11 May 2011

My MAC lipsticks

Hi lovelies.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun :-)

Today as my title states, I'm going to share my MAC lipsticks, I don't have a ton of them so I thought this would be an easy post to write. I have "Back to MAC'd" for most of them. I still have a couple I'd like to buy like Vegas volt I am in LUST for that lipstick :-)

I'm not putting them in any particular order, but, Russian Red is my favourite so that's going first!!

L to R - Russian Red, Creme Cup, Lady Danger, Chatter Box, Angel, Craving and Viva Glam Cyndi.
I love all of these colours, that's why I don't have many because they're either to colour and clash with rosey cheeks, or too nude and just make me look dead. Russian Red makes me so happy, you know as a woman you spend FOREVER searching for that gorgeous shade of red that you want to have for the rest of your life and you will keep repurchasing? well I love it that much that I want to buy a back up. It's just perfect, when I tried it on it made my teeth look whiter, my lips look that 'perfect' shade of red, must stop or I honestly will keep going on about it, lol if I could marry this lipstick I actually would :-S. Haha.

Enough about RR and on to the others, I was really shocked when I had bought the others because I thought 'Joy they'll not suit you, you'll look like a dark haired version of Barbie' but I was shocked and happy that that they actually do. They're all just really nice colours that I guess I could find dupes for if I tried but when I take my empty stuff back to mac, whats the point in trying to find a dupe when I can have the real thing?!?

I got MAC impassioned when I back to mac'd a few months ago but I had to sell it because it just did not go with my skin tone, however, if I was going to Reflex (an 80s club) and dressed up as an 80's bird this would have been the perfect lipstick for me. I also bought a lipstick from the MAC collection, I forget what it was called but the lipstick was just a weird shade and that made me look dead.

So dolls what are you favourites? feel free to share so I'll know for next time I'm flush I can buy some :-)


  1. cool post! such a good idea, may have to do one myself. I have chatterbox too and love it. another of my faves is cut a caper. anddd im also lusting after vegas volt, i sooo nearly bought it yesterday! x

  2. Thanks chick, you should totally do it. I love reading other people favourites. And I'm glad I have someone to share my pain on not yet owning Vegas volt, we will get it. You'll probably get it before me though so make sure to tweet pics :-) xx