27 September 2011

My two cents on the September and August GlossyBox.

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all having a great week :-)

I didn't bother doing a Glossybox review last month. Instead I decided instead of doing two separate posts Id do one for the the last two boxes, so I will apologise in advance this may be a long post. 

I'm going to be honest I'm cancelling my subscription. I think that Glossybox is an amazing idea and I fell in love with the idea just not the products. I went into my cupboard the other day and I saw all the boxes that had opened but forgotten about, that's how bad it is that? I think I would rather put £12.95 in my savings account each month and go on a huge shopping spree when I have enough pennies.

Here are all of the goodies from the last two boxes, I keept the perfume samples out of this.

I will do the September bits first.

HD Brows (Eye&Brow Palette)
I'm going to have a little rant about this product, I am quite excited to be able to try this but I'm just not sure I understand the "HD Brows" label. Why are they HD? The box came just like this, no outer packaging or instructions. I'm not sure if this just me, but, when I buy something I want it to be in nice packaging with a sales pitch, I need to ask myself "why do you want this product? is it worth the money?" and all those kind of questions, it didn't give me that and I feel a bit short changed, I know that seems snobbish or quite petty but I'm right. Doing brows isn't rocket science of course but for the newbies wouldn't it be nice to have instructions? This probably won't be used because I have quite bushy brows but it's a good thing to have.
GlossyBox say
"Eyebrow experts HD Brows have developed a handy handbag palette with four matt eyebrow colours, which can also double up as an eye shadow and eyeliner."

L’Oréal Professionnel (Mythic Oil)
I am looking forward to trying this out actually, the only problem I have is my hair gets greasy on it's own so I'm not sure adding extra oil will be a good thing or a bad thing.
GlossBox say.
"Unveil the power of Mythic Oil from L’Oréal Professionnel. Enriched with a special blend of avocado and grape seed oil, this lightweight oil cares and pampers all hair types. Intensely nourishing even the finest hair, the formula leaves hair looking shiny and feeling supple."

StriVectin (SD Eye Concentrate)
I'm excited about trying this out too, I have been getting a few as I like to call them "smile lines" around my eye and the dark circles just really depress me.

GlossyBox say
"StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate is a multi-dimensional eye cream targeting crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. This leading eye wrinkle and line fighter is powered up with our proprietary complex of 7.5% NIA-114 & Peptides Actives to improve the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet in just 2-8 weeks. Results will keep improving overtime, if you continue to use twice a day."

On to the August box, here are the bits I got.

Rebel Nails (Nail Wraps)
I am intrigued and confused by these guys, I think I'd like to try them out I'm just not sure I understand the process lol. I guess I'll have to just shut up and put up right? :-)

GlossyBox say.
"Rebel Nail Wraps come in an ever-expanding range of styles and designs to create stunning nails you have always dreamed of! They don’t chip like regular varnish and your nails look amazing 24/7. With hundreds of designs to choose from, nail wraps let you change your look instantly with an easy application and no drying time. Create an impact with your designer Rebel Nail Wraps!"

Murad (Time Release Blemish Cleanser)
My skin has been quite bad of late (I guess it's also due to the fact that I have been eating a massive ton of junk food) and I had a reaction to my usual face stuff which left me with a horrible swollen eye and face :'( but I'd like to give this guy a good go.

Here is what GlossyBox say.
"The new Anti-Ageing Blemish line from Murad is the first comprehensive, integrated approach designed to restore a smooth, youthful complexion, by addressing acne breakouts while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Adult skin with blemishes is less resilient and more prone to exhibit signs of accelerated ageing, therefore optimal health and appearance can only be achieved by addressing blemishes with a system that strengthens, restores and protects the skin. Murad’s Time Release Blemish Cleanser features an advanced Multi-Active Blemish Fighting System designed to reduce existing blemishes while preventing new blemishes from forming. Suitable for all ages and skin types."

KMS California (HAIRSTAY Style Boost)
I like trying new hairsprays so I'm excited to see if this does as it says.

GlossyBox Say
"Primer for your hair! The foam-to-liquid crackle formula enhances natural movement and bounce while boosting the performance of styling products, for a style that lasts up to 3x longer. Formulated with IOPS (inside out perfecting system) technology, pomegranate & pepper to provide heat protection and create an invisible style foundation for all hair types."

I'm all for trying out new mascaras, I'm just not sure if I am all for trying out "JUMBO JET" ones.

Here is what GlossyBox say.
"British talent Daniel Sandler has been a makeup artist and leader in his field for over 25 years. Throughout this time Daniel has developed his knowledge and huge talent for creating stunning looks. One of his fortes is making these looks wearable for women, being able to show and explain just how easy makeup can be and by “Delivering Timeless Beauty”.
JUMBO JET is the only mascara a woman needs when she wants high-performance, luscious lashes. “The first coat gives a natural effect, suitable for day looks; the second adds a little more drama; the third coat takes lashes to full-on night time glamour” JUMBO JET is both incredibly glossy, very glamorous, intensely black, and are Hypo-allergenic and opthamologically tested. Available only in a jet black, non- waterproof formula. It can easily be removed with a good quality eye makeup remover.

Ahava (Mineral Body Lotion)
I don't look after my skin as well as I should so I'm happy to get this and try it out.

GlossyBox say.
"Part of Ahava’s new My Skin Reborn range, this quickly absorbed yet rich body lotion draws on the skin-nurturing properties of Ahava’s unique Dead Sea mineral complex, Mineral Skin Osmoter™, as well as desert plant extracts and other moisturising ingredients to effectively hydrate, nourish and protect the skin. With an all-natural formulation that’s free from parabens, SLS/SLES, petroleum, harsh synthetic ingredients and GMOs, Mineral Body Lotion is allergy tested and approved for sensitive skin."

So, there we have it, I know it's a long long post and I am really sorry for that. I'm interested to know what you gorgeous girls are thinking about GlossyBox? Are you subscribed or not?

Peace and Love

23 September 2011

Yay, I've just received the 'Tell me about yourself award' see who I awarded :-)

Hello you gorgeous bunch of gorgeous people.

Yesterday was a bit of a blah day, but that all changed when the lovely Cas gave me this new award, I feel so honoured to be receiving all of these awards and I would love to give Cas a bottle of Jacques and a HUGE thank you for passing this on to me I'll wear each and every award with pride :-).

With all blog awards come rules, which are:
  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you
  • Write 7 random things about yourself
  • Spread the love to 15 other blogs (I am going to going to do as Cas did, and only award 5 because there's far too many fab blogs to mention, I'd be here until Christmas lol.)
 7 random things about Joy :-)
  • I like to tweet, I do it a lot and I love meeting new people.
  • I love Zombies, hey it said "random facts" and I do, I love zombie games, TV shows and movies. The zombie apocalypse is going to happen at some point the sooner we all accept it the better. Lol.
  • I love tomato ketchup, I get through so much of the stuff and I have it on pretty much EVERYTHING.
  • I trust too easily, one of my motto's is "let people in, they could prove you wrong and be a good friend" 
  • I live on my own in a three bedroom house and I have so much stuff and still so little space. 
  • My fav book genre is chick lit. I love to read about love and I love the whole "will they, won't they?" I love to see the underdog get the girl. My fav authors are, Sophie KInsella, Jill Mansell, Lisa Jewell and Dorothy Koomson.
I am passing this on to the following beautifuls.

Rachel (APrettyObsession)
Rachel (AllThingsRachy)

Thanks for reading and I think you should go check out all of the people I have mentioned :-)

22 September 2011

Babyliss heated rollers

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all ok.

Today's review is about a set of heated rollers which I have had for a while (probably about 2years) I'd put them in my cupboard out of the way so my ex wouldn't break them and today I decided I wanted to give them a go, I was thinking about selling them on eBay if I didn't like them. Hmm, it really does feel like I start every post with "I've had these for a while, I thought I'd give them a chance before selling them and so on" As my friend tells me, I'm so bloody impulsive and buy stuff which I just do not need. I'll let you know straight up I am not selling them.

When you switch them on the little red spot on the front row turns white which means they're ready to use. I always thought heated rollers would be so hard to use, but I have to be honest the only part of the rolling process that I struggled with was wrapping all of my hair around the rollers because I have layers in layers in my hair, but that isn't really an issue with the rollers.

In terms of the heating up process, I didn't think they heated up that quick which isn't a problem because you know with heated rollers you are going to have to take your time with them. I did burn my fingers a little bit but again that's my fault because of the way I held them, I also got my hair stuck around one of the rollers which was a pain in the bum but I managed to come out the other side with no split ends lol..

Overall, I am really happy these rollers, they give sexy Hollywood waves, however, and I am  not sure if this is just because how long I left them in or didn't use enough hairspray etc, they did drop out fairly quickly. I think because it was my first time using them I became impatient and had to see the results, lol, next time I will definitely  leave them in longer and drown the curls in hairspray.

So would you like to see a few pictures?

I love the way the curls came out, they looked super pretty and I felt sophisticated just for 10mins and then they dropped lol.

And here is the rollers, I don't think these guys would be a good idea for traveling because the packaging is petty bulky but they are very nice felted rollers. You get a good amount of rollers which range in size, they seem to be 1 1/2inch ones, then 1inch and half an inch. 
The plastic lid sturdy enough, however, I didn't try and bash so maybe it is or isn't sturdy. 
The bottom left hand picture, I'm not sure what that is. I think it's where the steam is produced I didn't pay enough attention. 
When you switch them on you the light goes red and it's up to you really whatever temperature you have the rollers on, I set it to the highest. They did feel really quite heavy on my head but I guess that is also expected.

And last but not least, you get a ton of the claw clips, you do also get the meal pins but I cannot find them.

What are your favourite heated rollers? I'd quite like to try another brand of rollers when I have some cash.

Peace and Love

20 September 2011

Happy birthday to me

Hello my gorgeous peoples,

No today isn't my birthday, but it is a very special birthday, it's my blogs first birthday. YAYYY, I never thought I'd come as far as I have, when I set out blogging I just wanted to let my thoughts out, I was in a pretty dark place but I decided to remove those posts and start a beauty blog. Now this isn't actually my first birthday, I'm classing the first blogpost on my blog as the time I actually started blogging. From my first blog post as a beauty blogger to now I feel like I've changed so much. I used to write too much and was just a little bit more chatty. 

I want to thank each and everyone of you, for reading me, buying from my blogsales and following me on Twitter. Today means so much, I'm up to 51 followers an I'm so overcome with Joy, I never thought I'd get 5 followers so when I reached 51 I did a happy dance (Like Chandlers from Friends) I well up everytime I get a new follower because you girlies mean a lot to me. I know 51 isn't even that many to the bigger bloggers but to me I'd rather have just a few regular readers who I speak with all the time than have thousands who I will never get chance to speak to. To me blogging is a hobby, I'm not saying free things wouldn't be nice but I'm not driven buy the numbers of people who follow me nor am I doing this for the stuff. I do what I love and that is talk about makeup and I'm just happy someone reads me.

I wish I had 51 cupcakes for you all, you mean the world to me and soon I will be holding a giveaway, I'm just poor at the moment with going back to college. I hope you all will stick with me, I have lots of blogposts I want to do which I will be writing this week.

Thank you everyone again for welcoming me into blog land. I haven't received any negative comments which I am super happy with.

Peace, Love and cupcakes to you all.

16 September 2011

The Best Blog award :-)

Hello my loves.

The other night was a particularly bad night and it just seemed like it wouldn't ever end. But yesterday was  much better, I've gained 2 new subscribers and I am super happy about that. Also the lovely Cas awarded me with the "Best Blog " award and I am so grateful to receive this. If you don't follow Cas then what are you doing with your life? lol. She's such a lovely person and I love talking to her :-)

I decided that because this award is such a huge honour, especially as I'm still new to blogging I wanted this on my blog. I'm beyond grateful at the reception people have given me and my blog, everyone has just been super nice. Anyway I'll move onto the actual post before I burst into song. Lol.

And the rules are:

1) Answer the following questions
2) Mention and link who passed you the award
3) Share 7 facts about yourself
4) Award 15 blogs (I'm going to break this rule slightly lol)

The Questions
1) What is your favourite colour?
I am really loving Magenta at the moment, well actually, I'm quite obsessed lol.

2) What is your favourite song?
My favourite song at the moment is Beyonce "Sweet Dreams"

3) What is your favourite dessert?
Cupcakes, or a hot fudge sundae :-)

4) What's annoying you at the moment?
A couple of people, I do not wish to think about them anymore.

5) When you're upset you . . .
I try to have a good cry to get it all out of my system and I put 80s music on and dance around like someone not right.

6) Black or White?
Hmm, after careful consideration I am going to go with Black, it's slimming lol.

7) What is your biggest fear?
I'm not sure I would like to share this is I am honest.

8) Best feature?
My eyes, everyone comments on them, I have to say I do have gorgeous eyes :-)

9) Everyday attitude
Treat people as you wish to be treated, always smile at people because a frown uses more muscles. Just try and be the best I can, if people don't like you they're the ones who are missing out.

10) Guilty Pleasure?
80s music, I could listen to it everyday for the rest of my life.

7 random facts about moi
1. I love the Hard Rock Cafe
2. I am obsessed with getting pierced!!
3. I make the most amazing tuna pasta :-)
4. I LOVE horror movies, If a horror movie scares me and leaves me with nightmares then it has done it's job, if it doesn't I am not going to be impressed.
5. I love red, yellow and orange peppers, but I hate green peppers, I like green peppers cooked but I cannot stand the others cooked
6. I love nothing better than sitting and picking apart movies, if I spot a continuity error I will bellow at the top of my lungs about it, it pisses me off. If you are going to spend millions of dollars you should probably get it right or you'll have this continuity freak on your back. My ideal job would actually be getting paid to spot continuity errors haha.
7. I have been to Australia, Canada and Florida and I plan one day to see the world.

I am passing this award to the following:

Rachel (Prettyobsessed) This girlie is actually the best, she's been such a great friend to me and I am so grateful to have her around.

Kelly I think me and Kelly may  come to blows over Gerard Butler lol. This past few days she's been so awesome.

Rachel (AllthingsRachy) Rachel is my valued customer, whenever I have a blogsale she's always buying from me. Really lovely girl :-)

Jack I cannot say anything about him other than he's just awesome.

Leanne I love talking to Leanne about Onesies lol :-)

There we have it. I would like to thank Cas again for this award you've really made my day. I always struggle with choosing peoples blogs so I've just put up a couple of my favourite blogs, that doesn't mean I don't like other bloggers because I do, I just cannot come up with 15.

If you lovely bunch decide to do this then please let me know :-)

Peace, love and cupcakes x 

13 September 2011

Back to school

Hello you gorgeous bunch of Lovelies :-)

I hope you're all ok. First of all I'd like to say welcome aboard to my new subbies, I'm really grateful and I am loving your bloggies too :-)

So yesterday was my "back to school" day, I'm not going to lie I was really nervous because I haven't been to college since 2005 or 2006, I don't even remember. It was very daunting because I get anxious about being around new people and the hairdressing is completely out of my comfort zone.

I enjoyed it, I went off to the loo and then when I went to room we were supposed to meet in I got lost which was seriously not good. There was a crap ton of paper work to fill in and we did some practical on the dolls heads. I've learnt how to do a proper blow dry which you get in salons, which was really quite hard to get used too. I honestly thought I'd done a bad job but the tutor came up to me and said "wow this is awesome, compared to how you were at the start you've done a great job, how do you feel about it?" I felt great about this, I know it's only hairdrying but there's a technique to it which is great to learn and it's fun. My feet hurt a lot, but that's because I'm used to being sat on my behind. There will be a trip coming up, where we will get to go to London for the day and visit a top salon, which just sounds amazing but I'm not sure if I am going be able to go, due to lack of funds.

The people are very friendly but it took a while for us to start talking, I think I am going to enjoy this course but I'm still nervous. I don't want to be the top of the class but I just to do the best I can and pass. I want so badly to be able to succeed in my new career path.

Thank you for listening, I was just wondering if you guys would like to see a haul post of my hairdressing kit?

Much love

11 September 2011

A different kind of wishlist

Hello my sweeties,

I hope you're all doing well. As you are all aware I usually lust after makeup, shoes and pretty shiny things but I haven't been doing as much of that recently, I know, I'm going to the doctors next week to see what's going on with me. Instead I've been daydreaming about college, making my house nice and a holiday/vacation. And a few other things which are larger items which will take some time to save up for.

And here they are :-)

1. Sigma Makeup brushes 
I'm sure I'm pretty far behind on the Sigma bandwagon, in fact I think I missed the wagon and was made to wait a year for the next. But I'd quite like to try some,  MAC brushes are just expensive and I don't see the point buying them when I can buy some pretty good dupes.

2. Laptop
If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen me complain about my computer. My dad bought this one for us to share back in 2001 (10 years old, I am surprised she's still going if I am honest) it doesn't have a webcam and it doesn't have good memory and I just plain need a new one. 

3. Sigma Flare Palett
I would love this palette, it's only $35 which isn't that much in pounds but it's the postage and package that costs the most and sometimes they stick customs chargers on top. I'm sure one day I'll get it :-)

4. Pink GHD's
I know my hair is pretty straight but when left to do it's own thing it does kink and needs some sort of attention. My hairdresser used her GHDs on my hair once and the results were ahmayzing, my hair was straight and shiny for days. I want them and they're pink, so what? lol. Also (and this is probably going to get old quick) I'm going to be an Hairdresser, I need good tools!

5. Yes that is the Statue of Liberty and yes I do want to own her. Ha. No I'm just kidding of course, I want to visit NYC, I think that this is one of my main goals, I want to go there so badly. I would love to spend a week wandering around NYC and shopping, then end up in Kansas. I want to find Dorothy ;-) lol. I have my reasons for wanting to go to Kansas :-)

6. Xbox 360
Yes I added Xbox to my list, I spent so many years complaining about Xbox ruining my relationship but I LOVE playing games. There's so many games I want to play and I plan to get an Xbox at some point. I think men do not expect us girls to like games especially me, I'm so girly but I really enjoy playing computer games I find them so much fun and great escapism.

7. Sewing machin
I'm a disaster at sewing, but, I think if I have a sewing machine I could create some really cool stuff, I want to make animal print throws for my sofas and my bed.

8. Coolpix S3100 - I have had a ton of different cameras, however, I've always come back to Nikon Coolpix, the pictures come out so stunningly good. They're so lightweight and they just look so cute.
9. New glasses - My eyes have become so bad recently, I have to squint just looking in the mirror and I've been getting a crap ton of headaches, it's not good. So on my list this is the thing that I am going to get fixed the quickest.

Much Love

9 September 2011

An update that started small and became one huge ramble!

Hello my cupcakes,

I hope you're all doing well, it's been a busy day for me today, I've been to have my eyes tested, I seriously needed them testing, my eyes are just hurting so badly at the moment and they have worsened, it's not good. With my complete revamp of image I thought it would be great to get some new glasses and that I have done. Tonight is hairdye night and tomorrow I'm getting my mop cut, and girly night with lots of the vino and Chinese food, I cannot wait :-).

I also had to go to the college to enroll onto another course, yes another course. I sat down and thought to myself, while I don't have to pay for my courses at the moment because I live alone and am out of work, I may as well enroll on a course that's going to help me professionally, the more qualifications the better. Training up on a hairdressing course is also a new skill that I can take with me.  

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I mentioned doing an internship in the US maybe next year if I can get the money together etc. My work experience lies within admin and I thought it would be an ideal time for me to do a business and admin course to help me secure a place on an internship. You need to have skills as well as extensive experience in the field you choose to the internship in, which I have. I have to be honest Administration is boring me now, I just want to move on, hence the hairdressing course, but if it means I get to go live in the US of A for 3 to 18 months I am going to do it. 
Now you may be thinking "how are you going to get an internship"? well, a couple of years ago I came across a company called BUNAC,  when I got married in Canada, I fell head over heels in love with the country and the people and I knew I wanted for us to move there. There is hardly any work here for me and every time I apply for jobs they turn me down so I thought maybe working over the pond would help me, I saw tons of job adverts in windows while in Toronto and Nigara Falls. I had a new mission, which was to get over there and set off onto the tinterwebs, one day I made progress while searching for working visas I came across BUNAC and started bombarding them with questions, they're super friendly and actually do get back to you quite quickly. They offer so many great opportunities to students and to non-students, you can do working holidays to Canada, you can do internships (duh). They offer you so many options. They are a great company and will stop at nothing to help you the best way they can. My favourite thing about the visas they offer is you aren't limited to working in just one state or part of the country you can literally go anywhere, I'm one of lives dreamers, I always have my head in the cloud and am always looking for new things to make my life better. I just lack in the money department, If I had money I'd be so much better off.
So yeah, I think that's about it for my update, I only came to write a few words and then it turned into company review lol. What have you gorgeous people been up too? Did you enjoy the five minutes of summer that we had? Anyone been on a BUNAC adventure?

Peace and Love

5 September 2011

Back to school wishlist.

Hello my loves.

I hope you're all ok.

As I've mentioned in previous posts I'm going back to college, This time next week I'll be there. I'm quite scared and anxious about it. I'm not going to go too much into because I've said it all before, but I am doing a hairdressing and an accounts. Anyhow, it's also coming up to Autumn which means I need new stuff to keep me warm, so I've stuck it all on a little wishlist for myself to remember stuff that I am going to need.

Here it is.

I know these things aren't just for college but I do need them, that's my excuse anyhoodles. 

1. Pink pocket jumper and skinny jeans - this year I am going to introduce lots of knitwear into my wardrobe, I think there is nothing better than have a huge jumper and a comfy blanket to snuggle into on a cold day, there's going to be lots of them coming. Also I haven't worn jeans in at least a decade, I do love to wear dresses but sometimes it's just so nice to wear something else.

2. Magenta double breasted coat - I love this coat, it's not just for the colour either. I've always wanted a proper grown up coat like this and I think I will be getting one.

3. Animal print scissors - I actually didn't realise you could get animal print scissors, but I spotted them on eBay one day while trying to find out how much a new pair of scissors would cost. I know some people might think they're unprofessional but pish posh, I like to introduce fun stuff into my day.

4. I'm a sucker for back to school stuff, I love getting brand new cute notepads and new pens it reminds me of actually going back to school. I'm going to say it, I miss it, I miss seeing all my school friends and swapping stories about our summers. I'd love to go back and relive it.

5. Pink train case - it doesn't have to be pink, ah ok that's a lie of course it does. I want a decent storage case, I'm going to need one for putting my kit into one place so I can get around easily.

6. Brown UGGS - I have a pair of black ones which I've had for a couple of years now and although the lining is still so cozy and warm I'd quite like another pair because they look battered. I personally love UGG boots, I think they look so good with everything from a skirt and leggings to skinny jeans and a cute top. I know they're so expensive but when you wear them as much as I do it's not so bad I guess. Lol.

So there we have it, is anyone going back to school or college?

Much Love

2 September 2011

Get your Freak on! 15 Weird Facts Tag

Hello my loves,

First of all I'd like to register my disgust at the fact that it is September, UGH IT'S GOING TO BE CHRISTMAS SOON, yeah I said it lol.

I've seen this tag going around YouTube and some blogs and I thought it was quite a good tag and I wanted to do a post but couldn't decide what I wanted to write about, the lovely Rachel tagged me in her post and voila I had a new tag to do. So enjoy and I'll try and see if I can think of a few people to tag to do this.

#1. What's a nickname only your family calls you?
My mum calls me Doy, when I was young I couldn't spell my own name and I would spell it as Doy. I'm special lol. I'd understand if JOY was a hard name to spell but whatevs lol.

#2. What's a weird habit of yours?
While eating a sandwich I like to pick off the crust of the bread and leave it in a pile so I can it all afterwards.

#3. Do you have any weird phobias?
Yes, I have a phobia of wet wood. It makes me want to be sick.

#4. What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast and belt out when you're alone?
I like to blast stuff out whether I am alone or not lol. I'm not ashamed of my music taste lol.

#5. What's one of your biggest pet peeves?
I hate it when people make excuses, if you don't want to talk tell me I'm a big girl.

#6. What's one of your nervous habits?
I scratch my neck or play with my bangle. If you see me and my neck is patchy, I'm in a nervous and anxious mood.

#7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
I don't have a side now that I am all alone in it.

#8. What was your first stuffed animal and it's name?
Comfy, she's a polar bear with tartan paws, I got her for my first Christmas and I still have her. My mum and dad got me a clown for my first Christmas but it turned out to not be me friendly so they took it back and bought me comfy.

#9. What's the drink you ALWAYS order at the Starbucks?
I don't go to Starbucks often, but when I do I like caramel frappuchino.

#10. What's the beauty rule you preach.. but never ACTUALLY practice?
Have patience. I'm always saying have patience and practice makes perfect, and this is true but I get annoyed at myself. I'm just the type of person that gets annoyed if something doesn't look great the first time lol.

#11. Which way do you face in the shower?
Towards the wall which is where the shower head is, but I never stand still for long so I usually end up dancing around and facing everywhere lol. What a strange question though.

#12. Do you have any 'weird' body 'skills'?
No, but I'd like one.

#13. What's your favorite 'comfort food'/food thats 'bad' but you love to eat it anyways?
Cupcakes, lemon drizzle ones.

#14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say?
"You have twisted my melon" I do not know why, I just find it funny and it's one of those sayings that can be said when I am angry, confused or just happy.

#15. Time to sleep- what are you ACTUALLY wearing?
I'm not wearing anything fancy, it's about time to paint my walls

I tag everyone on my blog list to do this, I'd love to see your response :-)

Peace and Love