24 May 2011

Help me, I'm havin a Hair Dilema

Hello gorgeous,

I hope you are all well and having a joyful day (it's ok to pun my name when I do it lol)

I want to know the age old question, what colour should I choose next? I just need some suggestions. As you can tell from my title I'm most unimpressed with my hair lately, well I don't think it's just lately it's in general and has been the case for many years, since I started dying it. When I was younger I wasn't allowed to dye my hair, mother was so strict and it annoyed me. I only wanted a wash in one, but even that wasn't allowed, I can't get my breath sometimes with parents. 

When I saw Ginger Spice, I wanted those bleached bits at the front. I'm not even going to keep that locked away, it doesn't bother me, I liked it. So after weeks of begging to my dad he finally gave in (I was a total daddies girl, ok I'm a brat lol) when I got to school the ridicule started, this one tall boy was so mean to me about it everyone else left me to it.

I was born with brown hair, then it went blondish for years and then it turned back to brown. It was such a dull brown, I didn't like it very much. So I started dying it, forget you mother lol. I've been black, which was the worse thing in the world because I'm so pale I looked like a goth who had used way too pale foundation. I finally got of the black and had it black underneath, I also had blue hair. I've had red hair, brown hair, purple hair and blue.

I'll show you a couple of pictures of my 'through the hair ages' lol

  • The red hair colour was my favourite colour EVER, it looked so nice and stayed red for ages. I always feel like I'm ME when I have red hair, I'm not sure how to explain that but a few people have said the same. Please ignore the picture and how I look, I was trying to be artsy.
  • The purple was my hair on my wedding day, that colour doesn't last very long which sucks 
  • The brown was how I had my hair in 2005
This is my hair now, I did the black bits myself but had it died at the salon. As you can see it's bloody thin, yeah, she used thinning scissors on already bloody thin hair WTF?!? The layers stop about 4ins from the bottom which makes it look like I've thrown some extensions in and not bothered to blend it, so I plan to get 4ins cut off to get it healthy again.

Now to the colours I am thinking about which is where you lovelies come in :-)
Top to Bottom - Red Passion, Cool Scarlet, Damson wine and Plum Passion. I really want Cool Scarlet, it looks so pretty
This is how I eventually want it, I'm not so sure about the back and I want the brown on the left instead of the black. I even want to go with the cut, maybe a little bit longer but I love it A LOT.

These are also the colours I am toying with the idea of.

Girlies, please help me choose. I'm going to try one last red to see how it works and it's that 'Perfect' red I mentioned before, then it's brown with the streaks, but which brown lol. So help me god, I'm a hairdressers worst nightmare lol, I don't think I'm ever going to be truly with my hair, especially now that I have to have it cut.

Peace love and good hair days :-)

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