9 August 2011

A quick NOTD and a mini review :-)

Hello Dudettes,

I hope you're all doing really well. First of all I'd like to say, I hope my readers from London are all safe with the horrible things that are going on. I'm sending all of my love and cupcakes to you guys. Stay safe.

Welcome to my first ever NOTD (Nail of the day) post, I've noticed a lot of these posts going round and I've never really thought about doing one because I just don't wear nail polish all of the time. So without further ado I did one, I hope you enjoy.

I've been looking for the perfect red nail polish. While making an order with Superdrug about a month or so ago, I saw this red nail polish and thought for just £2 I really shouldn't pass that up right? I'm not entirely sure of the name I think it's called Tango red and it's by Miss Sporty, which you can get from Superdrug. I really liked this nail polish but it didn't last me very long, it says on the label it should last for up to 7days but I had chips within the hour, to be fair I'm clumsy so it is probably my fault lol. The coverage is amazing, for such a cheap polish it took two coats to get it to look even, but I honestly think with just one coat you would've been good to go. The red really is the red I had been searching for, its a really pretty orange toned red. I am so happy I found it and I will be repurchasing, I already have a backup ;-)

Anyhoodles enough rambles lets see the polish.

Ok, I don't have very steady hands so first off please ignore the little mistake on the side of my thumb. This polish drys so quickly, I literally got to my pinky finger and it was pretty much dry. I'd say it drys a little bit matte, which is ok because I love matte makeup and nail polish.

I am sucker for the 'lava' crackle look, so I decided to throw some Barry M Nail effects on top of the red and this is what it looked like. I love these crackle polishes, I think they look so good and my favourite thing about them is, they never look the same on each nail. I think if you don't know what these guys are they will look really cool and I've already had people asking how it did it and if I did myself lol.

What are you lovelies wearing on your nails?

Peace and Love


  1. OMG how have I never thought of red and black haha love it your nails are really pretty

  2. Lol, I want throw it all over everything :-) thanks they aren't though I hate them lol :-)