6 November 2011

TRESemme heated rollers

Hello my loves,

I went out a couple of weeks ago and wanted to curl my hair, but wanted to try something different and so I thought I would try my TRESemme jumbo heated rollers which I got sometime last year. I'm not sure why I used to buy all of these things because my ex never took me anywhere for me to look glam. But I thought I'd give them a test run and see how the curls look when I am finished.

I bought them off of Amazon for £25 I think that was including shipping but I can't confirm either way. I'm just going to say straight out, I don't like them. The thing I do not like about this rollers set is it doesn't have an on off switch, you literally plug it in and they heat up. This wouldn't be a problem but I want heat settings I want to be able to make them hotter so they'll curl better, also, I sometimes leave things plugged in by accident with these guys you couldn't do that.

I don't believe they warm up that well and the curls didn't look very nice either. I think this set of curlers would be perfect for someone with long hair. But the problem is you only get 5 rollers, so if you want to do your whole head you would probably be better with a curling wand or a full set of rollers. I didn't take any pictures of my hair because the curls dropped pretty quickly, I left them in for ages also.

I like how dainty they look in the little round box, I think you could travel easily with them.

The sit on a little piece of raised metal where they heat up. Because they don't have sit properly on top of something they wiggle around and could get broken if you were traveling with them.

They're size but I don't think my hair is long enough and I need more than just five of them.

So there we have it, I'm sorry about the negative review I just think I needed to say it, in case anyone was thinking about getting a set of these.

Peace and Love


  1. Thanks for the honest review, I was looking into getting something like this but I think i'll hold off for a bit now! xx

  2. Aww you're welcome :-) I'm glad I helped you save some money. You're welcome for the honest review also :-) I would prefer to read honesty than lies. Thanks for reading xx

  3. Thanks for review, l think l might buy the Remington rollers now as there are 12 of them and slightly smaller.