see in the mirror. I'm just not sure how many times I'll be able to use the brush.

I think we as girls spend so much money on the 'perfect tools' because when we do our makeup we want to look perfect otherwise what is the point? I mean I have proof that you don't need to spend £16 (I think that's how much it cost for the 266 brush) on a brush when you can go to the drugstore and test out four brushes for £16. I think I've found the one, I just ordered another one from eBay for my makeup bag.

What's your favourite eyeliner brush or any brush?


  1. cool post i had been looking for a good angled brush for a while actually and i did consider the ecotools one but I ended up getting the topshop one which is quite good and i think £3 x

  2. Thanks for being my loyal reader :-) Oh cool, thanks for sharing. I'm always on the lookout for brushes x