31 August 2012

New hair :-) Directions Rose Red and mini review

Hello lovers,
I hope you are all well and haven't been washed away by the rain lol.
So, I recently did a post about being obsessed with hair dye, crazy coloured hair dye to be exact, you can read that here if you haven't already.
At first I didn't dare dye it all pink, just because I wasn't sure how  much I would like it etc. I dyed the underneath and I did quite like it a lot. Last week the night before I went out I decided that I wanted to dye it all that colour and the results were bright, but amazing. I looked like I'd used the vinegar from a beet root jar but  I still like it.
This is my hair before
This is my hair now
The pros and cons of this dye.
I'll do the cons firstly.
~When you dye your hair you need to be careful that you don't touch your skin because it  does stain and although it does come off it's going to take a lot of scrubbing
~You will need to buy gloves because Directions  don't come with them.
~The pots are only small.
~It will stain your clothes, neck and any jewellery even after it's been dyed.
~When you wash your hair, even after you've washed it for the first time you will want to wear gloves while you was it.
I know there are a lot of cons but the pros are great.
~ The dyes can be mixed together so you can create your own colours which is amazing.
~ The pots are only small, however, I have longish hair now and I only used just over half a pot so if you're very careful it will go a long way.
~ This particular dye doesn't need to go over white bleached blonde hair, however, its is ideal to get your hair as light as you possibly can for them to have an effect, it didn't cover my  brown roots but I think it looks cool and I quite like the look of roots with these crazy coloured dyes because it looks a little bit more natural and not like a wig.
~ Depending where you shop, you can get these colours very cheap.
For myself this colour hasn't faded and I have washed it twice now since I dyed it so I am very happy with that. I'm not going to review them every time I do a new post because I have a lot of colours to use up. I will however, say a little bit about the lasting power etc in the next post I do when I have used colour before to get rid of this one.
What do you think? do you have any favourite directions dyes?
Peace, love and happy weekend

15 August 2012

Sugarpill at a glance

Hello beauties,

At the end of July I decided to treat myself to some Sugarpill makeup when I had originally wanted to buy the Heart breaker palette it was out of stock. I have to say I am little bit upset about this order, I did order it from the States because I didn't realise they stocked it on some sites in the UK, I had to pay £24 custom chargers, this really angered me and although I don't blame sugarpill I am very annoyed that I had to pay these chargers. So if you are in the UK and wanting to purchase stuff from the states just be careful about the chargers.

This isn't a review it's sort of an unboxing post. I am a little bit shocked that she didn't wrap it in bubble wrap especially as it was going overseas, I always make sure I bubble wrap the hell out of things that I sell on eBay and on my blog. I do like that it was tracked, however, it didn't update so it said it was sat in LA for 10days when actually it was in the UK. I know I'm probably just being picky for the sake of it but these things do matter to me.

I love how I open the box and it's very girly inside, it was wrapped in pink tissue paper this is definitely pleasing to little old me. She puts in a free Sugarpill sticker and leaves a little note on the bottom of the invoice. I also got a free pigment sample which I am yet to use.

I'm not going to do swatches because I will do a proper review of my purchases once I have played around with them. 

I got the Heart Breaker palette, Dollipop, Poison Plum and After party single eyeshadows. When I first swatched them they didn't seem massively pigmented but I cannot wait to play around wit them and create some funky looks. 

Have you bought any items from sugar pill? anything I should get?

Much Love

14 August 2012

Revlon Lip Butters and Just bitten kissable balm stain

Hello gorgeous,
I'm very late to the party with these guys, I saw a massive craze for the lip butters when they first came out but I couldn't afford them and didn't want to go along with the crowd.
I have to say straight out, I am in LOVE with the lip butters (I'll talk about them first as I bought them first) you may think I am gross here and I probably am, but I am the only person who will use these. When I use products that claim to be moisturising and everything I put them on my lips when they're dry to see if they actually do what they say they should and they did. when the product had worn off my lips felt so so soft. I will be honest and I was warned about this, they sometimes go on streaky, this is very true but you can choose the intensity of your own look have a wash of colour or obviously build it.

Revlon lip stains
When I saw these online I was a bit worried about how I would sharpen them but to my absolute joy when they came I saw that the bottom twists up so you don't ever had to sharpen them (for the win) I won't lie, when I have these on my lips I feel like my lips look really juicy and I could kiss myself haha. They do last and I like that they do stain your lips a pretty colour. I do feel like these guys are just same as the lip butters just not as creamy and in different (when I show you the swatches you will see) I really don't have any complaints apart from these guys need some building up, but that's entirely a bad thing. I feel like I have weird shaped lips but the pencil shaped tip is perfect for lining my lips. I'm not that good with lipstick just because I don't usually wear it, I'm more of a lip gloss girl.

The top row are the lip stains and the bottom are lip butters
From L - R ~ Lovesick, Cherish, Crush and Rendez-vous.
Lip Butters from L - R ~ Raspberry Pie, Lollipop, Candy Apple and Tutti Fruiti

~I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Lovesick might possibly be all time favourite lipstick, balm or whatever you wish to call it. When it's on my lips look so pretty, the colour I would say is a pinky purple sort of between a magenta and fuchsia. I somehow (and I don't know if I was charged or not) ordered two of these, or they messed up, but I am not even mad because I am so in love with it so I can have a backup in case they discontinue or whatever.
~Cherish is quite close to my lip colour so this would be perfect for everyday when you want to throw something on but still want a natural look.
 ~Crush to me is the perfect cranberry/plum lipstick, I'm a little bit sad about this one, just because I don't think it really goes with my skin tone but I am determined that I will wear it at some point lol.
 ~Rendez-Vous and Tutti Fruity are perfect together because they're pretty much the same just with different formula's. I know some people can pull things off better than others but these two together actually give me a glow, they're really juicy looking on the lips and just look really nice.

~Raspberry pie is a gorgeous raspberry colour but it isn't really red or pink it's just a perfect colour.
~Lollipop I love this and I would say this one and Raspberry pie are my favourites, I think you could wear this over Lovesick because they're pretty similar. This is the one I had the most trouble with, I found that it went on pretty streaky but looked gorgeous once it had been built up.
~Candy Apple on my camera this one looks orange but it is actually a red/orange. This is such a gorgeous colour and I absolutely love orangey red colours.
~Tutti Fruity The reason I love this one so much is because although it is orange it's not a neon in your face kind of colour, I lusted over MAC's Vegas Volt for ages and when I got I did like it but it just didn't work on me because it was too bright but this colour isn't over the top but obviously you can see it's orange.

So there we have it. I do think it's a bit annoying that the States get a wider variety of colours because I've seen some of them on google and I would like to try but I am very grateful for the colours I have. I am overall very happy with them and I think I would definitely repurchase them. Do you have any colours that you think I should try out?

Peace, love and cupcakes

12 August 2012

Slightly obsessed with hairdye

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you are well.

Today I want to talk about hair dye and products that I have been buying over the past couple of months. As you will be aware (if you have been a follower on my blog for a while or follow me on twitter) I love hair dye, I just love it. I love how I can be a brunette one day and a redhead the next, I know it's very damaging doing that so I don't recommend doing it all the time and maybe going to a salon. In my opinion hair and makeup is a form of art, not a lot of people want tattoos but want to express their feelings somehow and I believe you can do this through your hair and makeup, at the end of the day who wants to be like everyone else?I am a natural brunette but my natural colour is just a dull shade of brown and I didn't want to keep it.

Over the past few months as I mentioned I have been getting into the really bright colours, I want some fun injected into my life and I can that with the colours that I will you show you. I think this obsession came when Katy Petty sported her pink locks, I don't like all that much but as soon as I saw her pink and purple hair, I knew I needed it. As I haven't tried the dyes this is a sort of haul post and I will use pictures from the Internet to show you how over the next few months I will be "wearing" my hair. Isn't going to be damaging? you might ask, well I guess it will be because I will have to bleach my hair to a light enough blonde for some of the shades to be  vibrant like I want them. The actual dyes I am using contain no peroxide or ammonia, I think I saw somewhere that directions hair dyes are made from vegetable oils or something.

Although directions are great little pots of dye, you only get 88ml so you should use them as sparingly as possible, I always buy two pots because I'd rather have too many than not have enough and run out. They can be quite cheap if you can buy in bulk or you can buy them in a shop. Obviously you can buy them online at amazon or eBay, I have found a wonderful seller on amazon who bundles your orders together and doesn't charge much for postage and package and they come really quickly too. The seller I use is called Faith Cosmetics and their prices are good, I think it's £3.99 for one or £6.99 for two and they add tinting brushes too. Directions do not come with gloves either, so you will have to buy some but I just bought some really cheap ones off of amazon, it's also better to use the latex ones because the dye seeps through the plastic ones but that's up to you.

I would like mention that I didn't just wake up one day and decide I am going to buy all of these pots, I have been buying them over a long period and I have done a lot of research by googling the colours and using YouTube to see what the colours would look like, also the damage that I would have to put my hair through bleaching it.

Anyway, I'll move onto the pictures, I would like to point out that the pictures are not my own I have used the ones posted on google images as inspiration, I obviously do not want to copy the styles that I have posted but I do love the colours and styles. The pots are my own pictures.

I just wanted to say also, if you want to try colouring your hair but aren't really sure of what style or colour you would like you can use this site called "bee unique" to look at what the colours look like etc. They have the main brands on there also so can browse by brand and colour.

So there we have it, I cannot wait to play around, I think that as I am doing a hairdressing course I could get away with these colours more. Have you ever used Directions? Are there any colours that I absolutely have to try?

Peace, love and Hairdye

5 August 2012

New tattoos

Hello weekenders,

I hope you are all well.

Since I had my first tattoos I've always wanted more and I have always loved foot tattoos, I think they are so girly and pretty. I think my feet are the ugliest part of my body so why wouldn't I want to decorate them to like nice and pretty. I've never really plucked up the courage or had the money to get them, so I just never bothered and admired other peoples, instead. Recently I decided I was going to just get them done, sick of looking at my plain ugly feet I started to look online and take inspiration from what people had had and I saw the two I've decided on. Everyone I spoke to said that foot tattoos would hurt the most because they're very sensitive and have lots of bone etc, I knew this would be the case so I started off smaller and then had a bigger one. I will not lie guys, it hurt like a mother fudger, I've never had pain like it but it's the kind of pain that isn't so bad that you need them to stop. The outline hurts the most and the tattooist said to me "if you can get your foot tattooed you can get anything tattooed" she told me she had cried when she had hers tattooed.

I'm addicted the pain of them, though, it's the same with piercings. You have to think, yes this is going to hurt for now but once you're finished you're going to have a pretty piece of art on you.

Anyways, I'm going to show you the pictures because I don't want to ramble.

Hello Kitty, I love Hello Kitty, I think she's going to be around forever and I just love it. I love the piece sign too and incorporating them just seemed like a great idea. Unfortunately, I didn't come up with this tattoo on my own, but I have never seen a tattoo like this so I thought what the hell, I like it and I am going to get it.

My next one, I was thinking about getting butterflies but then I saw this one, I did take the original picture in for inspiration but then she drew it up freehand so it looks nothing like the original tattoo. The thing I like about this is, I can add to it and have it come up on my ankle and leg :-)

So, there we have it, my new tattoos. I will be getting more but I don't think I'll get tons more. Have you had any cool tattoos recently?

3 August 2012

Hello Dello

Hello my little cupcakes,

I hope you're all well and enjoying the sunshine (it'll be raining again by 6pm)

I haven't blogged for a while as you will know, from the lack of posts...  I took a break because I didn't really have anything to blog about because I was skint and all that jazz, I am coming back and I have some nice new things to blog about.

In my break I've had a bit going on. I finished college and for the first time in my life I actually passed and finished a course YAY me. I think that says a lot about the course I was doing. I think I am progressing onto NVQ level 2 which is going to be awesome because I'll actually be working on clients.

I made the plunge and dyed my hair *shock horror* I am now an ashy blonde, I quite like being a blonde actually. I have a new tattoo and I'm going for another tomorrow WHOOP.

I turned 27 :( lol. Its the summer holidays and I'm taking a long break which is good. I gave into the hype that is Fifty Shades of Grey! Oh yeah and I attended my first ever Ann Summers party, that was lots of fun.

I guess my break hasn't been so exciting but oh well. I am back and you can expect a brand spanking new review either tomorrow or Sunday.

Until we meet again, that is my little update and for once it was quite little lol.

Peace, love and Cupcakes :-)