2 August 2011

Andrew Barton triple barrel waver

Hello cupcakes,

I hope you're all doing well.

While going through my makeup (I blogged about this here) last week, I thought it would be a good idea for me to use some of my heat tools too, I have a few curling tongs and straighteners gathering dust in a draw. I've always been a fan of beachy waves, so when I saw the Andrew Barton Triple barrel waver in Argos a couple of years ago I knew I had to have it for the summer months I got this a couple of years ago from Argos, I obsessed over it and explained to the other half that I he didn't understand why but I got anyhow. As per me, I got it and it went unused in a draw until this weekend. I got it on sale, it should have been £30 but I got it for £15 win.

I love pink and black together and then adding silver to made it even better. I'm not sure if you get this particular waver anymore, in all honesty it doesn't have to be this one, just pick up any brand.

I found it extremely easy to use, however, when I tried to get the back of my head I struggled quite a bit, for a beginner it didn't look all that bad. The major problem with this barrel is, there is a gap which means that if you aren't careful your hair will slip through and it won't get the waved effect like the rest of your hair. Each time I moved onto a different piece I left it for 10-20 seconds and the waves looked so pretty.

When heating the waver ready for use you press the little button that says "1" and a red light will start flashing, once it's ready it will stop flashing. The pink dial goes min to 8, I set it to six and it worked perfectly.

So you are probably thinking what do the waves look like and here they are, my hair won't accept curls because it's fine and they drop out after an hour, I spritzed my hair with some TRESSemme hairspray and they lasted so long. My hair had volume I'd never seen before. I couldn't be any happier with the finished look and literally could not stop looking at it in the mirror.

This is the second day hair, the curls still looked cute and I think a little bit more beachy as they had dropped a fair bit. I still had awesome volume. I will be sporting this hairstyle lots when I go out and when I want something different.

What's your favourite curling tong, straightener or waver?

Peace and Love :-)


  1. I have just done a post about this! I love my Carmen hair 3 in 1, it does like waves and curls. I think they are so summery... I have Andrew Barton straighteners and think his products are really nice! Love this look xx

  2. i have this and it worked perfectly when my hair was long (past my chest), and now that its trimmed it makes my hair go all frizzy and poofy. have to wait for my hair to grow back before i start using this again

  3. Oh yes Lovelain, I did see your post your waves looked super pretty :-) xx

    Oh no Cotton, that's not good having all the frizz. But the waves do last don't they?xx