19 November 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 7 – How has you week been?

Hello my loves how are we all on this cold Saturday afternoon?

This week hasn't been a good one if I am honest. Monday was great because I did my fist hair cut at college and it was great, I did really well and I only messed up right at the end of the cut, but I know where I went wrong and I know how to improve for next time. I'm actually really enjoying my courses, I feel like I'm out in the big bad world on my own and it's scary as hell but I am really enjoying it. Hairdressing is a scary thing to learn, one snip of the scissors and you could totally ruin a persons hair. But it is so worth it, I'm learning a brand new skill something I can use in my future.

Tuesday would have been my dad's birthday, it was a hard day for me because I really miss him. My dad was awesome, he was there for me all the time he seriously embarrassed me with boys that I liked but his intentions were good. I have to thank my dad for a lot, he gave me my music taste (well not he didn't always approve of me blasting out Spice Girls and Take That lol) my favourite memories of my dad was him sat on the sofa on a Saturday evening with his favourite red wine watching his AC/DC concert DVD. He'd call me downstairs and I thought something was wrong and he'd say "just listen to this bit" when I said no he would tell me I have no soul. I always pretended to hate his music but I secretly loved it, I couldn't do everything he told me to do so I didn't lol. It makes me so sad that my dad died so young, he didn't get the chance to his "bundle of Joy" get married, he won't get to see what an amazing woman I'm going to become and he won't to see my children. He didn't get the chance to do things that he wanted to and that makes me so sad, he died never getting to go to Australia. Because he died never really getting to do these things, I want to do my best at getting out of this place and doing what he would have wanted to do.

Wow sorry there I got into a bit of a ramble.

This week has just been draining, my moods have been up and down and I'm just having a not nice time. But I may have some news next week which will be good. Anyhow I'm determined to get myself out of this funk of a mood.

Much Love

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