25 August 2011

A little break

Hello munchkins,

I hope you're all doing well. 

I'm going through a bit of a tough time at the moment so I've decided to take a break from my blog, it's not permanent it's just for a week or two. I have blogged quite a bit recently and I've hit a huge wall, although I have some things left to talk about I think it's best I take a little break. I have been reading blogposts and I will still be reading them. I enjoy writing, I'm just not sure what to write about in my next posts. If anyone can recommend anything to write about that would be great.

I'm excited to start college and I'm excited to come back and start writing again. I want to thank everyone for reading my blog and following me, it means more to me than any of you could ever know, I hope you will all stick with me.

I'll see you in a week, keep being awesome :-)

Peace and Love

20 August 2011

Ecotools brushes

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all well.

When watching YouTube videos or even blog posts, I notice that people have mostly MAC brushes and MAC makeup, it seems to be the most popular brand. I'm not saying this is a bad thing because each to their own, but I just don't beginners to watch these videos and think "Oh no I have to spend a crap ton of money on all this makeup and brushes to get the same effect" because they don't, some people are just snobs and won't go for cheaper brands. I feel that people talk about MAC and overlook the other options and there is always a cheaper alternative like Sigma but who have MAC dupes, there is Crown which seem really good and I plan to make an order with them once I have paid for my college course. But, today I want to talk about Ecotools, I love these brushes.

I didn't think that the UK would get Ecotools because I'd never seen them, apparently Boots sell them which is news to me. I ordered my Ecotools brush set from eBay, I'm sorry I can't give you specific prices and the seller which I used, however, I did look last night on eBay and you can buy them for cheap. On eBay you will be made to pay higher prices so please don't buy the first set you see keep scrolling through and you can definitely get them cheaper. I opted for the 5 piece brush set and I couldn't be happier.

I really like the brush roll that it comes with, I think it's made of hemp or something like that. They come nicely packaged and have their own little compartment to lay in. I'm not going to talk about the comb brush because I've never used it, I don't use them. I love the look of bamboo brushes I just think they look nicer than a boring black like MAC brushes, in my humble opinion everything should be pink, but that's just me ;-)

Ok, so I do believe this is a concealer brush, they don't have names on them which is a bit of a pain but it's ok because I use them for everything. I think this brush is actually just phenomenal, it works so well with cream products like my paint pots it gives such a nice even coverage. But I also like it for just regular eyeshadow, if you pat the eyeshadow on with this guy you can get a really nice eye look. This brush cleans like a dream, with my white MAC brushes no matter how hard I clean them they are still stained, but this brush I have no problem with cleaning.

I think this one is an eyeshadow brush, like the first brush this is amazing for cream and eyeshadows, they are both a little bit stiffer but still soft enough it doesn't hurt your eyes or drag, it gives good coverage and it's just plain fantastic. I think this brush is great for getting into the crease too, just put a little bit of eyeshadow on the and "rock it in your socket" If I had paid £15 for this brush set I wouldn't have complained that it's too expensive because these brushes are so versatile, they work well with creams and shadows. I just really couldn't be happier.

This blush brush makes me so happy, I'm not a blush wearer but I do have a few blushes because I would quite like to wear them every so often. I'd never really tried to apply blush or bronzer but with this beaut WOW I'm not even kidding, it is so easy to use you get a soft look or press harder and you get the most gorgeous glow, it's good for blending out the product and it just does everything you need it to do. I honestly cannot believe how cheap these brushes are for the quality you get and it is a nice decent size and perfect. I haven't tried this with a cream blush yet, but I would like to see how it handles

This brush, I'm really confused about it. I have previously listed this in my favourite brushes, I'd compared it to my MAC 266 (which I adore) I thought it was that good, but I recently cleaned it and it lost of its shape it became so limp in the respect that when I applied my eyeliner it just became a big mess the line was nowhere near as precise as it had been previously and I'm baffled as to what I did wrong. I loved this brush and I even picked up a backup from eBay.

Do you lovelies have any Ecotools brushes I have to try out? 

Peace and Love

19 August 2011

Furry friend tag :-)

Hello my loves,

I saw this tag on YouTube and thought it would be fun to share my pet with you guys. I'm constantly talking about my cat and I thought she deserved a blog post of her own, because she's just awesome.


1)What is your pets name?
Sophia, I didn't pick it and it seemed daft to change it as she's used to it, although, I think cats would respond to idiot if you say it in a cutesy way lol.

2) What kind of pet is it and what breed?

She's a kitty I'm not sure of breed if I'm honest.

3) How long have you had your pet friend?

8 Months

4) How did you get your pet?
I've always wanted a cat or a puppy since ours died but my dad didn't want to get a new cat or dog because he was getting older and didn't really want to walk the dog or have another selfish kitty lol. Then when he died and my husband moved in he said no too. His work colleague was getting rid of her because Vanessa had just had a baby and my cat was becoming really jealous and wanting attention, I mentioned the RSPCA to him and he looked at her pictures and fell in love and said ok I could have her

5) How old is your pet?

I think she is 4

6) What are some quirky things about your pets personality?

I've never met a cat who loves to be brushed, she absolutely loves it. She rubs up against the brush and just cannot get enough of it. 
When I drop something on the floor or throw something for her to play with she jumps from wherever she is to go grab it. 
She can play football, lol I rolled up some paper that came in a package I had bought and chucked it for her and she ran after it and started using it as a football.
She has this toy fish, and she cuddles it and makes it feel all special and then attacks, poor fishy lol.

7) What does your relationship with your pet mean to you?
This is going to sound pathetic but everything. While I've been going through a tough breakup she's always made me smile. I didn't think she would take to living on her own with me because she always seemed to be all for him but she loves me now.

8) What are some of your favorite past times with your pet?
When we first got her she was just so timid and scared of everything she hid under the bed and only came down when we went to sleep. But the second night she came down and was shy but wanted to play rock band with us.

9) What are nicknames that you call your pet?
Sophia, Sophs, Sophiecat, Cat face and Pita lol

I tag everyone to do this and I'd love to see your gorgeous little pets :-)

Peace, love and furry little friends

18 August 2011

The 4 deadly sins of Joy

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all doing well.

So I know the title seems a little dramatic, and please don't worry I am not going to talk about the "seven deadly sins" I'm going to talk about the Wet N Wild palettes in Pride, Greed, Vanity and Lust. I love the names, I think they're so cool, I really wish they had done the rest of the deadly sins. I did a post on these when I first started my blog but I removed it because it just wasn't good enough. Like everything else I'd put these in my draw to review and today I was playing around and I fell in love all over again. These guys are so amazing, but us Brits aren't lucky enough to get them here, thank my stars for makeup swaps and eBay.

I'm going to start first by saying, the light colours aren't very pigmented so I do advise using a different light colour for highlighting etc. You do get fallout but that's to be expected with cheaper brands. I like these palettes because they're mixed, you get three shimmery shades and three matte shades which means you don't just have to have an all shimmery eye look you can have a mixture of the two.

"Pride" is my favourite palette, in my opinion I wouldn't have called this one "Pride" I would have called it "Envy" because the colours are green, you get it? Green with Envy? Oh my humour is lost on you lot ;-) lol. Ok so silliness over, the matte green is a beautiful what I could call "apple green" because that's exactly what it looks like. I love the navy's in this palette, you know how navy eyeshadows can sometimes come transfer on to the skin black? well that isn't the case with these ones, they are extremely pigmented and I am just so impressed and in love with this palette.

My favourite was a toss up between "Vanity" and "Pride" and "Pride" won because of the apple green colour. This palette just makes me smile and drool a little bit, the four browns are just to die for they are really buttery soft and look so good on my eyes. My only complaint about this palette is the golden brown shade I wish it was a tiny bit more pigmented because it's just so pretty.

I'm not as happy as I should be with this palette, the two whites are actually really nice the purple is pretty but it lacks pigmentation. The dark purples however are just gorgeous the glitter is a little on the chunky side but it's ok. The top left white is gorgeous and is more of a lavender white.

And my least favourite, I'm not saying I don't like this palette because I do, the peaches are lovely and so is the silver but you really have to pack it on to get any kind of intensity

All in all, I am very happy with these palettes. They're compact enough to fit in your makeup bag and you really will get the look you desire with mattes and shimmers. I love the swirly pattern on the shadows, it makes them look even cuter but the pattern obviously doesn't last long. I did do a couple of looks with the "Greed" and "Vanity" palettes. This is the first time I've ever done these kinds of looks so please take that into consideration and I'm still getting the hang of eyeliner on top of eyeshadow so pardon the mistakes. 

The brown eye is from the "Vanity" palette and the more intense is from the "Greed" palette, the brown eye look I would wear on a daily basis but the darker one would be used for more of a girly pub crawl night out. I really like the way they turned out, don't want to my own trumpet but I think they look good for a first attempt.

What do you think girlies? Do any of you lovelies have any of these palettes?

Peace and Love

17 August 2011

You are my sunshine

Hello you gorgeous bunch of lovelies :-)
Yesterday I was nominated for the "Sunshine award" by the lovely and gorgeous Vicky she's such a nice girl and this means so much to me so thanks babe :-)

For me to accept this award I must answer these 9 questions:

1) Favourite Colour ~ Pink
2) Favourite animal ~ Hippopotamus, Ok I am quite aware they're dangerous and I wouldn't ever actually own one but I love them. My obsession started when I was a child reading "Spot the dog" books it had a Hippo called Helen and she was a ballet dancer with a cute pink tutu. My dad got me a hippo and a pink tutu from the Build a bear workshop and called her Helen lol. If you ever go to the zoo with me and lose me you'll find me around the hippos lol I'm just so fascinated by them.
3) Favourite number ~ 3. I have no idea why.

4) What perfume am I using right now? ~ I'm not, I don't have a sense of smell so I need someone to help me pick them out and I only trust certain people lol.

5) Something you always wear that identifies you ~ Hmm, this is actually quite tough, ok, my bangle. It clanks against the desk when I am working, it's a sure fire way to annoy work colleagues lol.
6) What's your passion ~ Music, Make-up, Beauty, movies and Blogging :)

7) What was the last eyeshadow that you used? ~ I was trying to do some colour-blocking eyeshadows and I used the bright pink one from my Monaco palette

8) Favourite day of the week ~ Wednesday or Sunday, because I get to talk to the boy all day :-)

9) Are your nails painted right now? No, the polish was so chipped that I had to remove it.
I would now like to pass this award on to these 10 gorgeous beauties:

Rachel (A pretty Obsesion)

Rachel (All Things Rachy)

If I have been nominated you for this award you must follow these rules in order to accept it.
1) Refer back to the person that nominated you
2) Answer the 9 questions
3) Nominate 10 Bloggers for the award
4) Inform the Bloggers that they have been nominated

If you accept this award please leave a comment down below and I'll have a read.

Peace and Love

13 August 2011

My top 5 palettes

Hello my cupcakes,

I hope you're all doing ok, I had some bad news today so to cheer myself I wanted to come and blog, I hope you guys don't mind ;-)

I watched a YouTube video the other day about a ladies top five makeup eyeshadow palettes and I got to thinking about my favs so I decided to choose 5 of my own and thought I would talk about them today

So here goes.

Sleek original palette - this is always going to be my favourite palette. I'd be gutted if they ever stopped making them. It has a black for smoking out your eyes, it has an intense turquoise, my favourite purple of all time and a pink, a long with a couple of neutral shadows. The colours are exactly as you see in the pan very pigmented and last for ages.

Lets get a bit Naked with this stunning Urban Decay palette - I got this when it first came out, I think I wanted to fit in with the crowed. I liked it but it stayed in the cupboard it was just too pretty to touch. Last night before cleaning my brushes I decided I was going to do a look with it because I'm obsessed with smog. I can't remember exactly which colours I used but it turned out looking so beautiful. This palette just has everything you could possibly need, a black and brown eyeliner, a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows, darks and lights. You do get a bit of fallout with these shadows but for the beautiful looks you can create, I have wipes by my side to get rid of the excess.

Wet N Wild Pride palette - I'm just going to say about this palette. I do have a review on these palettes coming soon so I don't want to say much, but this really is one of my fav ever palettes. The green apple matte colour it's just die for.

MUA Starry Night - you can read my review here I like this palette for the soft eyeshadows and it has variety of colours from black to pink with whites. The shadows are so pigmented and I think you could create some super cute looks with this baby

And last but in no means least coastal Scents Winter Berry palette - this palette isn't for everybody, it's made up of pinks and purples but it's a seriously beautiful set of pinks and purples. I'm also going to be reviewing this and adding swatches so keep your eyes peeled for this :-)

What are you favourite palettes my loves?

Peace and Love

12 August 2011

17 questions

Hello cupcakes :-)

Was feeling a little bit bored and decided to post some more questions about myself. I hope you're all well and have a great weekend :-)

1. How did you get your user name?
My ex husband gave it to me, I'll not go into it. I want to change it but I don't see the point now.

2. If you could change your name to anything, what would it be and why?
Regina Phalange talks makup 24/7 :-) For all you Friends fans you'll understand the Regina Phalange part and I always talk about makeup it seemed fitting lol

3. If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would it be and why?
Apply yourself at school and college, do a course that you know you will be able to get a job in and travel!

4. How old were you when you first learned to blow a bubblegum bubble?
7 lol no, I don't actually know

5. What did you want to be when you were little?
Oh god tons of things,  I wanted to be a air hostess so I could travel and get paid for it, I wanted to be an actress, I wanted to be a rich filmmaker! Funnily enough, I never wanted to be a doctor or anything involved with blood!

6. What do you order at starbucks?
Caramel frappuchino with cream and caramel on top

7. What's the hardest you ever laughed?
I laugh all the time, it's just me. I couldn't pick one time
8. If you could play any musical instrument, which would it be and why?
Guitar, I'd love to be a rock star with huge hair
9. What's your favorite thing to do when your upset?
Don't judge, ok? I put 80s music on and dance like an idiot, I'm serious arms and legs go everywhere, then I fall on the sofa in fits of giggles at myself!
10. What's your favorite movie?
Dirty dancing, I know it's cliche but it is. It's such a good movie :-)
11. What's one food you can not live without?
12. What's your favorite dessert?
Ice cream sundae with tons of chocolate fudge sauce :-)
13. Favorite pizza topping?
At pizza hut I like bbq chicken and sweetcorn with bbq sauce instead of tomato sauce
14. Would you rather have the superpower to read minds, or the superpower to be invisible?
15. What did you do for your last birthday?
I went to watch Xmen and went out for dinner with my mum
16. If you had one personal "selfish" wish, what would it be and why?
I'd wish for money, I know, but with money I could do so much. Travel, study the things I want and buy all the makeup and shoes in the world lol
17. What does OMGHHKP mean to you?
Oh my God something or other, erm I don't actually know. I'm not down with the kids anymore lol

Peace, love and cupcakes :-)

11 August 2011

Babyliss Curling Wand

Hi girlies,

I hope you're all doing well.

The other day while faffing and I decided I wanted to curl my hair with my Babyliss curling wand, I've never tried one of these guys before. It doesn't have a clip like regular curling tongs and this seemed very alien to me. I'm going to throw a little warning out there with this wand, use a heat protection glove and be very careful, I'm serious here. I burnt myself because it gets so hot and while wrapping the hair around it you have to get very close. I don't want you to burn your pretty dannys :-)

This curling wand isn't like anything I've ever or used seen before, I think they're really unique. First of all, yes it's pink and I love it, who doesn't want a pink curling wand? Not me that's who. The wand is tapered and goes from 32mm to 19mm which can create really nice loose curls if you keep them at the the larger end or it can create tighter Taylor Swift type curls towards the end of the wand. Now, I was worried how I could use this because it doesn't have a clip to it but it's actually really easy, easier than using a curling tong. All you have to do is position your arm behind your head and point the wand down, then wrap your hair around it. It's up to you which way you do it, I like to go towards my face and away from my face.

The temperature goes up to 25 and heats up really quick. When you switch it on a red light flashes, where you see the number one it is a green light which will flash, once they stop flashing it is ready to use. The other thing about this wand is it also has a swivel cord which makes it easier to use.

I love the curls I really do, they did drop a bit but I think that's the hairspray I used. I've never been able to curl my hair and keep them looking nice but with this baby it's so easy. You know how some tongs take a lot of length off of your hair when you curl? well I didn't seem to lose much length which is really good. I am starting to become really obsessed with curly hair, I'm used to having straight hair with a bit of a kin in the middle where my layers are. It didn't take long to achieve these curls, I always struggle when getting the back of my head but with the swivel cord and no clamp it's great

What are your favourite curling wands or any heat tools? Also I need some new hairspray ideas, the ones I have make my hair crunchy and not so good.

Peace and Love

9 August 2011

A quick NOTD and a mini review :-)

Hello Dudettes,

I hope you're all doing really well. First of all I'd like to say, I hope my readers from London are all safe with the horrible things that are going on. I'm sending all of my love and cupcakes to you guys. Stay safe.

Welcome to my first ever NOTD (Nail of the day) post, I've noticed a lot of these posts going round and I've never really thought about doing one because I just don't wear nail polish all of the time. So without further ado I did one, I hope you enjoy.

I've been looking for the perfect red nail polish. While making an order with Superdrug about a month or so ago, I saw this red nail polish and thought for just £2 I really shouldn't pass that up right? I'm not entirely sure of the name I think it's called Tango red and it's by Miss Sporty, which you can get from Superdrug. I really liked this nail polish but it didn't last me very long, it says on the label it should last for up to 7days but I had chips within the hour, to be fair I'm clumsy so it is probably my fault lol. The coverage is amazing, for such a cheap polish it took two coats to get it to look even, but I honestly think with just one coat you would've been good to go. The red really is the red I had been searching for, its a really pretty orange toned red. I am so happy I found it and I will be repurchasing, I already have a backup ;-)

Anyhoodles enough rambles lets see the polish.

Ok, I don't have very steady hands so first off please ignore the little mistake on the side of my thumb. This polish drys so quickly, I literally got to my pinky finger and it was pretty much dry. I'd say it drys a little bit matte, which is ok because I love matte makeup and nail polish.

I am sucker for the 'lava' crackle look, so I decided to throw some Barry M Nail effects on top of the red and this is what it looked like. I love these crackle polishes, I think they look so good and my favourite thing about them is, they never look the same on each nail. I think if you don't know what these guys are they will look really cool and I've already had people asking how it did it and if I did myself lol.

What are you lovelies wearing on your nails?

Peace and Love

8 August 2011

What couldn't you live without?

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all well and had a lovely weekend.

Laid in bed the other night daydreaming about makeup (yeah, as if I'm the only girl in the world who does that) I got to thinking "what would be 7 products I couldn't live without" if I could choose 7 makeup products that I had to use for the rest of my life what would they be? So here they are

Mac blacktrack fluidline, I could wear this with or without an eyeshadow. I love the classic winged eyeliner look that the gorgeous Audrey and Marilyn would always rock. Plus you can use it on your waterline so no pencil eyeliner.

Mascara maybelline falsies, I love this mascara and you can read why here.

My Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush, the cat eyed looks you can create with this baby is unreal.

Mac 266 brush for the same reason as the Sonia Kashuk brush

A pot of Vaseline for my lips, no one wants dry lips and the pink one gives a cute pink glow to the lips.

I couldn't live without my favourite purple eyeshadow from my Sleek Original palette - I love this eyeshadow, it's so pretty and can be worn alone or with eyeliner. I also like to smoke it along my lower lash line

And one of my paint pots but I can't decide which, I love Coral crepe but I also love my Indianwood one. Ok, I'm changing it to 8 and I am having both lol.

So there we have it, I know people are probably thinking "what no foundation or blush" but in all honesty I don't like wearing foundation and blush, my skin feels like it can't breathe when I have foundation on. I have very pink cheeks anyhow so I don't need it. I'd  rather people see my skin and the natural flush of pink that I have!! What are the products you lovelies couldn't live without?

Peace and Love

7 August 2011

Guest blog

Hello you gorgeous bunch.

I hope you're all having a great weekend and aren't to hungover ;-)

Just a quick post today, I wanted to let you know I did a guest blog post on the lovely Cas's blog. It's a series about getting to know people and getting some of the smaller bloggers some more recognition. If you want to read and get to know me a little better you can go here to read about me :-)

Peace and Love

5 August 2011

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Hello my loves,

Today I want to talk about the Maybelline Falsies mascara. I bought it quite a while ago in a 3 for 2 from Boots or Superdrug. I have long lashes anyway but I thought I'd give this a try, plus the packaging is purple. 

I'm going to have a little rant before I give my opinions on this mascara. When seeing a mascara on the TV or in magazines they always 'enhance the eyes in production' this really rattles my cage. If I want to buy a mascara I want to see the genuine results, I don't want to see something that has been "nipped and tucked" so much that the lashes don't even look real. I'm not naive enough to think that because this mascara looks good on someone else it will look the same on me, but can we not see what the mascara looks like with the extreme computer generatedness? Is that too much to ask? Rant over.

I tried this mascara for the first time and I did like it, I only have one dislike about it, the colour. When I buy a mascara that says 'black' I want it to be dark like black is, I don't want a faint watered down black. I like the concept of the 'falsies' mascara, not everyone has the opportunity to put actual false lashes on everyday but with this you can fake them. It does what It says on the tin which is "gives you fanned out lashes"

I like that the wand dips, it was a bit of a pain to get used to on my first attempt but I did like it. I'm not sure I used it right the way the first attempt but I'm going to carry on using it. The wand is more flexible than some mascaras (if you can see the little bendy part on the end) it means you get into all the little eyelashes you have towards the inner corner, which gives you the "falsie look".

I like the way it looks, because I was trying the mascara I didn't put on as many coats as I usually would but I like the end result. Because the brush is dipped it made it harder to apply on my bottom lashes because obviously they aren't as long as the top lashes.

Overall, I am very happy the mascara. It didn't irritate my eyes, it didn't clump when applying it and It was easy to remove. I love the packaging, although it is a little bulky. The brush is different but I love it.

Have any of you lovelies tried this mascara? I think when I've finished this mascara, I may try some of the other Maybelline mascaras. If you can give me any suggestions on good cheap mascaras I would be very grateful.

Peace and Love

4 August 2011

Zum zum Zumba

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all doing well.

I'm going to do a different review today, it's all about zumba. I am very anti working out. I know that's bad, but it's just me if it doesn't interest me I will not do it even when I know I need to. When I heard about zumba I was intrigued, people were saying it is so much fun and better than an actual workout, the site actually states "ditch the workout and join the party" it's true it is like a party. If you don't know about zumba you can read about it here if you are wanting to purchase the DVDs you can also do here. The zumba pack I bought was £59, wait before you say 'HOW MUCH' and have a panic attack let me explain, you get 7 discs, two toning sticks and a bonus DVD. I know it's still a lot of money, but never fear they do price plans where you can pay over three months and it works out at £19.99. I thought how much it would cost to join the gym or even go to classes and just decided this would be better for me.

I bought the DVDs when I came into a little bit of money a few months back and I put them on my shelf and didn't use it (story of my life right) when my husband left me I dropped a ton of weight, I don't know how much to be exact but I lost 3dress sizes. I put a lot of weight on when we got married, I'm not happy to say this but we would eat takeaways a lot, he'd buy crisps and chocolate on the way home. It was perfect I could eat junk and have my husband. But that soon changed, I didn't want to be so hefty but I didn't really have the energy to do anything about it. When he left and I dropped a lot of weight I got my gorgeous curves and my hour glass figure back, the way I did it wasn't healthy though, I wouldn't eat because I was so upset. It wasn't enough to lose the weight and drop those dress sizers, I needed to tone up enter zumba. 

Girls I am not kidding these DVDs will be your best friend. When I started zumba I popped the Basics disc in and I fell in love with dancing and shaking my thang, I didn't even know 30 minutes had passed me by I was having that much of an awesome time. I've only tried two of the discs, and I think I'm going to really enjoy getting fit zumba style and trying the rest of the discs. My favourite disc is Sculpt and Tone, It is so much fun and you get to learn so many different dance styles for eg Belly Dancing and Flamenco.The instructors do go fast at times but they break everything down for you and sometimes if I can't do the steps they do I do my own thing. I've also found myself (when I'm not watching the DVDs) dancing along to myself, so I'm still exercising even when I'm not actually working out.

What do you think, have you tried Zumba?

Peace and Love

3 August 2011

My MUA Collection

Hello my loves,

Recently I jumped on the MUA (Make Up Academy) bandwagon, being a lover of cheaper makeup this seemed perfect. Just to clarify the eyshadows are £1, and you want me to turn that down? It can be tough buying good makeup when you are on a budget, when you find a brand that's cheap and offers good quality makeup it's best to grab it while you can. Which is exactly what I did, I kept taking advantage of Superdrugs free delivery and got a lot of the colours that I wanted, there is still some colours that I would like to get.

These are all of my single MUA eyeshadows, and my blusher.

I'm a big fan of these eyeshadows, I only have one eyeshadow that doesn't look like it does in the pan, which is the first of the three purples. I had to dig really hard to get a good swatch there. I find them really pigmented and so soft, there is a little fallout but for £1 I can't be to choosey right!
I look at these colours and I think wow, just wow. I have never seen pigmentation this good in any other other drugstore brand (well apart from Sleek) I am so impressed. I have a MAC eyeshadow that could be easily duped for the last blue. The blush, I'm not sure if it's a little bit to dark for my skin but I do like it and the blushes have great colour too that is when I have blended it out a little bit.

 Now onto the next big thing of the moment, the new palettes. When I heard about these guys I knew I needed them in my life. You get 12 beautiful colours for £4 I'd dread to think how much they would cost at mac. 
From L to R I have - Starry Night, Heaven and Earth, Glitterball and Poptastic

I'm going to be honest. I love these palettes, however, my least favourite is Glitter Ball, the glitter is chunky and you don't get very good pigmentation. Again I'm not complaining because they are £4 and I'm not saying I wouldn't use this palette, because it does have a couple of pretty colours. My favourite is Poptastic, the colours are so vibrant and I hardly even swiped the shadow to get what you see. However, the yellow shadows aren't all that great, which to me isn't a problem because I don't think I wear a yellow eyeshadow. I love the neutrals and the starry night palette but even they have a little bit of fallout. You get some really nice browns and the silvers in Starry Night are to die for.

Overall I am very happy with MUA products and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. I want just one more of the palettes and then I'm done for the time being.

Peace and Love