13 November 2011

New piercings

Hello my lovelies,

I hope you're all doing well.

Yep I went to get pierced again the other day, I know I have quite a lot of piercings and I still don't think I'm even finished lol, you can see what other piercings I've got here. The story behind the newest two piercings. I wanted something different, I'm bored of seeing the same old ones so I decided to google piercings and came across these two, I have never seen anyone with them so I thought "why the hell not get them". With new piercings comes lots of nervousness and I almost backed out of going in, but I decided if I didn't go get them done I would keep thinking about them, so I bit the bullet.

First of all I'd like to say I am very sorry for the blood. 
I love them, I know that one of them I can't see because it's all hidden away but I know it is there and I love it. I didn't think they were too painful, obviously they hurt but I was starting to get scared because it was feeling really painful, but he told me he was almost done and I calmed down a little bit. Because of the location of the tucked away one it was little harder for him to get the ball on the bar which made it a little uncomfortable because he had to stick his finger inside my ear. When I had my other piercings they seemed to hurt for quite a while after but these didn't, I do get pain when I touch them but that is to be expected.

I hope you like them. Have you had any interesting piercings recently?

Much Love

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