10 May 2011

Tattoos and Piercings

Hello all you lovely people, so long time and no post so I thought instead of doing a makeup related post, I'd talk about my tattoos and piercings and I'm hoping you gorgeous  bunch can share your tattoos and piercings. I'm just going to jump right into it :-)

The first piercings I got when I was a little child (I think about 5?? hmm it was that long ago I don't really remember, I just remember them being there for as long as I can remember lol try saying that twice) they were just my lobe. I don't really remember if they hurt because it was that long ago. I keep the first ones empty most of the time so I can wear dangly ones on special occasions :-)

Then I got the next two done, the gun they used did stun me but it was a huge amount of pain.

I have the top of my ear pierced too, but I haven't worn an earring in there for at least 5 years, I just got bored with it and it heeled.I made the huge mistake of having this pierced and going to alton towers and I smacked my head on a ride :'( NOT good

When I was 16 I wanted my belly button pierced but my mother was having NONE of it, my dad didn't mind but she wouldn't allow me. But when I was 17 my boyfriend at the time took me to the market to get it done for my birthday treat, I backed out a few times but then one day I just thought I need to get it done and stop being a wuss so I did.

The picture is what it looked like when I had it pierced, I don't get it out very often, I don't like showing skin so I'm thinking of taking it out.

The pain wasn't too bad, I'd say 3 out of 5, it was after that was horrible I couldn't sit down properly for a week but after it was fine, it heeled nicely and I loved it. 

In 2005, I saw someone with their tongue pierced and it looked so cool so after careful consideration I went back to the market but she wouldn't pierce it for me because I have short tongue and a bit of a lisp, I guess I was kind of glad because I was nervous. However, I'm the kind of person who once want something I don't stop thinking about it until I've got it done. I embarked on a tattoo studio hunt who would pierce it and they did it for me.

I'm not going to lie, yes it hurt it's your tongue but it didn't hurt that much, I lisped a little bit more but that wasn't a problem. I was told not drink alcohol, erm I was a 19 year old student on a Friday night and you were not stopping me drinking lol. I even had a cheeky snog just to make sure everything was working and the guy loved it lol

I got my newest two a couple of weeks ago, I'd been wanting something my tongue piercing but just was very unsure on what I wanted.

I googled piercings and saw these two piercings and decided I wanted them (the top one is called the Rook and the other one is called Tragus) These did hurt, I'd say that on a scale of 1-5 they were definitely a four. I had them done at the same time so I think that's what made the pain worse, he was very good and hurried like I asked of him. For the next couple of days they were sore and I couldn't sleep on that side but it soon settled and it's fine now. I love them

Now onto my tattoos :-)

I got these three stars shortly after my dad died, the blue star was for him, the pink one was for me (Obviously) and the orange one was for Scott.
They have faded quite a bit which I am very unhappy with. But I guess I still like them.

I was searching for tattoos to get on my other wrist because I'd become hooked and these two hearts, I was so in love with Scott at that point and I thought it would be nice to get these. I envisaged they meant our hearts entwined forever and nothing could break us up.
I'm bored with this one now, the black has faded and it bugs me. I got it then on a spur of the moment and I wish I'd really though it through now.

These two tattoos did hurt a little bit because well they're on my wrist close to veins, I was scared the needles would pop but it was fine. The pain for them both was about 2.5 out of 5

My advice is if you want a piercing or a tattoo, go onto YouTube and watch videos on them. I know not everyone is the same, what might hurt me might not hurt you and same for me. If you want it that badly though, why not go ahead with it? You'll never know if hurts or not if you don't try it.

I have a couple of tattoos and piercings that I want next so thought maybe I'd show them and you could your ideas with me :-)

Do you lovely people have any tattoo and piercings ideas you want to share?

I hope you enjoy my post :-)


  1. I've got a tincy wincy heart on my wrist at the moment and have my next one booked for thursday this week for the top of my back/neck area! Will be doing a post on it to show everyone :) I I have no piercings at the moment, used to have my nose pierced though and found it 10 times less painful than ear piercing! www.jesslovelyjubbly.blogspot.com xx

  2. Ooh cool :-) good luck chick xx