5 November 2011

Party dress and shoes wishlist for Christmas

Hello lovelies,

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying your weekend. I'm not majorly impressed with today but I'm sure I'll get over it. I had a really nice night last night with cuddles :-)

With the festive period around the corner there's going to be lots of nights out because for the first time in four years I'm free to go out and have a good time. But, with all the partying I'm going to need a pretty new dress and lots of new shoes lol. I have compiled a wishlist of the dresses I want. They're all pretty expensive but again, a girl can dream. 

1. Lacey black dress - I am seriously in love with this dress and I'm really into skater dresses at the moment I just think they look cute. It's quite pricey at £45 but I love lace and since I dropped a ton of weight I don't have a little black dress anymore. This dress is from ASOS.com 
2. Velvet glitter dress - You can't see from the picture here but this dress is covered in glittery bits which would be perfect for the Christmas period everyone wants a bit of sparkle on Christmas lol. This one is from TopShop.
3. With these gorgeous dresses I obviously need a new pair of shoes. This killer pair of suede heels is from ASOS.com also.
4. Polka dot dress - I really love polka dot dresses, I know that not many people would wear them over the age of five but I'm personally glad to see that polka dots have come back into fashion. I think this dress would be perfect for Christmas day. You can get this from Dorothy Perkins.
5. Black patent peeptoe shoes - I've always wanted a pair of shoes like this, they're slightly out of my price range but it's only a wishlist. I found them on ASOS.com
6. Red lacey dress - I'm also quite in love with this dress, I don't have a red dress either. I think this would also look good for Christmas. 

There we have it, I want to buy everything but I know I can't I do know that next week I am buying one of them :-)

Much Love


  1. love the two lacy dresses, perfect for the christmas party season x

  2. I know, thanks. I just hope they have my size on Wednesday when I go to order one of them :-) x