3 August 2011

My MUA Collection

Hello my loves,

Recently I jumped on the MUA (Make Up Academy) bandwagon, being a lover of cheaper makeup this seemed perfect. Just to clarify the eyshadows are £1, and you want me to turn that down? It can be tough buying good makeup when you are on a budget, when you find a brand that's cheap and offers good quality makeup it's best to grab it while you can. Which is exactly what I did, I kept taking advantage of Superdrugs free delivery and got a lot of the colours that I wanted, there is still some colours that I would like to get.

These are all of my single MUA eyeshadows, and my blusher.

I'm a big fan of these eyeshadows, I only have one eyeshadow that doesn't look like it does in the pan, which is the first of the three purples. I had to dig really hard to get a good swatch there. I find them really pigmented and so soft, there is a little fallout but for £1 I can't be to choosey right!
I look at these colours and I think wow, just wow. I have never seen pigmentation this good in any other other drugstore brand (well apart from Sleek) I am so impressed. I have a MAC eyeshadow that could be easily duped for the last blue. The blush, I'm not sure if it's a little bit to dark for my skin but I do like it and the blushes have great colour too that is when I have blended it out a little bit.

 Now onto the next big thing of the moment, the new palettes. When I heard about these guys I knew I needed them in my life. You get 12 beautiful colours for £4 I'd dread to think how much they would cost at mac. 
From L to R I have - Starry Night, Heaven and Earth, Glitterball and Poptastic

I'm going to be honest. I love these palettes, however, my least favourite is Glitter Ball, the glitter is chunky and you don't get very good pigmentation. Again I'm not complaining because they are £4 and I'm not saying I wouldn't use this palette, because it does have a couple of pretty colours. My favourite is Poptastic, the colours are so vibrant and I hardly even swiped the shadow to get what you see. However, the yellow shadows aren't all that great, which to me isn't a problem because I don't think I wear a yellow eyeshadow. I love the neutrals and the starry night palette but even they have a little bit of fallout. You get some really nice browns and the silvers in Starry Night are to die for.

Overall I am very happy with MUA products and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. I want just one more of the palettes and then I'm done for the time being.

Peace and Love


  1. I only have MUA nail varnishes but I really want to get some makeup, There is so much choice for a pound hehe. Love your buys though especially the palettes xx

  2. Thank you sweetie :-) you should deffo buy them and you can use my swatches to help. They're worth it :-) let me know if you get some chick xx

  3. Joy, How do these palettes compare to sleek? =) I have a few sleek palettes =D

  4. Hi Emily,
    I don't think they compare to sleek. They're good but they're no way on sleeks level. I'm slightly bias when it comes to sleek though lol. I knew them before they were famous ;-) haha x