29 May 2011

A little first impressions

Hello lovelies,

Happy weekend :-)

I thought this product deserved an extra special little shout out because it's just that wonderful, I think it's going to be in my bathroom forever now.

It's this wonderful pot of pure amazingness, I got it just before Christmas and forgot I even had it.

If you follow me on twitter you'll notice I always complain about my hair, I even did a blog post about how unhappy I am with my hair.

I watched a review about it and I remembered to myself ooh I have that in my cupboard. I tried it once, guys I'm not even kidding if you haven't tried it you need to invest NOW it's ahmazinggg.

As it's a hair mask you have to put it on for up to 7minutes and occupy yourself while it works it does it's own thing. I don't have a timer so I just go by how many songs I can murder in the shower and have a boogie to them. Not kidding lol. I get some in my palm and then massage that into the roots and repeat on the rest of my hair. As you're working it into your hair, you can feel it working it's magic.

I don't wash my hair every day I try to wash it on the third day because of the unhappiness it causes to the greasy part of my crown lol. My hair stayed soft and looked shiny, I was 'whipping my hair back and fourth' I despise that song but it's needed in this instance. On the third day, it was a little greasy but that's to be expected right? I wanted to wash it again to make sure I hadn't cooked up the perfect product in my mind and I hadn't. I got my friend to verify the softness and have a sniff at it because I never get to smell stuff boo.

I love this stuff and yes it's quite expensive but if it works shouldn't I just keep repurchasing when I can splurge? The only thing I am scared of, my hair will get used to this like everything else and I'll be on the hunt again, I guess I'll just knock it down to once a week when I start to feel like my mop is getting greasy again. 

I got mine from Amazon
You can also get it on eBay
Another good site is Feel Unique

What do you think, have you ever used this little drop of sunshine?

Peace, love and cupcakes :-)

27 May 2011

My skincare saviours..

Hi guys,

It's horrible weather outside and I'm sat snuggled up on the sofa. But it's ok, I just wish I had a certain person with me :-)

When I was a baby I had eczema around my mouth, lol seriously I looked like a clown and I'm glad I grew out of it, but my skin cleaned up as I became older. From when puberty hit to just over a month ago, I've had breakouts and lived with dry and sensitive skin. It made me unhappy, but I did notice that when I was happy my skin got better which was good. When stress hits, I think it's only natural to break out and I did.

Recently my skin got progressively worse, I was feeling low and wanted to change it. I decided to ask the doctor for some help, she wanted prescribe me e45 WTF dude, that stuff is sooo greasy, yes it's good for when you're having dry moments but to use daily? My skin would be worse. I googled products that were good for treating acne and redness and came across PanOxyl, I'll never look back now. There's three strengths, it's better to start at 2.5 just to make sure your skin can cope with it. I chose that one knowing if it didn't work I had a great backup in two other strengths.

I tried it as soon as I got home, you're supposed to wash your face with soap and water before you use. I do not and will not put soap on my face it makes things 10 times worse. I'm trying to get through my Liz Earle cleanse and polish so I use that instead and it works just fine. After using PanOxyl for the first time I noticed immediate changes, my skin got better and I still had the odd spot but the stuff worked so well. I used it everyday solidly for for two weeks, after that two weeks I didn't want my skin to get too used to it so I stopped everyday use and decided to use it a few times a week. My skin is looking so much nicer, the redness isn't as bad, I have always had rosey cheeks so it didn't matter me. I went back to my doctor to see if I could try the next strength up which I am yet to try.

The second thing I swear by is, PLJ (pure lemon juice) I get it from Morrisons and I love it, it's quite cheap and can be found in the water isle. I have it with my dinner, I boil the kettle put half a pint of boiling water in, add the PLJ (as much or little as you like) and then top up with cold water. I know it sounds strange but it really helps me so much. I know I'm probably making it seem like it's in my head but it isn't because my dad used to buy it for me and I noticed the differences back then. My skin looks so nice and again I do still have the odd spot, but I'm only human.

There we have it, amazing products for £££, the PanOxyl (the only thing I need to advise you about this is, it drys your face out so you have to use moisturiser afterwards but that does say so on the box and after the moisturiser your skin will feel amazing) cost me £3.10 and the PLJ was about a pound.

What are the products you're loving for your skin right now?

Peace love and cupcakes :-)

26 May 2011

MAC Paintpots fabs and drabs

Hi guys and dollz.
With all the dramas going on in my life I guess I haven't really taken the time to put on makeup, because I've either not been out or I've just been going to the shop so I've neglected myself and my makeup. It's bad I know, slap my hand lol. It's all going to change though.

I want to talk about my paint pots, I love these guys because they’re so versatile and yes I love products that have more than one purpose, I feel like I’m getting more for my money lol.

Top Row, L to R - Indianwood, Painterly, Rubenesque and Artifact
Bottom Row, L to R, Artifact, Coral Crepe and Dangerous Cuvee

My favourite is Indianwood, My reasons for loving this Paintpot is, it goes on so softly. It lasts for ages even with my oily eyelids. When you apply it if you take it up into your crease a little bit, it doesn’t matter because it looks like you’ve put a ton of effort in and used two colours which is always good. With these paintpots they can be worn as a base or just as a simple wash of colour. It’s such a nice shade of gold and you don’t need to really stick your finger/brush in there to get a nice intense colour. I know they're usually bases but I don't think I could put something over the top of this shadow, it's just pretty :-)

I like all of the paintpots that I own. However, I bought Artifact from a blogsale and I was less than pleased when it came dried out, I don’t think I’m going to get to use it much, can’t win them all huh. (If anyone has any ideas on how to make them creamy again then I'd love to know)
I love Painterly, it’s such a nice sort of ‘concealer’ look, it’s a nice wash of colour but not so in your face that you look silly. It opens the eyes and brightens them.
Rubenesque, it’s pretty but I think you’d really have to dig your fingers in there to get a nice colour payoff. I'm actually thinking about selling it, I tried it on yesterday and within an hour it had worn off.
Coral Crepe, wow, it’s beautiful I know it’s orange but it’s so nice and the colour payoff is just fantastic.
Dangerous Cuvvee is the same as Rubenesque, it’s gorgeous but not the best colour payoff.

I was unaware of paint pots until not so long ago, I sure am glad I was introduced to them now I have the ones I have.

I'd love to hear, what are your fav paintpots?

Peace, love and cupcakes

24 May 2011

Help me, I'm havin a Hair Dilema

Hello gorgeous,

I hope you are all well and having a joyful day (it's ok to pun my name when I do it lol)

I want to know the age old question, what colour should I choose next? I just need some suggestions. As you can tell from my title I'm most unimpressed with my hair lately, well I don't think it's just lately it's in general and has been the case for many years, since I started dying it. When I was younger I wasn't allowed to dye my hair, mother was so strict and it annoyed me. I only wanted a wash in one, but even that wasn't allowed, I can't get my breath sometimes with parents. 

When I saw Ginger Spice, I wanted those bleached bits at the front. I'm not even going to keep that locked away, it doesn't bother me, I liked it. So after weeks of begging to my dad he finally gave in (I was a total daddies girl, ok I'm a brat lol) when I got to school the ridicule started, this one tall boy was so mean to me about it everyone else left me to it.

I was born with brown hair, then it went blondish for years and then it turned back to brown. It was such a dull brown, I didn't like it very much. So I started dying it, forget you mother lol. I've been black, which was the worse thing in the world because I'm so pale I looked like a goth who had used way too pale foundation. I finally got of the black and had it black underneath, I also had blue hair. I've had red hair, brown hair, purple hair and blue.

I'll show you a couple of pictures of my 'through the hair ages' lol

  • The red hair colour was my favourite colour EVER, it looked so nice and stayed red for ages. I always feel like I'm ME when I have red hair, I'm not sure how to explain that but a few people have said the same. Please ignore the picture and how I look, I was trying to be artsy.
  • The purple was my hair on my wedding day, that colour doesn't last very long which sucks 
  • The brown was how I had my hair in 2005
This is my hair now, I did the black bits myself but had it died at the salon. As you can see it's bloody thin, yeah, she used thinning scissors on already bloody thin hair WTF?!? The layers stop about 4ins from the bottom which makes it look like I've thrown some extensions in and not bothered to blend it, so I plan to get 4ins cut off to get it healthy again.

Now to the colours I am thinking about which is where you lovelies come in :-)
Top to Bottom - Red Passion, Cool Scarlet, Damson wine and Plum Passion. I really want Cool Scarlet, it looks so pretty
This is how I eventually want it, I'm not so sure about the back and I want the brown on the left instead of the black. I even want to go with the cut, maybe a little bit longer but I love it A LOT.

These are also the colours I am toying with the idea of.

Girlies, please help me choose. I'm going to try one last red to see how it works and it's that 'Perfect' red I mentioned before, then it's brown with the streaks, but which brown lol. So help me god, I'm a hairdressers worst nightmare lol, I don't think I'm ever going to be truly with my hair, especially now that I have to have it cut.

Peace love and good hair days :-)

21 May 2011

My love of Barry M

Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well and not too hungover on this gorgeous Saturday.

I was rummaging through my makeup the other and I found my Barry M Dazzle Dusts, I'd forgotten I had them but I wanted to start playing with them because I think 'WOWZERS' when I see them. I started swatching them on the my hand so I thought, because I'd put them away never to see the light of day, I should say sorry to them by doing a small blog post about them.

Barry M to me is the best drugstore makeup, it's lovely and cheap. Most of the products I've used from them are pigmented and stay put. I used to have an electric blue eyeliner, oh come I can wear it with these huge blue eyes. I have eczema on my eyelids and it started to sting for a while after applying it and it was just a mess.

You get so much product in the Dazzle dusts. I seriously think that one of these tiny little pots could easily last you about 5years. They come in all sorts of pretty colours, anything from Neon Pink to black.

I'm always scared of pigments or 'dazzle dusts' just because I'm scared of the fallout, but with these there is hardly any fallout which makes me happy.

So anyway enough of the chat, here's the pictures :-)
Please be warned I have some in yo face colours lol

I know what you're thinking, "why does she have a pink and orange" the truth is I impulse buy, yep I'm one 'those' people, it's bad so sue me, I'm not scared of in your face colours lol. I got them 4years ago and I just wanted them because I love pink, and they actually look really quite nice on. I wouldn't wear them daily but they're great for fun at Reflex lol.
They glide on so nicely, and they feel so soft. There was a little bit of fallout out nothing major. The swatches are just on my bare skin without a base of anything. They're all very pigmented. The first purple didn't show up true to colour so much because the sun was working against me I was trying to take the picture. I've never actually worn on them the lid for a long period so I can't comment on staying power, its ok with me because look how purdy lol
I hope you enjoyed my post. What are your favourite Barry M bits?

Peace, love and cupcakes

19 May 2011

I'm lusting after you :-)

Ha I thought that'd drag you in lol.

Hi beauties :-) I hope you're all ok.

I've been seeing a lot of these posts where people talk about the stuff they lusting after weather it be shoes, makeup, clothes, you know the list goes on.

So I got to thinking I'd do one. I'm lusting after so much right now and it's bad I need to stop because some of it isn't cheap. But anyhoodles, I'll show you the things I want, and list why I'm wanting them so badly. Then you can tell me what you're frothing at the mouth over :-)
Sleek Palette - I am obsessed with Sleek Makeup, it's one thing us brits do well. However, I've not been so bothered about the last couple of palettes. But I've seen a couple of up and coming palettes from google and peoples blogs and I am wanted them :-)

Dior Rose Diamond - I saw it in a YouTube video and I fell in love with it, so I went to have a look on the Debenhams I took one look at the price and closed the page, It's gorgeous but I really don't think I could live with spending £30 on one makeup related thing even if it is seriously gorgeous. But what the hell, I am allowed to lust over it aren't I?

MAC Vegas Volt - I will NOT  be lusting over his lovely anymore because I am buying it me and the lovely AllThingsRachy have sharing the love for it and I think even though it's orange I really need it.

The forever 21 shoes - I can't explain these, it's summer and I'm really into floral print right now.

MAC Concealer - I've been sleeping so bad recently and my under eye circles have been getting worse and worse, so I'm in need of something seriously good to get them sorted and I've heard a ton of hype about this concealer.

Wet N Wild Blue had me at hello - I've got the other two palettes and I over looked this one, but in a makeup tutorial I watched the lady used it and it looked sooo pretty so I'm going to have to try and get it from eBay.

OK so I forgot another lust which I can't get until June
GlossyBox Uk -This is what I want the most, £10 for all this stuff and it's highend too I've always wanted to try Nars :-)

So there we have my lusts. What are you wanting?

Have a great day :-)
Peace, love and cupcakes :-)

18 May 2011

A - Z Of me

Hello my loves :-)
I found this post on the lovely Charli's blog and I asked if it was ok for me so copy it and do it for myself. So here we are :-)
Age:  25 but nearly 26, I'm so old :(
Bed Size: Kingsize and damn lonely with just me :'(
Chore you Hate: I hate doing chores fullstop
Dogs: I love dogs so much, I want a westie because they don't get that big
Essential start of your day: A chat with a lovely guy :-) Mwah
Favourite Colour: Pink, duh. Have you seen my blog lol!!
Gold or Silver: Ok so I know gold is mega expensive and I should like it but I think it's tacky unless it's white gold, so silver wins every time :-)
Height: 5'6
Instruments I play: At school I played the Recorder lol but I never learnt anything else. My dad wanted me to play the piano and and bass guitar "because there isn't enough female bass guitar players in the world" lol
Job Title: Sadly I don't have a job atm
Kids: I would love kids one day, but not just yet
Live: Sheffield
Mum's name: Tina
Nickname: Joy, Doy (I couldn't spell my name when I was tiny and called myself Doy instead) Bevie, Joybunny, flossy, floss and flosspot
Pet Peeve: People who leave me waiting, I hate lateness!!!
Quote from a movie: "surely you can't be serious" "I am serious and don't call me Shirley" Airplane.
I have so many but that's the one that sprang to mind when writing this.
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: I have1 brother.
Time you wake up: Recently it's been all hours of the bloody morning lol my bags are horrible.
Underwear: Matalan, cheap and comfy :-)
Vegetables you dislike: Sprouts urghhhhhhhhhhh lol
What makes you run late: I am NEVER late, seriously I always leave the house ages before and I'm usually stood around waiting lol
X-rays you've had done: When I was 13 I had loads because I needed braces, I had appendicitis too. I love having them, I can't most of my piercings out and I love to look at them on a x-ray picture :-)
Yummy food you make: I make a great spag bol and amazing brownies and biccies :-)
Zoo animal: Hippo, I love hippos so much. They're so cute and fascinate me so much. In Florida I spent hours watching them and I kept going back to look at them lol.
I tag you, go and do it. I'll check XD lol
Peace love and cupcakes my sweeties 

16 May 2011

My Fav brushes

Hello gorgeous :-)

I hope wherever you are it's better weather for you than it is here in South Yorkshire. It's soo cold, windy and the sky is black with promises of very violent rain storms (I sound like a weather woman). I hope you all had a nice weekend, it seems to be Monday too soon for my liking.

Anyway enough of the chit chat.

I've been messing around with my gel liner recently, they seem to be the other thing I buy loads of. I like gel liner the best because you get to choose your favourite brush. I find it easier to apply with an angled brush than I do with with a liquid liner brush and all the other brushes you get with liners.

L to R - Ecotools, Mac 266 and Sonia Kashuk

I'm going to say outright, the Ecotools brush is by far my fav. It's a little bit more stiffer than the others, which makes for a precise line. Bare in mind guys, I'm still only a beginner with the winged eyeliner technique. I keep going upstairs just before I take a shower to keep practicing it and I feel like I'm getting better, or maybe I'm actually not and it's the brush I use. Hmm *sits and ponders for a while* ok maybe it's both lol. I was messing around on Friday night doing my wing and I sent a picture of it to Carah, because I trust her judgement and she told me it looked super nice and clean.

Please forgive the picture quality of my eye, the lighting in my room is horrible and it was already getting dark. But this is how nicely the brush works.

The 266 brush, I love this brush and yes it's hard for me to put another brush before it. But it's a little bit softer and even though I like the line I get from it I'd still prefer something that doesn't have as much give.

Last but very not least is my Sonia Kashuk brush. I really like this brush, the problem I have with it, however, after the first use and the first wash it sort of loses it's shape and you get strands of the brush that are just sticking out which isn't good. This brush is good for people who are starting out with makeup and need to be able to see what they're doing in the mirror, I love the idea of the bent top because you have so much freedom to be able to see in the mirror. I'm just not sure how many times I'll be able to use the brush.

I think we as girls spend so much money on the 'perfect tools' because when we do our makeup we want to look perfect otherwise what is the point? I mean I have proof that you don't need to spend £16 (I think that's how much it cost for the 266 brush) on a brush when you can go to the drugstore and test out four brushes for £16. I think I've found the one, I just ordered another one from eBay for my makeup bag.

What's your favourite eyeliner brush or any brush?

14 May 2011

A few questions :-)

Hi girlies,

I'm a little bit bored and I was going to do 50 things about myself but I got stuck at 20. With everything going on and the massive amounts of doctors trips I've made I'm actually quite fed up of talking about myself, however, this one is only small so I thought 'why the hell not do it'

So enjoy my loves :-)

Three names I go by:
1. Joy
2. Joybunny
3. Flossy

Three jobs I have had:
1. Intranet Migration officer.
2. Admin assistant.
3. Shop assistant at Primark

Three places I have lived: (I've only lived in two places)
1. Sheffield
2. Scarborough

Three favourite drinks:
1. Water, I drink so much in a day I'm surprised I haven't turned into water yet.
2. Cider
3. Wine

Three TV shows I watch:
1. Friends
2. Simpsons
3. How do I look

Three places I have been:
1. Florida
2. Canada
3. Australia

Three places I would like to visit:
1. NYC
2. New Zealand
3. More of Canada

Three people who text me regularly:
1. Scott
2. Dan
3. Gemma

Three favorite old TV shows:
1. Saved by the Bell
2. Sabrina The Teenage Witch
3. Are you afraid of the dark?

Three favorite dishes:
1. Tuna Pasta and Sweetcorn with salad
2. Sushi
3. Chicken chow mein and chips

Three makeup/beauty products I cannot live without:
1. Mascara
2. Eyeshadows
3. eyeliner

Three things I’m looking forward to:
1. Going to Canada
2. Speaking to someone special
3. Pimms and lemonade :-)

Three things I want.
1. I want to be taken on a nice date, I don't care where it doesn't have to be a posh place, because I am so not posh. I'd just like the company of a lovely man.
2. I want makeup, specifically MAC Vegas Volt.
3. I want to go Canada.

So there we have it, I tag you to do this I'd like to know some stuff about you.

Much love, happiness and :-)

11 May 2011

My MAC lipsticks

Hi lovelies.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun :-)

Today as my title states, I'm going to share my MAC lipsticks, I don't have a ton of them so I thought this would be an easy post to write. I have "Back to MAC'd" for most of them. I still have a couple I'd like to buy like Vegas volt I am in LUST for that lipstick :-)

I'm not putting them in any particular order, but, Russian Red is my favourite so that's going first!!

L to R - Russian Red, Creme Cup, Lady Danger, Chatter Box, Angel, Craving and Viva Glam Cyndi.
I love all of these colours, that's why I don't have many because they're either to colour and clash with rosey cheeks, or too nude and just make me look dead. Russian Red makes me so happy, you know as a woman you spend FOREVER searching for that gorgeous shade of red that you want to have for the rest of your life and you will keep repurchasing? well I love it that much that I want to buy a back up. It's just perfect, when I tried it on it made my teeth look whiter, my lips look that 'perfect' shade of red, must stop or I honestly will keep going on about it, lol if I could marry this lipstick I actually would :-S. Haha.

Enough about RR and on to the others, I was really shocked when I had bought the others because I thought 'Joy they'll not suit you, you'll look like a dark haired version of Barbie' but I was shocked and happy that that they actually do. They're all just really nice colours that I guess I could find dupes for if I tried but when I take my empty stuff back to mac, whats the point in trying to find a dupe when I can have the real thing?!?

I got MAC impassioned when I back to mac'd a few months ago but I had to sell it because it just did not go with my skin tone, however, if I was going to Reflex (an 80s club) and dressed up as an 80's bird this would have been the perfect lipstick for me. I also bought a lipstick from the MAC collection, I forget what it was called but the lipstick was just a weird shade and that made me look dead.

So dolls what are you favourites? feel free to share so I'll know for next time I'm flush I can buy some :-)

10 May 2011

Tattoos and Piercings

Hello all you lovely people, so long time and no post so I thought instead of doing a makeup related post, I'd talk about my tattoos and piercings and I'm hoping you gorgeous  bunch can share your tattoos and piercings. I'm just going to jump right into it :-)

The first piercings I got when I was a little child (I think about 5?? hmm it was that long ago I don't really remember, I just remember them being there for as long as I can remember lol try saying that twice) they were just my lobe. I don't really remember if they hurt because it was that long ago. I keep the first ones empty most of the time so I can wear dangly ones on special occasions :-)

Then I got the next two done, the gun they used did stun me but it was a huge amount of pain.

I have the top of my ear pierced too, but I haven't worn an earring in there for at least 5 years, I just got bored with it and it heeled.I made the huge mistake of having this pierced and going to alton towers and I smacked my head on a ride :'( NOT good

When I was 16 I wanted my belly button pierced but my mother was having NONE of it, my dad didn't mind but she wouldn't allow me. But when I was 17 my boyfriend at the time took me to the market to get it done for my birthday treat, I backed out a few times but then one day I just thought I need to get it done and stop being a wuss so I did.

The picture is what it looked like when I had it pierced, I don't get it out very often, I don't like showing skin so I'm thinking of taking it out.

The pain wasn't too bad, I'd say 3 out of 5, it was after that was horrible I couldn't sit down properly for a week but after it was fine, it heeled nicely and I loved it. 

In 2005, I saw someone with their tongue pierced and it looked so cool so after careful consideration I went back to the market but she wouldn't pierce it for me because I have short tongue and a bit of a lisp, I guess I was kind of glad because I was nervous. However, I'm the kind of person who once want something I don't stop thinking about it until I've got it done. I embarked on a tattoo studio hunt who would pierce it and they did it for me.

I'm not going to lie, yes it hurt it's your tongue but it didn't hurt that much, I lisped a little bit more but that wasn't a problem. I was told not drink alcohol, erm I was a 19 year old student on a Friday night and you were not stopping me drinking lol. I even had a cheeky snog just to make sure everything was working and the guy loved it lol

I got my newest two a couple of weeks ago, I'd been wanting something my tongue piercing but just was very unsure on what I wanted.

I googled piercings and saw these two piercings and decided I wanted them (the top one is called the Rook and the other one is called Tragus) These did hurt, I'd say that on a scale of 1-5 they were definitely a four. I had them done at the same time so I think that's what made the pain worse, he was very good and hurried like I asked of him. For the next couple of days they were sore and I couldn't sleep on that side but it soon settled and it's fine now. I love them

Now onto my tattoos :-)

I got these three stars shortly after my dad died, the blue star was for him, the pink one was for me (Obviously) and the orange one was for Scott.
They have faded quite a bit which I am very unhappy with. But I guess I still like them.

I was searching for tattoos to get on my other wrist because I'd become hooked and these two hearts, I was so in love with Scott at that point and I thought it would be nice to get these. I envisaged they meant our hearts entwined forever and nothing could break us up.
I'm bored with this one now, the black has faded and it bugs me. I got it then on a spur of the moment and I wish I'd really though it through now.

These two tattoos did hurt a little bit because well they're on my wrist close to veins, I was scared the needles would pop but it was fine. The pain for them both was about 2.5 out of 5

My advice is if you want a piercing or a tattoo, go onto YouTube and watch videos on them. I know not everyone is the same, what might hurt me might not hurt you and same for me. If you want it that badly though, why not go ahead with it? You'll never know if hurts or not if you don't try it.

I have a couple of tattoos and piercings that I want next so thought maybe I'd show them and you could your ideas with me :-)

Do you lovely people have any tattoo and piercings ideas you want to share?

I hope you enjoy my post :-)