31 July 2011

New hair colour :-)

Hello you gorgeous cupcakes :-)

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

A couple of days ago I had a bad hair day and I was faced with the question I ask sometimes 'To chop or not to chop, that is the question' I came across a hairstyle I thought would look good on me, and I obsessed over for three days. The only snag was, it would have been a drastic change to the length of my hair, a change I just couldn't take lightly. After obsessing for a few days, I decided to just have a trim (sissy). I mentioned I wanted to try something new to my hairdresser and put the scares on to me so I decided to have change of hair colour instead. 

Here's the dye I chose
I have had this colour before, in fact I spent a whole year dying my hair this colour so I knew what to expect in terms of colour. I left it on for an extra 5 minutes and it took really well. It's very dark but it does like just like it does on the box, which you don't always find with box dyes.

Here is my hair, I put some waves in with my hair waver (review to follow)
I love it, it's so dark and gorgeous. I know you can't see the plummy shades because it was raining and the lighting was bad. But I have taken some better pictures for my next post

Thanks for reading and I'm curious what hair dyes are you loving right now? All in the name of research

Peace, love and cupcakes :-)

30 July 2011

Hair Tag: 21 Questions

Hello my loves

I love talking about hair, I don't just obsess over makeup I'm versatile lol. When I saw this tag I thought it would be perfect for me to do, because it's questions about my hair. I borrowed it from the lovely Cas from Hair and Beautylicious

1. Why did you start taking better care of your hair? 
I've always been good to my hair (ok so I don't condition it but that's just because it makes my hair greasy and weighs it down) I did use to use tons of heat on it, which I stopped doing a few years ago. I dye it but I am better at that now to, last year I actually spent most of the year not dying it.

2. What are your 2 favorite products?
Just a generic shampoo and my macadamia nut hair mask.

3. Who's hair did you admire as a child? 
This is going to sound strange, there was this woman who used to see on the bus everyday coming home from school, she had gorgeous long brown hair and it always looked so soft and shiny I once 'accidentally' touched it haha. I always wanted hair like Britney Spears, until she went cookoo and shaved it.

4. What is your ultimate goal length? 
I would love to have hair down to my lower back.

5. How are you going to celebrate when you reach it?
Knowing me cut it off, lol. I don't know, maybe do a dance?

6. Two styles you want to try at your goal length?
I want an extra long fishtail plait (I'm obsessed with fishtail plaits) and I'm not sure about the other.

7. Which do you prefer: Health or length? 
Health, if your hair is healthy it will lead to length

8. Which do you prefer: Hair ties with no metal parts, or butterfly clips? 
Hair ties, sometimes I get so hot and need to get my hair off of my neck

9. What products do you prefer: salon brands, organic brands, BSS brands or drugstore brands? 
Drugstore, I don't believe in spending lots of money on shampoos.

10. Which product/technique do you think is over-rated? 
Back combing.

11. Which product/technique do you think is under-rated? 
I'm not sure if this is the right answer, but, I think trimming your hair. I know you think if "I keep trimming it it won't grow" but believe me it really does work, it gets rid of the damaged ends which makes it healthier. If you go for a trim every 8weeks you don't have to have inches off just tell the hairdresser you want the ends tidying. You'll notice a change.

12. What is your favorite part of your hair regimen? 
I like doing hair masks, I put it on and then I have about 8minutes of dancing and singing in the shower. It's fun

13. What is the most annoying part of your hair regimen?
I don't think there's anything I don't like. My routine isn't hard to do. I wash it, use my hair mask and then leave it to towel/air dry, simples

14. Oils or butters?
I think butters, my hair has enough of it's own oils

15. Bun or ponytail? 
A messy bun

16. Wig or weave (or neither)?
Erm, neither.

17. What is your opinion on growth aids? 
I doubt they work, if the hair follicle is damaged it just won't grow. I think it's just something that makes people feel better about themselves.

18. What length do you consider long? 
Passed the collarbone

19. When was the last time you went to a salon? 

20. What do you like to surf the most: youtube channels, personal blogs or hair forums? 
I used to be obsessed with YouTube, but I think blogger has stolen my heart.

21. And finally, what piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out their hair journey? 
Be good to it, don't wash it everyday try and leave it a couple of days between, if it gets greasy use dry shampoo. Do not brush it whilst wet. Have regular trims. Don't use heat all the time, you can achieve cute curls by plaiting your hair while wet. It's all common sense really, use heat a protector just be kind to it and you'll be fine.

I hope you enjoyed 

Peace, love and gorgeous locks :-)

29 July 2011

The haircare files

Hello Girlies,

I hope you're all doing well.

I am still at war with my hair. I suppose on one hand I shouldn't complain because it is growing nicely and it seems to be healthy. It's still the colour I am unhappy with, I had the great idea of going back to  brunette just before my birthday. After making the plunge I realised, I'm really not going to be happy with my hair being just brunette, I spent 16years as a brunette and I'm just not ready to go back yet. There's just so many colours on the market and I want to try them all, why wouldn't I want to experiment? My motto is 'if I cut it and I don't like it, it'll be back by winter' and if I dye it and it doesn't turn out the colour I want it, I can go darker problem solved.

Anyway, the reason for this post isn't to have a moan about my hair, well I guess in some ways it is. I'm going to talk about a couple of my fav shampoos today. I'm not fancy and do not use expensive shampoos, I don't want to spend a ton of money on fancy shampoos that my hair simply will not like? I've had these locks for 26 years and I know that my hair get's on better with cheaper shampoos. The other reason for using cheaper shampoos is that you have to keep switching up your shampoos, because like your skin our hair get's used to products and they stop working.

This stuff is a miracle in a bottle, I wash my hair with it and once it's fully rinsed and no signs of residue I squirt a little bit more into the palm of my hand and shampoo again, my hair is left shiny and so soft.
The first time I tried this I wasn't impressed, it left my hair greasy didn't lather up properly and I had to use an awful amount of product to get my smoothed and clean. But, I'm living by the rules of 'procrastinate' now, if it doesn't work the first time walk away and try it again. And now I love it. I can't smell it but I do get a strong banana taste in my mouth when I use it, so it must be good ;-)
I have used Herbal Essences in the past when my mum lived at home and I didn't like it, it made my hair greasy and I just hated it. Last year when Boots were doing a massive sale, I decided to give this a try and I was so happy with the results. I use the shampoo and then the mask, from the second I slather it onto my locks I feel my hair soften instantly. It makes me want to 'whip my hair back and fourth'
I always buy Aussie shampoos in samples. I love them a lot, they're a good price and make my hair feel so soft. However, I do not recommend using it everytime you wash your locks. I once used it everytime I washed solidly for three weeks and my ends started to feel like straw, I couldn't use my brush it was that bad. So just be careful of this.
What do you guys use? I'd be really interested to try some new things if you would care to share with me?

Peace, love and cupcakes :-)

28 July 2011

An unhealthy obsession

Hello my lovelies, 

I hope you're all doing well.

I just finished reading Rachel's blogpost she's come up with an awesome idea. 

Recently I've been wondering what to do with my blog, I was going to have a long break from it but I gained some new followers last week and I didn't really want to take a break, my other thought was deleting my blog. I'd come down with a major case of writers block, then this post came to my rescue. I set off upstairs with a box and started to rummage through my makeup, it didn't come as much of a surprise to me when the box quickly became full to the brim. I knew I'd need more space but I didn't want to have boxes and boxes cluttering up the place, it then struck me I should utilize my storage unit, this way I can see what I have and keep pulling bits out to use. 

Here is the draw, there is a tiny overspill. I am not impressed with myself that I have this much stuff going to waste in my draw.
To be fair to myself, I haven't bought that much makeup recently, I'm going to try and stop buying new stuff, this could be a disaster. The reason I love this idea is because I don't have the money to buy new stuff, I want to use what I have. Anyhow, I have enough stuff to review now to last me at least 6 months.

Why don't you lovelies try this, instead of spending money on makeup why don't you save it and splurge once you've gone through some of your unused products.

Peace, love and makeup :-)

27 July 2011

Sweetest blog award :-)

Hello my lovelies, I hope you're all doing well.

 Last night I received a tweet from the lovely Vicky telling me she had awarded me 'The Sweetest Blog' award, it's a cute post and I had to do it for myself, Thanks Vicky. In order to accept this award I must tell you these 3 things about me and pass this award on to 10 (it was originally 15 but I don't follow that many) other Bloggers.

My Favourite Colour: Pink

My Favourite Food: Cupcakes

My Favourite Place To Visit: Anywhere that has makeup :-)

I would like to pass this award on to these 10 Bloggers:

Rachel (All Things Rachy) 
Rachel (A Pretty Obsession)


Peace, love and cupcakes :-)

25 July 2011

It's all false

Hello cupcakes :-)

I hope you're all doing well.

I wanted to do a little haul, showing off my new eyelashes (that sounds so weird). I'd never given into the hype of false lashes, I thought they were  pointless but had to agree they did look pretty. For my birthday I took myself off for a makeover at MAC and decided to give lashes a go. I have to say I fell in love with them and ever since I've been craving them. It's strange because I have quite long lashes anyway, but I have longish hair and I want hair extensions so what's the difference right? Lol. My eyes and my lashes are my fav thing about myself, my eyes are super blue and my lashes are quite long, I have the eyes and lashes I'd look at someone and think 'You are a lucky cow' so to enhance what I have I thought I'd take the plunge and buy some.

Here they are in all of their glory, I'm going to review them properly in a couple of weeks.

My friend and I were talking about getting some cheap eyelashes from eBay to practice with and I saw these ones, I didn't really like that much and I have no desire to wear them outdoors but I figured for $1.99 inc shipping I should give them a try. They're hideous and the band looks like they're going to be uncomfortable to wear.
I like 2true makeup, it's good quality and cheap. Isn't the packaging just the cutest? I like black and pink together, I so hope I will like these because £1.99 for a pair of eyelashes is just what I need.
Superdrug have bought out a new line of false eyelashes and I could pass them up. They look very edgy and I cannot wait to try them. I like false lashes with a nice cat eyeliner this is what I am going to rock on my next night out. I'm hoping these guys will be a good dupe for the MAC lashes I got for my birthday.

I saw these guys in a recent Pixiwoo video and I had to have them. They're just the perfect lashes, edgy yet feminine.
Do you guys have any favourite lashes I need to try out?

Peace, love and falsies :-)

24 July 2011

July Glossybox

Hello my loves

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

Last months GlossyBox didn't go down so well with my fellow makeup obsessed girls, a lot of bad were reviews written because the box didn't live up to the first GlossyBox. I even wrote a unhappy review myself. 

When I opened this months box, I was excited but I was nowhere near as excited as I was last month. However, when I opened it I let a little yelp of excitement out. I'm not going to lie, there are some bits in there that I cannot use, you will see them in the pictures below.

This is the first impression, can you see what I am so excited about?
This is what made me yelp with excitement. I've never tried Illamasqua before and I was so excited to see this. Review to follow :-)
I'm really enjoying orange nail polish at the moment, I was overjoyed to see this in there to make my nails look extra summery. The bottle looks really chick with the little bow and square bottle, and I'm interested in finding out if it does as it says on the label "Long lasting full coverage nail enamel"
This is where it took a turn for the worse with me, they sent me self tanner in dark. I couldn't use this because I am so pale I wouldn't look right.
I've never tried a body oil before, putting oil all myself doesn't sound like something I'd like to do. The bottle looks like something you get when you buy medicine for a cough etc.
And last but not least, I got two perfume samples. I was made aware that the last perfume samples in the GlossyBox smelt really badly.

Overall, I am happy with two of the five samples, but the rest of the stuff I won't use. I don't know if I'll keep my subscription if I'm honest, I'm happy to have received the Illamasqua and nail polish but do I really want to keep paying for stuff that I won't use? 

What did you lovelies get in your GlossyBox? Were you happy?

Peace, love and GlossyBox

22 July 2011

Would you rather....

Hello my loves,

I spotted this tag on YouTube and thought I'd do it for something different. I tag you all to do it.

Enjoy and here are the questions:

1.) Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lipglosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?
This is the worse question ever, OK, can I tweak it? I don't use lipstick or lipgloss that often so I wouldn't be so bothered about losing them. However, if you put eyeshadow on your eyes and don't use mascara you're going to look a little odd. I would say my palettes with a eyeliner in ha ;-)

2.) Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?
Never cut it again, we have kirby grips and elastics so I can always wear my hair up

3.) Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?

4.) If you had $1000 to spend, Would you rather buy clothes or makeup?
Clothes, I think for now I have enough makeup
5.) Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?
Ooh strange, lipstick would create a cool look on my eyes
6.) Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?
MAC, we don't have Sephora here
7.) Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?
8.) Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?
Winter clothes in summer
9.) Would you rather dark nails or bright nails all year round?
Bright, a pop of colour can brighten up any day right?
10.) Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product?
These questions seem to be the same just different sentences lol. Lip product
11.) Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a pony tail or a messy bun?
Messy bun, I think you can dress them up and make a dressy outfit look a little bit more casual :-)
12.) Would your rather never being able to paint your nails again or never use lipgloss?
13.) Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all? or sharpie them in everyday?
Haha, sharpie them in everyday. I do not trust people with no eyebrows it looks odd, you need something to frame your eyes otherwise you just look like you have a huge forehead (I'm sorry if that offended anyone)
14.) Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?
Nail polish 

If you decide to do the tag, leave a comment and a link to your blog and I'll be sure to check it out.

Peace, love and cupcakes :-)

21 July 2011

My makeup wishlist

Hello my loves,

Last night the lovely Rachel from A Pretty Obsession did a blogpost about a swap we've done and linked to my blog. In the space of 1hour I had gained 3 new followers, then this morning I gained another two followers. It means so much to me and I'd like to say hello and welcome to you new lovelies, I hope you enjoy my blog and will stick around for future rambles.

Anyway enough of that. I was reading a blog post and saw this wonderful new palette, I figured it was time to do a 'Lust List' I'm not the only who lusts after makeup and does these kind of posts. Men have wishlists on gamer sites, so why can't we have a 'makeup wishlist?'

So without further ado here are they are :-)

Here they are in all of their glory:

  1. I'm going to talk about the Urban Decay palette first, this is the reason for this post. I spotted it on Kandee's blog and another blog. It's their 15th Anniversary and have bought out a new palette, I'm not sure of UK release dates or prices but it looks gorgeous. They have come up new eyeshadows never before seen, this makes me want all the the more, we need some new colours to make us want to keep repurchasing from them. Maybe I could do a swap or pay someone over in America through PayPal, or I could just stop being impatient and see wen it comes out over here. One day I'll be living in America and I'll get all of the products first.
  2. Illamasqua eyeliner cake - I'm a huge fan of eyeliners that stay put, our eyes water and signs of fatigue start to show at the end of the day, I love my blacktrack fluidline from MAC and I will repurchase it, it stays put but I'm always on the look out for other products to try. I've heard great things about Illamasqua but it's always been out of my price range, sometimes it's ok to splurge if you know it's going to be good stuff.
  3. Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Alluvium - I'm not the biggest fan of pigments just because I'm scared of the fallout but when you see a colour as beautiful as Alluvium you just know you have to it.
  4. The newest Sleek palette - I don't think it looks unique and I wish they'd bring some brand new colours, but I'm a die hard sleek fan so I may have to buy it just because. I purchased my very first seek palette in 2007 and I've loved it ever since, they weren't popular then so I feel like I've watched them grow up into a great company. I'm so proud :-)
  5. Nars Orgasm blush - I've tried to stay away from Nars just because it's so expensive, why would I pay £19+ for one makeup item when I can get a ton of other pretty things? Orgasm looks really pretty.
  6. Rimmel Nail Polish in Purple - I saw this in the chemist a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love. It's the perfect nail polish because it shines blue and purple, it's really vivid but I love it for that reason. Rimmel is my favourite brand for nail polishes because they're cheap and last really well (even with me the clumsiest person ever) on the nails, I've had one of their polishes that didn't chip for 3days.

What products are on your wishlist?

Peace, love and cupcakes :-)

16 July 2011

My new obsession

Hi guys and dolls,

I hope you're all doing well and having a great weekend :-)

As the title may suggest, I have a new obsession. I'm as surprised as you that it isn't makeup. I wanted a new bag, I figured I have lots of makeup and nothing is grabbing my fancy at the moment so why not buy a bag? I don't have that many and I wanted something with animal print all over it. 

While browsing for bags I came across this site Anna Smith New York, they have some lovely bags and reasonable prices too. I'm loving the vintage look at the moment and they have some nice vintage ones on there. I remember when I was young my Nan had this bag that she would let me play with, I always wanted one just like it but somehow never thought about it or just didn't find the perfect one.

I only have one fault with the company, the shipping. They charged me £4 to ship a bag and they didn't even ship it in a fancy box or anything it was basically just a plastic envelope they shouldn't have charged anymore than  £2 for it, but oh well I love the bag and site regardless. It came very quick, I ordered it on Sunday and it was here by Wednesday with my fav courier. 

If you like out there bags or vintage bags then this site is for you. Some might think £22 for a bag is expensive, however, when you think what you get it's not that bad, the detail is amazing and you can tell a lot of work went into it. I actually got it on sale, the bag usually costs £23 but they had knocked it down to £18, I had to have it even more then.

Anyway I'll get onto the pictures or I won't stop talking.
So here it is, isn't it pretty? With shipping it came to £22, I love it, it's quite big so I can carry lots around with me. Just because I'm a woman and when I go anywhere I need everything but the kitchen sink. So what do you think of it? Lol ok I'm totally pulling your leg, this isn't the bag. This is what the bag came in, I actually really like it and I do think I will use for college stuff.
Here is the bag, I'm sorry about propping it against the window, it just wouldn't stand up. I know it's not to everyone's taste and that's fine, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The straps are a decent length, however, I think if you're wearing a big coat it might be a little harder to pull it up your arm. It's a very good big bag, you could fit quite a lot of stuff in it.
Inside the bag you get two compartments and a decent sized zipped separator, I like this idea because it could store a MAC sized palette. The lining is fuchsia pink with Anna Smith written all over it. You also get another little zipped compartment which isn't as big but you could fit your keys into it. I haven't had a bag with an oganiser before so I'm hoping to keep it in better order and maybe not have so much junk in there. But I'm not sure if anyone is like me in the sense that, you get a bigger bag so you have more room to stuff unnecessary items in there.
The zip is multi-coloured, kind of like a rainbow. I know you can see it very well but I'm sure you get the idea of the zip will look.
I've always loved Cameo necklaces so when I saw this I wanted to have it even more. The padlock is very sturdy and the key is just so cute, and who doesn't want a big pink heart
On the back of the bag you'll see this little guy watching over you. I love all the detail on this bag, like I say I know it's not what everyone would choose and it is very loud but I really love it and I cannot wait to start using it.

What do you think of my cute new bag? If you want one like it you can get it here. Have you bought any cute new bags recently? I'd love to see them

Peace, love and cupcakes 

12 July 2011

Unloved makeup

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all well :-)

You know when you get something new, but something about it just doesn't grab you? Maybe the formula, it's a little too runny etc but you want to make it work. Today I want to talk about two eyeliners I recently rediscovered. I used them once and I didn't like them, but instead of persevering with them I put them in my collection never to bother with again. I recently decided that I needed to sort myself out and tried them before I stuck them on my blogsale. In the end I decided not to sell them because I liked them.

MAC Superslick liquid eyeliner in Marked for glamour (the grey gunmental one) and Pure show is a yelow toned golden colour
My favourite is this one, it's such a beautiful colour. I've seen golden eyeliners before but never this gorgeous.
First of all, please ignore the eyebrows and the shape, I'm still a beginner here. I love the golden one it makes my eyes really pop
I think the initial thing that put me off was the brush, I hadn't practiced with these kind of brushes and to be fair, I'm better with my Sonia Kashuk brush or my 266 brush. I'm impatient when it comes to makeup, "if it doesn't work the first time it isn't ever going to work for me" that has been my motto recently but I've chilled out a little bit. 

The brushes are actually really good, they're soft enough so it won't cause discomfort when you're using it, but it's also hard enough to get a nice clean line, they have great colour payoff, most of the time with makeup it can start to look less pigmented after a few hours but not these, the colour you see on the brush is the colour you're going to see 6 hours later. They do not budge, which for most people is a good thing right? The only downside is you have to work quick with them, because they dry so quick and if you make the smallest of mistakes you have about 5seconds to clean it out. They stick to your eyelashes and won't come off. I would like to buy a backup but on eBay they're so expensive, if anyone knows of a dupe for them I'd be happy to give them a go.

I really should stop being so impatient, just because it doesn't like the first time doesn't mean I need to give up.

Have you guys rediscovered anything that you misplaced in your collection?

Peace, love and cupcakes

11 July 2011

A little swap

Hi guys and dolls

I hope you're all doing well.

A couple of weeks ago I was complaining on Twitter, as usual, about the Sleek pout and polish lip tins. Cue the lovely Rachel, A Pretty Obsession she came to rescue and told me she would send one, because hers was going unloved. We then decided to make it into a swap because it was for "greater good" and we are just both obsessed with makeup. She sent me some lovely stuff and a birthday card. If you're reading Rachel thanks again lovely, and anytime you want to do another swap just let me know :-)

Anyway, enough of the rambles here is what she sent me  :-)

This is all of my goodies, I got a little bit too excited and started opening it before I could take pictures lol.
I love these guys, a pink glittery ring is just what the doctor ordered

I love the orange lipstick and the 'colour changing lipgloss' does work, it goes from orange to a gorgeous bumble pink on my lips
I couldn't be happier with these guys, I was wanting an orange nail polish and a navy one too, I think she must know me lol. The blue eyeliner brush looks so good, I can't wait to use it :-)
I know it's of no interest to the swap but how could I not take a picture of the cute pink tissue paper she wrapped it in?

She sent some awesome things and I will definitely be doing some reviews on these things :-)I love doing swaps and if there are any people reading from the states get in touch with Rachel because she's wanting to do a swap over the pond :-)

Also if you want to check out my blogsale it's still live

3 July 2011

A Birthday haul/some of my presents

Hi girlies :-)

Happy weekend, I really cannot believe it is the weekend again. It has gone really rather quick.

So on Wednesday it was my birthday, it was a nice day but I really don't want to be 26. Oh well, lol.

I thought I would share what I got and what I have been buying for myself, so here goes.

This looks strange, but it's actually really cool. The boy bought it for me, he said what would you like I said nothing, we both knew he was going to get me something. It's a 'big ball of nothing, for someone that has everything'. He really did a good job, just because this really is the kind of thing I like. Everytime I look at it, I laugh and feel happy at the amount of love and thought put it in to it. If a man can make you laugh they've pretty much succeeded in life lol.
The other thing he got me (he spoiled me, he shouldn't have) was a cute little bear, the reason behind it is, I always complained to him about being cold so he got me this because, it has a little sack which you take out of it's back and put it in the microwave to keep you warm in bed. It's so cute and polar bears are my fav, I really think this guy knows me lol.

I got all of these dresses from Dorothy Perkins - I don't have the exact links because things go quickly on that site. But I got them all and when I got to the checkout they'd taken 30% off each of the dresses for me. I was a happy bunny :-). I'm really into spotty dresses and tops at the moment and the last dress is full of tiny hearts :-)
My mums boyfriend bought me cupcakes, I don't need anything else :-)
I treated myself to a MAC makeover, me and my friend had planned a night out and I thought I have a tiny bit of cash left over so I thought I'd get it done. It was dramatic but I didn't mind, I really wanted to look different and that I did.
At MAC when you pay for your makeup to be done you get £25 to spend on makeup at the counter, I had been lusting after this baby for ages and I finally got it. It's called Vegas Volt.
These were the crazy lashes that the lady put on me, they definitely looked different. I felt like a real idiot wandering around with big lashes and orange lips at 3:30pm.
And the last thing I got from MAC was a new gel eyeliner called Macroviolet. I've been wanting this for ages and it's finally mine.
My friend bought me this from boots, They're meant to be good and I cannot wait to use them and see if they do as they on the tin.

So there we have it, I'm older now so I don't get tons of Barbie dolls anymore. Have you lovely ladies bought any new pretty things recently?

Peace, love and cupcakes :-)