5 August 2011

Maybelline Falsies Mascara

Hello my loves,

Today I want to talk about the Maybelline Falsies mascara. I bought it quite a while ago in a 3 for 2 from Boots or Superdrug. I have long lashes anyway but I thought I'd give this a try, plus the packaging is purple. 

I'm going to have a little rant before I give my opinions on this mascara. When seeing a mascara on the TV or in magazines they always 'enhance the eyes in production' this really rattles my cage. If I want to buy a mascara I want to see the genuine results, I don't want to see something that has been "nipped and tucked" so much that the lashes don't even look real. I'm not naive enough to think that because this mascara looks good on someone else it will look the same on me, but can we not see what the mascara looks like with the extreme computer generatedness? Is that too much to ask? Rant over.

I tried this mascara for the first time and I did like it, I only have one dislike about it, the colour. When I buy a mascara that says 'black' I want it to be dark like black is, I don't want a faint watered down black. I like the concept of the 'falsies' mascara, not everyone has the opportunity to put actual false lashes on everyday but with this you can fake them. It does what It says on the tin which is "gives you fanned out lashes"

I like that the wand dips, it was a bit of a pain to get used to on my first attempt but I did like it. I'm not sure I used it right the way the first attempt but I'm going to carry on using it. The wand is more flexible than some mascaras (if you can see the little bendy part on the end) it means you get into all the little eyelashes you have towards the inner corner, which gives you the "falsie look".

I like the way it looks, because I was trying the mascara I didn't put on as many coats as I usually would but I like the end result. Because the brush is dipped it made it harder to apply on my bottom lashes because obviously they aren't as long as the top lashes.

Overall, I am very happy the mascara. It didn't irritate my eyes, it didn't clump when applying it and It was easy to remove. I love the packaging, although it is a little bulky. The brush is different but I love it.

Have any of you lovelies tried this mascara? I think when I've finished this mascara, I may try some of the other Maybelline mascaras. If you can give me any suggestions on good cheap mascaras I would be very grateful.

Peace and Love


  1. I thinking of getting this thx for the help xx

  2. Aww no problem, I'm glad I could help you. Lemme know what you think :-) xx