8 August 2011

What couldn't you live without?

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all well and had a lovely weekend.

Laid in bed the other night daydreaming about makeup (yeah, as if I'm the only girl in the world who does that) I got to thinking "what would be 7 products I couldn't live without" if I could choose 7 makeup products that I had to use for the rest of my life what would they be? So here they are

Mac blacktrack fluidline, I could wear this with or without an eyeshadow. I love the classic winged eyeliner look that the gorgeous Audrey and Marilyn would always rock. Plus you can use it on your waterline so no pencil eyeliner.

Mascara maybelline falsies, I love this mascara and you can read why here.

My Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush, the cat eyed looks you can create with this baby is unreal.

Mac 266 brush for the same reason as the Sonia Kashuk brush

A pot of Vaseline for my lips, no one wants dry lips and the pink one gives a cute pink glow to the lips.

I couldn't live without my favourite purple eyeshadow from my Sleek Original palette - I love this eyeshadow, it's so pretty and can be worn alone or with eyeliner. I also like to smoke it along my lower lash line

And one of my paint pots but I can't decide which, I love Coral crepe but I also love my Indianwood one. Ok, I'm changing it to 8 and I am having both lol.

So there we have it, I know people are probably thinking "what no foundation or blush" but in all honesty I don't like wearing foundation and blush, my skin feels like it can't breathe when I have foundation on. I have very pink cheeks anyhow so I don't need it. I'd  rather people see my skin and the natural flush of pink that I have!! What are the products you lovelies couldn't live without?

Peace and Love


  1. *Mac angled brush
    *Mac contour blush brush
    *Avon supershock gel eyeliner pencil (use as liner and to make a smokey eye)
    *ELF HD powder
    *Revlon colorstay foundation
    *W7 honolulu bronzer
    *Collection 2000 Fake lash mascara

    ...and since you were allowed 8...il also take Half Baked by urban decay to use as a shadow and a highlighter :)

    That wasn't easy haha!

  2. Great idea for a post, you should of tagged people. Don't think I could pick just 7 products hehe xx

  3. Ooooh I am so impressed you managed to do it Tinkerbexx, it isn't easy is it? lol xx

    Lovlain, that's an awesome idea but I'm not sure how to do that. Go on give it a try ;-) xx