30 June 2011

And the award goes to..

Hi Ladies,

Tuesday was the eve of my birthday, while playing around on twitter trying so hard to not open my presents, I saw a Tweet from the lovely Rachel from All Things Rachy we met a couple of months ago through my Blog sale. We started talking and realised we have a few things in common - Hard Rock Cafe, Makeup and snakebite :-) she had given me an award and it so lovely of her to award me it.

I'm so touched by all the love and attention my blog is getting recently, it means so much to me. Thank you, you girls are my inspiration :-) I always thought my blog wouldn't take off, just because my style of writing isn't as formal as it should be, but it has and I'm so grateful for each and every hit my blog gets. It's my favourite hobby and I'm glad I've taken off.

Anyway enough of the chat (I don't know if I am doing this right but I hope I am), I believe you write seven random facts about yourself and then mention 7 blogs I want to plug.

So here are the facts.
  1. My name is Joy and I have an obsession with pink. It isn't just because it's a girly colour and I'm possibly too girly I just like it. You can add a lovely pop of it and I feel girly for the day.
  2. I love cupcakes, I'd eat them everyday if it was possible 
  3. I really want to go travelling, I intend to leave England sometime soon and settle down somewhere abroad with my love :-)
  4. I'm planning to go to back to college and study hairdressing and beauty.
  5. I'm an ex media student, if you sit and start talking about movies to me, be warned I will talk you to death lol.
  6. I love playing video games, I really do not mind trying any sort of game. I may not always win but who cares I have fun doing so :-) I like shooting zombies the best.
  7. I love twitter, I've met so many awesome people on there. You guys know who you are, and I'd like to say thank you for being there for me
Now for the 7 people I like to read and think everyone should read

1. Jack from ElectricJack I love his blog, he writes fiction stories and he's a seriously talented guy. He's just plain awesome a Joy to talk too :-)
2. Rachel from A Pretty Obsession is my fav beauty blogger, not only is she the nice girl on twitter she's an excellent blogger. It's nice having around to talk to when I need a chat. 
3. Vicky from Beautiful Addictions shes new to blogging like me, she's a really sweet girl

4. Kelly from Bakes, Beauty and Blog she's a really good blogger and super nice lady.
5. Charlie from Secrets Behind The Closet door she has give me some awesome advice on hair dye.
6. I love Siobhán from LetzMakeup she's a really lovely lady and so talented, her makeup looks go from everyday neutrals to in your face doll looks or carnival makeup.
7. Last but not least Emily at The Beauty Broadcast she's super nice and creates the best makeup looks which use both high end and drugstore makeup.

So there we have it, I'm sorry it was a little bit on the long side.

Peace, love and sparkly cupcakes

27 June 2011

Wha? Chocolate on yo face?

Hello lovelies.

Summer is finally upon us and I am already suffering lol. It's just too hot, it's been 28C here this weekend and they're forecasting storms. I hope you're all well and for those who enjoy the sunshine I hope you're being safe and putting sunscreen :-)

So this post is about a chocolate face masque I've been seriously loving. It's cheap at £1.01 (odd number it used to be 99p lol) its a masque by Montagne Jeunesse, it's just plain cool.

The site says "Chocolate, yes, it’s chocolate. A guilt free treat! This masque offers a feast of creamy delights – it’s outrageous! This deep cleansing masque helps unblock pores, moisturises and heals for skin that glows with health. It smells incredible – imagine these – Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter – creamy heaven. Enjoy" I have to agree with all that is said, you get 20g of product which I don't think I could use a full one on my face. 

It comes out wet, I rub it between my hands and apply it. Once I've applied one coat I add another. The only thing I don't like is, it's hard to grip the sachet after your hands become all slippery and maybe because I use too much it doesn't dry up that well.

I only wish I had a sense of smell for it, but I accidentally got some on my lip and didn't realise it was there and tasted it, it was yummy so that's all I need to know lol. When I take it off my face does feel so soft, it looks delicious. I did notice I had one spot this morning but I'm not sure if that's just a spot from everyday life or the masque. If your face is soft and clean before applying it, it goes on like a dream. I love applying them, it's cool to see what I would like with a tan lol.

You can pick these up on eBay
Online at Boots or in the Boots shop
I think you can get them at Superdrug online and in store 

They don't just do chocolate face masques, they do peel off ones, aloe vera ones and the beat goes on. I think I will definitely keep repurchasing the chocolate one because I have tried it and like it but I might possibly try the others. I love nothing better than putting on the masque and going to sit in the bath, while it sets. One word of warning, it does stick to the bath/sink once you wash it off but it's easy enough to remove. 

So I think I've said all I needed to say I've taken pictures to show you :-)

I only wish I could get it in a top so it would be easier to force the product out.
I know the picture on the left looks a little disgusting but, I just wanted to show you how it comes out in globbs. And show you how nicely it applies on the back of my hand.
And then I thought I'd add a beauty pose, I know you wish you could look this stunning, well you can buy one and you'll look hot like me. Lol :-)
So what do you think? Have you ever used one these masques? If you have which did you use and how did you like it? I'm looking for other drugstore branded face masques if anyone can recommend any that would be great.

Peace, love and chocolate face masques :-)

25 June 2011

June GlossyBox

Hello my loves :-)

I hope you're all doing ok.

So unless you've been living under a rock for the past few months, you will probably have heard of GlossyBox they say on the site "Every month we send you 5 exciting luxury product miniatures packed in a beautiful box for you to test at home." 

OK, I was brought up in life being told "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"  but in this case I need to because GlossyBox seem to be so blissfully unaware that a huge amount of us who got them aren't happy.

Last months box seemed to be so good, with Nars and a lipstick and a few other cool things. So I damned if I wasn't signing up, Nars is something I have always to try but just cannot afford. I waited patiently for a month while my box came. I'd hoped I'd be able to not open it until my birthday, yah that lasted two minutes lol. When I opened it, I was so happy with the packaging. They had their own logo all over the box, and inside was a baby pink box, I was happy. Again it's the small things. Then I opened it, and my day was ruined, ok so slightly dramatic lol. But I was upset by the box. The minature OPI was cute, It was glittery. I got a serum which I applied on the back of my hand it felt greasy they sent me a couple of smellies but I don't have a sense of smell and they also sent me a batiste dry shampoo. Now I do not have a problem with Batiste,  far from it. But I was promised 'high end' and Batiste as much as I love it isn't high end at all, also I wish they'd sent one of the new dry shampoos instead of the old ones. 

Looking at the box of "goodies" I will probably use two products out of five, how is that good?

I had a long rant with a couple of twitter girls, we aren't happy indeed. It would appear GlossyBox on twitter don't answer their customers now they've become more 'popular' On YouTube I had noticed a thing called BirchBox, which is exactly the same as GlossyBox just over in the states and I think a lot of us were so upset we couldn't get it here, so when GlossyBox announced they would be bringing it to us Brits we all went mad and had to sign up, because again why wouldn't us makeup obsessed beauties want 5 Highend products for £10? It's a crazy question. I was so happy with the reviews of the first box, and I really was just so excited but that soon changed. 

To top it all off, they announced yesterday they had a surprise and made it sound all cool, but they dropped on us they will be charging £2.95 for postage and packing. Now I wouldn't have minded this if in the first place they charged shipping costs, however, they just decided to add shipping costs without thinking that we came for cheap makeup because we are on a budget why would we want to pay extra? I guess they have good tactics. They've gotten all popular and started making changes, I reckon a lot of people will cancel I probably will if they keep sending me stuff I just won't use. They need to remember that we are the customer and will happily go elsewhere if they carry on making changes.

Anyway I think that's my rant over, I'm sure I will probably keep adding to bits but until then I took some pictures for you to look at and decide if you want to join or cancel.

I like the packaging, I think it's very girly and the box is very sturdy.
I like how it all came in a nice order
I am obsessed with this bottle of nail polish, it's seriously cute and just a little bigger than my little finger. I think I'll be keeping the bottle lol
I like how this came in it's own original box.
So, what did you guys think? Did you get the products you are happy with? I think I'll be saying to myself and anyone else who isn't impressed is "Better luck next time"

Peace, love and cupcakes :-)

21 June 2011

Sleek Monaco Palette

Hello gorgeous,

Firstly I'd like say hello and welcome to my lovely new subbies, it means so much to me to have you :-) thanks girls. Stop by anytime for a chat I'm very friendly :-)

I know I only did a post last night but I really couldn't wait to do a post about this beautiful palette.

Sleek is possibly my favourite drugstore brand, it's cheap but not so cheap that you think it's horrible. The eyeshadows apart from the lights are so pigmented and stay put for ages. Being a lazy drunk, one night I forgot to take it off before bed (Bad Joy) and when I woke up it was still as vibrant as the night before. I never used to use a primer because I just didn't know what one was, and the colour payoff was just amazing. For £5-£7 you just don't expect it. They're so soft and go on so nicely, I can only find a couple of faults in Sleek makeup.

Lots of people complain about sleek makeup "Oh the packaging looks cheap" or "I hate the sponge-tip applicator" and even "You get so much fallout" well, I love the packaging I think it's awesome how they change it up with each different collection it's fun. I personally like the sponge-tip applicator, I know they aren't very sanitary but when it's just me using it who cares? I'll use that or I'll use my fingers and I get the perfect look everytime. And as for fallout, you get fallout with almost all eyeshadows. You go to MAC and you get luster shadows and you're going to get fall out so I just don't have a problem with the fallout.

I'm happy they've left the black shadow out, there's only so many black shadows a girl needs. I'm kind of upset that they have put the same copper colour in there, it's pretty but again if you have most of the palettes they rehash the same colour. But I found the perfect blue and lilac colour in this, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect lilac but they're hard to find because they just never show up the same as what you get in the pan, but, with Sleek makeup what you see is what you get.

Anyway I think I've babbled on enough about the palette and Sleek. 

I love the colours, I'm just a bit upset they put four blues. I'd love to see a plummy purple in there
Magenta and Lotus Flower made me buy this. They're soo gorgeous and I never know when I'm going to need a bright pink shadow lol
And to top it all off they've made the inside of the box pink :-) it's the small things that matter.
What do you think of the colours? Have any of you lovelies got anything from the Mediterranean collection?

Peace, love and sparkly cupcakes :-)

20 June 2011

The big three

Hi guys and dolls,

I hope you all showered your dads with love and cupcakes yesterday. I really miss mine, it seems to be getting harder each year, especially as the 25th June is the anniversary of his death.

I asked on Twitter the other day, what peoples fav ALL TIME fav eyeshadows were. So I thought maybe it'd be for the greaterrr goood (One for Rachel lol) if I did a little post naming my top three. I have eczema on my eyes which means I have to pick shadows carefully, I think that my left eye is more oily than the right because my makeup always seems to crease on the left first! 

I wonder how many I'll pull out of my collection before I've decided I've had enough haha.Wish me luck
Avon eyeliner and shadow pencil in steelsmoke
I used to have about 15 of these pencils (I'm not even kidding) that's how I much I loved them. The eyeliner is gorgeous and once I'd tried to line my lids I fell in love, enter my everyday makeup lol. It's just everything you need, an eyeshadow and eyeliner. How much better can it get. I used to wear it without a primer also so I know it stays put all day

Sleek purple eyeshadow
The original palette is my all time fav palette, It has a black, light pink and of course my purple :-) they're so pigment and last for ages.

Urban Decay Smog
This I just cannot explain, it's so beautiful. I love my golds and this kind of reminds of MAC Indianwood.

Wow I deserve kudos, I kept it to 3 just like I said I would *highfives myself* :-) what are you favourite eyeshadows?

Peace, love and cupcakes

16 June 2011

Is it Lust or Love?

Hi my lovelies,

I hope you're all well.

I know I did one of these posts before, but I thought as it's my birthday soon maybe my mum will see (doubtful she's not so good with technology) and buy me everything I want *insert sarcastic laugh* 

I am still lusting after the things from the first post but I've moved on, there is only one thing from that list that I am really wanting. As a woman, I never stop wanting. It's ok, because I think it's healthy to want stuff and when I finally do get to buy it I'll appreciate an awful lot more.

So enough chit chat, I'm just going to get right into it :-)

  1. MAC Vegas Volt - I know I keep going on about this lipstick but it's gorgeous, I really really really want it.
  2. Green corsage dress from Dorothy Perkins - I went to order this dress the other day but it had 'sold out' off of the site.. I ordered it in purple instead because I loved it in purple too. But was actually really rather upset with the fact they didn't have it and then when I looked back today they did. I feel like I should write an angry letter to someone to register my disgust lol.
  3. Leopard print shoes from Dotty Ps - I'm really obsessed with Dorothy Perkins at the moment, I'm also so in love with animal print. I didn't think I ever would be but my cousin wears nothing but animal print so it was inevitable I'd turn towards animal too lol.
  4. Coral Dress from Dotty Ps - It looks gorgeous and I just plain want it because it's pinkish lol
  5. MAC Macroviolet Fluidline - I am still after this eyeliner, I keep looking at swatches on google and I love it.
  6. Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Delinquent - It's a gorgeous shade of purple and I'm in love with purple :-)

So there we have it, my lusts for the month :-) what are you lovelies wanting?

Peace, love and cupcakes

13 June 2011

It's all about the Cafe of Hard Rock :-)

Hi guys and dollz,

I hope you're all well.

This is another different post, I don't just talk about makeup you know (well 90% of the time I do) lol, I was talking The Hard Rock Cafe on twitter and me a lovely twitterer got to talking about it and I said I may do a post and here it is. Besides makeup and all things beauty related, HRC Is my other obsession.

If you've never heard of the Hard Rock Cafe, then you've truly missed out and need to find where the nearest one to you is and get your booty down there. The HRC is pure Rock culture, they have so much memorabilia it's awesome. I like the fact that they have rockstars memorabilia in glass cases, such as, The Foo Fighters all the way up HUGE stars like Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin. It's truly a place for Rock Gods. I wish I would have known about HRC before my dad died. I didn't know about the HRC until my ex took me to Manchester for the weekend and we visited it, from then we vowed to visit as many as we could. And well we did.

The blurb on the site says "Hard Rock is a haven for fans of music, food, and great times. Whether you are down for a Legendary Burger, live music, a Classic Tee, a Rock Star Suite, or the latest collectible pin, there’s something for everyone. Every Hard Rock Cafe, Hotel & Casino, or Live around the world serves up authentic experiences that rock. Since its establishment in 1971, Hard Rock has also been committed to a wide variety of philanthropic causes and activities. Love All – Serve All"

I don't just the place because of all the rock memorabilia, I like the food, the cocktails they make. I like the environment, I'm a huge rocker and appreciate it so much because I feel like it was made for me lol. The staff are friendly, the food is awesome and while waiting for it I can go around and take pictures of all the stuff they. The merchandise is my fav thing in the world, you can eat yourself (I should be a promoter for them haha) happy, drink lots of delicious drinks, sit and stare loving at Dave Grohls guitar and clothes (yes I do I don't care, it's the closest I'll ever get) and then after all these happy things go and visit the Merch Store :-) the merchandise is just amazing.We always bought tshirts, even if I only planned to keep them as a collectable. The ladies tshirts were much better than mens because, they had all these pretty colours and styles. Mens were nice but they came in brown or black. No one HRC is the same, all they share is the name. They have different memorabilia, different tshirts. I'm about this because I don't think I would have been quite so willing to go if they were all the same, no one wants to look at the same things all the time right? My wedding planner heard about our love of all things HRC and on my wedding day she bought me a badge which she had gotten from HRC Hollywood, that was my something new :-). A dream come true for me would to go and work in a HRC somewhere in the States.

So anyway enough of the all loving, I'm going to show you all the tshirts I bought from each HRC we visited.

The first HRC we ever visited (where the obsession started) was Manchester. I was sad they didn't have a pink shirt but whatevs lol
This is my second Favourite one, Dublin was such an awesome place to visit.
Orlando was incredible.
I love this one from Niagara Falls Canada, because of the big butterfly :-)
I don't really think anything need be said about this tshirt :-)
I don't usually buy two tshirts from one place because what's the point but this one was the John Lennon limited edition and I needed it.
This one is my favourite. I love the colour and the 'Love, peace and rock' signs all over it :-)
I'm really sorry about the long post, I tend to talk a lot when I find something I love so much. I'm too passionate for my own good. lol.

Have you ever been to a HRC? I'd love to know, I still have so many I want to visit and I hope one day I get to go to them.

Peace, love and all things Rock and roll :-D

11 June 2011

Sharing the love.

Hello my loves :-)

I hope you're having a really nice weekend.

This blog post is unbeauty related, I'm just going to start writing and not really what know what I am going to say. I'll warn you, it's going to get soppy lol :-)

Recently it hasn't all been peace and cupcakes for me, I was battling through a hard time and am soon to be divorced. But that's not really want I want to talk about. I have far better things to talk about.

With all that going on, I'm actually happy. I've found happiness with someone else. He's the perfect guy and older he's just phenomenal, he's too sweet my teeth hurt when we talk lol and people may think it may be too soon as I'm 'grieving' for my marriage but I'm not. There's also the fact that if someone new comes into my life I don't exactly want to let him pass me by without trying. I've done my crying and I'm so beyond ready. 

I like waking up and know I have him around for me. He makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside :-) soppy chuff I am lol. I'm a believer that love doesn't strike once. If I fall in love with someone and it ends badly, I can say I tried. I'll still be me and still be ready to kiss the next frog because who knows, that frog could be my prince and he could be the one who settles me down. I'm a good person and I know I can be happy and I can make someone else happy. Everything happens for a reason and a wise man told me 'when one door slams in your face, a window of hope opens'

Anyhow there's only so much I can say about him before he gets bigheaded lol.

Aside from my new found happiness, I have had so many doors open to me. I can finally go back to college, I'm finally getting my social life back and through my first blogsale, I've met some lovely girls. It's nice to have all these people that share my passion for fashion and makeup.

I want to say to everyone who reads my rambles, thank you so much for reading. It means so much to me that people in so many amazing places around the worl want to read me. I couldn't be happier with where my blog is going. I'm finally pulling in the readers and I have 22 followers, its huge to me. 

You are all so special to me and I love talking to you guys and writing about stuff I love to get you guys interested. I'm stoked that I've reached over 5000 all time views, it's just such an amazing feeling for me. I'm grateful more than any of you could EVER know.

My three favourite bloggers and tweeties are:

I hope this wasn't too boring, I kept it as short as sweet as I possibly could :-).

I wish you all Peace, love and happiness.

7 June 2011

The Girl in the Summery Dress

Hello gorgeous, 

I hope everyone is well.

It's time for me to admit defeat.... Summer is amongst us and I'm less than impressed by this. I loath summer, I just get too over heated it's not good. Being a Brit, I'm just not used to this weather, for 25 years I've lived in the cold but recently our summers have gotten hotter. As I am so pale, by the end of the day I look like a big lobster. So while I'm all freckled up and looking like a lobster I want to try and look as cute as possible. 

That's where the clobber comes in, some of my fav summer dresses to the rescue. I'm going to show five of my fav dresses. I wear dresses so much because I feel pretty and girly in them. Dresses are better in the summer because who really wants to wear pants and feel restricted?

Most of the things I'm going to show are old so you can't get them anymore. But they were all purchased from New Look, ASOS and Primark.

I love these dresses, I love nautical dresses and I adore cherries on clothes, they look so cute :-)
OK, I know this may look a little grannyish, But I love it on. The stripes are cute and I love the flowers. I like it, it's different.

As you can see, I'm very into my florals. This one is quite short so I would have to wear some skinnies or leggings
I like this dress because of the colour, It's actually grey colour but the sun is against me today it doesn't know whether to rain or pour. I like the little synched bit and the buttons. I guess I don't really need attention drawing to that area but I like it anyhoodles.
I hope you liked, I know my style isn't to everyone's taste but I'm ok with the choices I make for clothing lol. Lemme know your fav summer things :-)

Peace, love and sexy dresses :-)

5 June 2011

My makeup story :-)

Hi my lovelies,

I hope you're all ok :-)

I spotted this tag on a blog I was reading and thought it would be fun to share. I love to read peoples stories and wanted to share my own, enjoy and here goes :-)

How old were you when you started wearing makeup?  
When I went to secondary school everyone looked like two bit you know whats, so I started wearing this cream shimmer eyeshadow and mascara. My parents never limited me on makeup I was always allowed to wear it unless I went too crazy.

How did you get into makeup?  
I’ve always been obsessed and would buy stuff I wouldn’t really need but for the past two years I’ve gotten in to it more. I want to go college and learn it and hairdressing professionally. I think it’s fun to be creative.

What are some of your favourite brands?  
MAC,  L'Oreal, Wet n Wild, Maybelline, MUA, Sleek and Barry M.

What does make-up mean to you?  
Makeup is something I can hide behind, when I don’t feel so happy I can go up to my room and play around with it. I don’t trowel it on, I think it’s nice to have my skin showing I embrace my pink cheeks and my milk white skin. I love makeup but I can live without it.

If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be? 
Gel liner, some sort of lipgloss, eyeshadow and lipstick.

What is your favourite thing about makeup?  
My favourite thing is learning it, once you know makeup you can do anything. You can freelance or even work in an awesome shop or on a counter. Making people feel better with a little makeup would make my day

What do you think about drugstore makeup vs high end makeupObviously high end in some instances can be better but as I search and search through my makeup I realise that it doesn’t always have to be MAC etc, I’ve found a ton of dupes today. I guess if you have the money it’s not my place to say something but I cannot get my head around the fact that some people splurge and spend £30 for a blush. I love the feeling going around Superdrug and Boots and coming home with a bag full of goodies knowing I can get all of that for one thing at Dior or wherever. Budget makeup is not so bad. I hate people who brag, “Oh I got a new Chanel nail polish today” there is my take on it.

What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner?  
My advice to beginners is to start off with drug store brands and gradually upgrade after mastering the technique of applying it correctly. I also advise, don’t be so upset if you try a winged liner or smokey eye and it doesn’t look amazing first time round. If you stick with it and try and try you’ll get there, no one can be perfect straight away :-).

What is one makeup trend you never understood?  
Nude lips, yeah I really do not like nude lips. I actually think they silly why would you want to look dead? I’m not really fussed, just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean someone else shouldn’t

What do you think of the Beauty Community on Youtube/Blogger?  
I started watching YouTube videos a few years ago and I think it was better back then when people didn’t review stuff just to make money. I hate reading/watching reviews that’re sponsored because it’s obvious they are just saying all the good things to get us to spend money. I prefer to read blogs that aren’t like that, I have very little money now I’m on own and I’m going to treat myself to something I’d like to know both pros and cons. I doubt I’ll ever be sponsored but if I ever was, I’d be honest from the start. I know “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything” but if I can save someone some money then I’ll slag it off. I’m not scared lol

Who is your style icon?  
Ok, being honest, I don’t have a style icon. I don’t like to follow trends, I like to wear what I want to wear and I usually like fashion once it’s gone out fashion. I want to be me and not look like everyone else because that’s boring. However, I love the whole pinup look.

There we have it, share you story I'd be interested to read it :-)

Peace love and all things pretty