27 May 2011

My skincare saviours..

Hi guys,

It's horrible weather outside and I'm sat snuggled up on the sofa. But it's ok, I just wish I had a certain person with me :-)

When I was a baby I had eczema around my mouth, lol seriously I looked like a clown and I'm glad I grew out of it, but my skin cleaned up as I became older. From when puberty hit to just over a month ago, I've had breakouts and lived with dry and sensitive skin. It made me unhappy, but I did notice that when I was happy my skin got better which was good. When stress hits, I think it's only natural to break out and I did.

Recently my skin got progressively worse, I was feeling low and wanted to change it. I decided to ask the doctor for some help, she wanted prescribe me e45 WTF dude, that stuff is sooo greasy, yes it's good for when you're having dry moments but to use daily? My skin would be worse. I googled products that were good for treating acne and redness and came across PanOxyl, I'll never look back now. There's three strengths, it's better to start at 2.5 just to make sure your skin can cope with it. I chose that one knowing if it didn't work I had a great backup in two other strengths.

I tried it as soon as I got home, you're supposed to wash your face with soap and water before you use. I do not and will not put soap on my face it makes things 10 times worse. I'm trying to get through my Liz Earle cleanse and polish so I use that instead and it works just fine. After using PanOxyl for the first time I noticed immediate changes, my skin got better and I still had the odd spot but the stuff worked so well. I used it everyday solidly for for two weeks, after that two weeks I didn't want my skin to get too used to it so I stopped everyday use and decided to use it a few times a week. My skin is looking so much nicer, the redness isn't as bad, I have always had rosey cheeks so it didn't matter me. I went back to my doctor to see if I could try the next strength up which I am yet to try.

The second thing I swear by is, PLJ (pure lemon juice) I get it from Morrisons and I love it, it's quite cheap and can be found in the water isle. I have it with my dinner, I boil the kettle put half a pint of boiling water in, add the PLJ (as much or little as you like) and then top up with cold water. I know it sounds strange but it really helps me so much. I know I'm probably making it seem like it's in my head but it isn't because my dad used to buy it for me and I noticed the differences back then. My skin looks so nice and again I do still have the odd spot, but I'm only human.

There we have it, amazing products for £££, the PanOxyl (the only thing I need to advise you about this is, it drys your face out so you have to use moisturiser afterwards but that does say so on the box and after the moisturiser your skin will feel amazing) cost me £3.10 and the PLJ was about a pound.

What are the products you're loving for your skin right now?

Peace love and cupcakes :-)

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