19 May 2011

I'm lusting after you :-)

Ha I thought that'd drag you in lol.

Hi beauties :-) I hope you're all ok.

I've been seeing a lot of these posts where people talk about the stuff they lusting after weather it be shoes, makeup, clothes, you know the list goes on.

So I got to thinking I'd do one. I'm lusting after so much right now and it's bad I need to stop because some of it isn't cheap. But anyhoodles, I'll show you the things I want, and list why I'm wanting them so badly. Then you can tell me what you're frothing at the mouth over :-)
Sleek Palette - I am obsessed with Sleek Makeup, it's one thing us brits do well. However, I've not been so bothered about the last couple of palettes. But I've seen a couple of up and coming palettes from google and peoples blogs and I am wanted them :-)

Dior Rose Diamond - I saw it in a YouTube video and I fell in love with it, so I went to have a look on the Debenhams I took one look at the price and closed the page, It's gorgeous but I really don't think I could live with spending £30 on one makeup related thing even if it is seriously gorgeous. But what the hell, I am allowed to lust over it aren't I?

MAC Vegas Volt - I will NOT  be lusting over his lovely anymore because I am buying it me and the lovely AllThingsRachy have sharing the love for it and I think even though it's orange I really need it.

The forever 21 shoes - I can't explain these, it's summer and I'm really into floral print right now.

MAC Concealer - I've been sleeping so bad recently and my under eye circles have been getting worse and worse, so I'm in need of something seriously good to get them sorted and I've heard a ton of hype about this concealer.

Wet N Wild Blue had me at hello - I've got the other two palettes and I over looked this one, but in a makeup tutorial I watched the lady used it and it looked sooo pretty so I'm going to have to try and get it from eBay.

OK so I forgot another lust which I can't get until June
GlossyBox Uk -This is what I want the most, £10 for all this stuff and it's highend too I've always wanted to try Nars :-)

So there we have my lusts. What are you wanting?

Have a great day :-)
Peace, love and cupcakes :-)


  1. hah I am also lusting over the sleek palette (do u know when its out?) and a certain lipstick. and Joy, IM BUYING VEGAS VOLT TODAY! lol x

  2. Yayyyy post swatches I demand it of you lol. I asked sleek the other day and they didn't give me a proper time but June/July. They're bringing out a nudes one also I shall be jumping in on this. I'm also lusting after cupcakes :-) xx