4 August 2011

Zum zum Zumba

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all doing well.

I'm going to do a different review today, it's all about zumba. I am very anti working out. I know that's bad, but it's just me if it doesn't interest me I will not do it even when I know I need to. When I heard about zumba I was intrigued, people were saying it is so much fun and better than an actual workout, the site actually states "ditch the workout and join the party" it's true it is like a party. If you don't know about zumba you can read about it here if you are wanting to purchase the DVDs you can also do here. The zumba pack I bought was £59, wait before you say 'HOW MUCH' and have a panic attack let me explain, you get 7 discs, two toning sticks and a bonus DVD. I know it's still a lot of money, but never fear they do price plans where you can pay over three months and it works out at £19.99. I thought how much it would cost to join the gym or even go to classes and just decided this would be better for me.

I bought the DVDs when I came into a little bit of money a few months back and I put them on my shelf and didn't use it (story of my life right) when my husband left me I dropped a ton of weight, I don't know how much to be exact but I lost 3dress sizes. I put a lot of weight on when we got married, I'm not happy to say this but we would eat takeaways a lot, he'd buy crisps and chocolate on the way home. It was perfect I could eat junk and have my husband. But that soon changed, I didn't want to be so hefty but I didn't really have the energy to do anything about it. When he left and I dropped a lot of weight I got my gorgeous curves and my hour glass figure back, the way I did it wasn't healthy though, I wouldn't eat because I was so upset. It wasn't enough to lose the weight and drop those dress sizers, I needed to tone up enter zumba. 

Girls I am not kidding these DVDs will be your best friend. When I started zumba I popped the Basics disc in and I fell in love with dancing and shaking my thang, I didn't even know 30 minutes had passed me by I was having that much of an awesome time. I've only tried two of the discs, and I think I'm going to really enjoy getting fit zumba style and trying the rest of the discs. My favourite disc is Sculpt and Tone, It is so much fun and you get to learn so many different dance styles for eg Belly Dancing and Flamenco.The instructors do go fast at times but they break everything down for you and sometimes if I can't do the steps they do I do my own thing. I've also found myself (when I'm not watching the DVDs) dancing along to myself, so I'm still exercising even when I'm not actually working out.

What do you think, have you tried Zumba?

Peace and Love


  1. I have heard so much about Zumbe but never tried it. I must give it a go

  2. Oh yes you really must, it's awesome. If I can do it then anyone can, I'm lazy and lack rythm lol :-)

  3. Joy!!!! I'm taking Zumba classes here!! It really got me hooked!! I spend my last pay cheque on zumba clothes LoL =p
    I didnt get the DVDs though =( Apartments here is small, so there even much space in front of my TV to move around and that is the reason I took classes instead LoL
    Anyway enjoy your DVDs!! My fav song is Zumba Hee Zumba Haa!!

  4. Lol oh cool Emily, it's addictive isn't it? I'm loving it :-) x