All about me :-)

Hi I’m Joy, aka Joybunny24 and Flosspot25 on Twitter.

Welcome to my bubble, it’s full of pink and cupcakes :-)

I have a love for all things makeup, fashion and just anything that a girl loves. I like to share my loves and hates and I hope you all will share with me too, because that would be so much fun.

I’m an ex media student. I realised yeah talking about movies all day is my dream, but I think I took it as far as I can go with it. So my next chapter is trying to go back to college to study a hair and beauty course, I love makeup and I would love to do peoples makeup and get a qualification for it. I want to travel the world and freelance a bit. I’m just basically ready for a new adventure.

If you like my blog, please stop by for a chat I’m super friendly and will reply to every comment I get. 

Enjoy your day and remember to be 'Joy'full :-)