14 November 2010

Healthy eating, with Graze.com

So a few months ago I found a fantastic company called graze they send great and healthy snacks in boxes through the post. They offer some great choices for a great price, these boxes are awesome because you can have sent anywhere. You can get them sent to work if you’re an office these are perfect because I (and I’m sure lots of you are guilty of it) snack, I get pretty bored and hungry and find myself reaching for chocolates or biccies. People seem to take loads of yummy foods into offices and it’s bad because I’m sat there for 7 hours a day snacking, I do drink A LOT of water so in some respects I balance the junk with healthy (This is what I tell myself anyway) lol.

I like graze because the staff are very helpful, I’d sent them a question and within 10 minutes they came back to me and because they thought I was complaining they offered me a 20% discount. They are chatty and really nice I cannot recommend them enough.

The things I love about graze:

You can try things you never thought you would for £2.99 inc postage and package, you get a good balance of things. You can have olives, Yes I realise olives aren’t so good for you but it’s part of a balanced diet so indulge a little. You can have nuts, dried fruit crackers. It’s endless.

I like that you go onto the site and say what you like and what you don’t then they don’t send them.

This is a like as well as a dislike, you don’t choose what you get which is good sometimes because when you get your email telling you to ‘rate or slate’ the box it’s a surprise which is nice.

I like the packaging, everything they use is recycled.

I like the fact that you get quite a lot of the product in each individual punet.

I’m happy that they send you well balanced products that will fill you up.

(Excuse this picture, My camera broke so I took it with my iPhone and the iPhone camera is a big old pile of rubbish) 
With every box you receive you they send you a personalised card with your name on it and they give you information about the box you have received, which tells you the fat content how many calories are in each product etc. It’s such a nice touch that they send these cards, on the card they also send you a code so you can pass it onto friends and they can try a free box. You aren’t tied to it, you could try the free one and close your account, so you don’t have a set amount of boxes you can get. 

If you are interested in trying one my code is:

MM26L8G3, all you do is put this code into the checkout and you can get a free box and your next box will be half price. The site is http://www.graze.com/

I can go on for hours about the things I like so lets move onto the The things I don’t like

The only major drawback (to some this a put off) you don’t choose what you get, You can’t say I’ll have a punet of olives, a punet of cashew nuts etc they choose it for you.

This is my only dislike, as you can see the good points outweigh the bad. I honestly cannot give them enough hype. I will continue to use these for as long as they’re in business they’re just that good.
I hope you like this short review and I hope you try them out because you honestly do not know what you’re missing.

Happy weekend 

20 September 2010

First blog

Dear readers.
I have a confession.
My name is Joy and I’m an addict, you may wonder why I am telling you this and I plan to you the full story. You see I’m not an addict of bad stuff like drugs etc I am a makeup addict. Yes it’s true, I’m not proud and I can say sorry but I don’t think I’ll ever truly mean it.
It all started when I was 13 and went to Secondary school, we could wear makeup (obviously it had to be kept to a minimum) but I started wearing mascara and this really odd (I loved it at the time) cream eye shadow stacker it had a gold in it which I wore EVERYDAY people would often say “wow what a surprise Joy is wearing the gold eye shadow again” then the worse thing possible happened it ran out :’( so I went to a copper colour which couldn’t replace my gold but it became my new favourite.
Anyway I couldn’t afford nor did I know about MAC and all the other high end brands so I would go to the Market and buy lots of cheap but great eyeliner. For most of my teenage years I wore this ridiculous eyeliner I did not look good but at the time I thought I did. It was round about the time of the Spice Girls and let’s be honest they were all about the tacky liner and eye shadow. I then replaced the dramatic black liner for Maybelline eye shadow roller which I then started wearing everyday.
Fast forward a few years, I started buying more and more and my collection was pretty hefty I knew I’d probably never wear any of it but when you’re an addict you can’t sleep for thinking about the thing you’re addicted to you crave (maybe I’m being dramatic but I’m obsessed) this thing and you won’t stop until you get it. I started to buy these eyeliner/eye shadow pens from Avon and I had more than I knew what to do with but I wanted to started learning makeup and ‘tight lining’ etc I’d always wanted to wear eyeliner on my lid and do it in a straight line then one day I did it and it looked amazing so I carried on buying. I still stuck with Maybelline and every day brands. But then one day Boots was having 3 for 2 for Christmas on Urban Decay and Too Faced so I decided to take it up a notch and I fell in love.
The problem for is nowadays you don’t have to leave the house to buy stuff you can phone these companies you can do it online and I was introduced to eBay BIG mistake. My dad died and I spent so much on eBay because it was cheaper sometimes.
In 2009 I was off work for a long period of time and a friend of mine was telling me about YouTube and how you can watch videos on makeup and hair tutorials, so I had to witness this for myself and it was indeed fantastic someone was giving me tips and tricks and teaching me how to do winged liner for free, I didn’t have to go to college to learn but I did learn so much. YouTube is one of my favourite things now (again Joy you need to get out more) but it’s nice to watch these videos and learn for myself. But with this comes great danger, these gurus were showing me knew products which isn’t good for an addict and I was introduced to MAC and all it’s glory but in the UK it’s so expensive I’d rather go out and grab a bargain in Boots or Superdrug. But I did end up giving into MAC and bought some eye shadows they are out of this world but still so expensive. This past year my collection has increased then decreased, I decided that the bright pink eye shadow wasn’t flattering at all and, the no name brands from eBay aren’t meant to be in my collection. I just knew I wouldn’t wear them so I’ve replaced them with better quality makeup that will flatter me. I have to say we are all guilty of impulse buying and when I like something I buy in bulk so I don’t ever run out if it’s discontinued.
So here’s my story and here’s my first blog I hope that all the girls in my situation will come forward and share in obsession. We don’t have to suffer in silence
Feel free to comment and tell me how you like my first blog 

Love Joy x