18 August 2011

The 4 deadly sins of Joy

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all doing well.

So I know the title seems a little dramatic, and please don't worry I am not going to talk about the "seven deadly sins" I'm going to talk about the Wet N Wild palettes in Pride, Greed, Vanity and Lust. I love the names, I think they're so cool, I really wish they had done the rest of the deadly sins. I did a post on these when I first started my blog but I removed it because it just wasn't good enough. Like everything else I'd put these in my draw to review and today I was playing around and I fell in love all over again. These guys are so amazing, but us Brits aren't lucky enough to get them here, thank my stars for makeup swaps and eBay.

I'm going to start first by saying, the light colours aren't very pigmented so I do advise using a different light colour for highlighting etc. You do get fallout but that's to be expected with cheaper brands. I like these palettes because they're mixed, you get three shimmery shades and three matte shades which means you don't just have to have an all shimmery eye look you can have a mixture of the two.

"Pride" is my favourite palette, in my opinion I wouldn't have called this one "Pride" I would have called it "Envy" because the colours are green, you get it? Green with Envy? Oh my humour is lost on you lot ;-) lol. Ok so silliness over, the matte green is a beautiful what I could call "apple green" because that's exactly what it looks like. I love the navy's in this palette, you know how navy eyeshadows can sometimes come transfer on to the skin black? well that isn't the case with these ones, they are extremely pigmented and I am just so impressed and in love with this palette.

My favourite was a toss up between "Vanity" and "Pride" and "Pride" won because of the apple green colour. This palette just makes me smile and drool a little bit, the four browns are just to die for they are really buttery soft and look so good on my eyes. My only complaint about this palette is the golden brown shade I wish it was a tiny bit more pigmented because it's just so pretty.

I'm not as happy as I should be with this palette, the two whites are actually really nice the purple is pretty but it lacks pigmentation. The dark purples however are just gorgeous the glitter is a little on the chunky side but it's ok. The top left white is gorgeous and is more of a lavender white.

And my least favourite, I'm not saying I don't like this palette because I do, the peaches are lovely and so is the silver but you really have to pack it on to get any kind of intensity

All in all, I am very happy with these palettes. They're compact enough to fit in your makeup bag and you really will get the look you desire with mattes and shimmers. I love the swirly pattern on the shadows, it makes them look even cuter but the pattern obviously doesn't last long. I did do a couple of looks with the "Greed" and "Vanity" palettes. This is the first time I've ever done these kinds of looks so please take that into consideration and I'm still getting the hang of eyeliner on top of eyeshadow so pardon the mistakes. 

The brown eye is from the "Vanity" palette and the more intense is from the "Greed" palette, the brown eye look I would wear on a daily basis but the darker one would be used for more of a girly pub crawl night out. I really like the way they turned out, don't want to my own trumpet but I think they look good for a first attempt.

What do you think girlies? Do any of you lovelies have any of these palettes?

Peace and Love


  1. jealous - that's pretty much it - Just Jealous :)

  2. Haha, no need to be jealous :-) xx

  3. I have them all.. received Pride yesterday :)
    I LOVE them all so so much :)
    At the moment Pride has to be my absolute favorite, just cause of the colors in it :) They are all close after though :)