29 May 2011

A little first impressions

Hello lovelies,

Happy weekend :-)

I thought this product deserved an extra special little shout out because it's just that wonderful, I think it's going to be in my bathroom forever now.

It's this wonderful pot of pure amazingness, I got it just before Christmas and forgot I even had it.

If you follow me on twitter you'll notice I always complain about my hair, I even did a blog post about how unhappy I am with my hair.

I watched a review about it and I remembered to myself ooh I have that in my cupboard. I tried it once, guys I'm not even kidding if you haven't tried it you need to invest NOW it's ahmazinggg.

As it's a hair mask you have to put it on for up to 7minutes and occupy yourself while it works it does it's own thing. I don't have a timer so I just go by how many songs I can murder in the shower and have a boogie to them. Not kidding lol. I get some in my palm and then massage that into the roots and repeat on the rest of my hair. As you're working it into your hair, you can feel it working it's magic.

I don't wash my hair every day I try to wash it on the third day because of the unhappiness it causes to the greasy part of my crown lol. My hair stayed soft and looked shiny, I was 'whipping my hair back and fourth' I despise that song but it's needed in this instance. On the third day, it was a little greasy but that's to be expected right? I wanted to wash it again to make sure I hadn't cooked up the perfect product in my mind and I hadn't. I got my friend to verify the softness and have a sniff at it because I never get to smell stuff boo.

I love this stuff and yes it's quite expensive but if it works shouldn't I just keep repurchasing when I can splurge? The only thing I am scared of, my hair will get used to this like everything else and I'll be on the hunt again, I guess I'll just knock it down to once a week when I start to feel like my mop is getting greasy again. 

I got mine from Amazon
You can also get it on eBay
Another good site is Feel Unique

What do you think, have you ever used this little drop of sunshine?

Peace, love and cupcakes :-)

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