11 August 2011

Babyliss Curling Wand

Hi girlies,

I hope you're all doing well.

The other day while faffing and I decided I wanted to curl my hair with my Babyliss curling wand, I've never tried one of these guys before. It doesn't have a clip like regular curling tongs and this seemed very alien to me. I'm going to throw a little warning out there with this wand, use a heat protection glove and be very careful, I'm serious here. I burnt myself because it gets so hot and while wrapping the hair around it you have to get very close. I don't want you to burn your pretty dannys :-)

This curling wand isn't like anything I've ever or used seen before, I think they're really unique. First of all, yes it's pink and I love it, who doesn't want a pink curling wand? Not me that's who. The wand is tapered and goes from 32mm to 19mm which can create really nice loose curls if you keep them at the the larger end or it can create tighter Taylor Swift type curls towards the end of the wand. Now, I was worried how I could use this because it doesn't have a clip to it but it's actually really easy, easier than using a curling tong. All you have to do is position your arm behind your head and point the wand down, then wrap your hair around it. It's up to you which way you do it, I like to go towards my face and away from my face.

The temperature goes up to 25 and heats up really quick. When you switch it on a red light flashes, where you see the number one it is a green light which will flash, once they stop flashing it is ready to use. The other thing about this wand is it also has a swivel cord which makes it easier to use.

I love the curls I really do, they did drop a bit but I think that's the hairspray I used. I've never been able to curl my hair and keep them looking nice but with this baby it's so easy. You know how some tongs take a lot of length off of your hair when you curl? well I didn't seem to lose much length which is really good. I am starting to become really obsessed with curly hair, I'm used to having straight hair with a bit of a kin in the middle where my layers are. It didn't take long to achieve these curls, I always struggle when getting the back of my head but with the swivel cord and no clamp it's great

What are your favourite curling wands or any heat tools? Also I need some new hairspray ideas, the ones I have make my hair crunchy and not so good.

Peace and Love


  1. I really want some curlers without a clamp, these look great! Your hair looks lovely :) x

  2. Aww thanks chick :-) yeah you should get some they're deffo worth it. I'm not sure how much they cost because I got for Xmas but I do know they came from amazon :-) xx

  3. These look good. I can't wait until my hair is long enough to curl it again xx

  4. Yeah I hate short hair for that reason lol. I'm never cutting mine short again xx

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