21 May 2011

My love of Barry M

Hi everyone, I hope you're doing well and not too hungover on this gorgeous Saturday.

I was rummaging through my makeup the other and I found my Barry M Dazzle Dusts, I'd forgotten I had them but I wanted to start playing with them because I think 'WOWZERS' when I see them. I started swatching them on the my hand so I thought, because I'd put them away never to see the light of day, I should say sorry to them by doing a small blog post about them.

Barry M to me is the best drugstore makeup, it's lovely and cheap. Most of the products I've used from them are pigmented and stay put. I used to have an electric blue eyeliner, oh come I can wear it with these huge blue eyes. I have eczema on my eyelids and it started to sting for a while after applying it and it was just a mess.

You get so much product in the Dazzle dusts. I seriously think that one of these tiny little pots could easily last you about 5years. They come in all sorts of pretty colours, anything from Neon Pink to black.

I'm always scared of pigments or 'dazzle dusts' just because I'm scared of the fallout, but with these there is hardly any fallout which makes me happy.

So anyway enough of the chat, here's the pictures :-)
Please be warned I have some in yo face colours lol

I know what you're thinking, "why does she have a pink and orange" the truth is I impulse buy, yep I'm one 'those' people, it's bad so sue me, I'm not scared of in your face colours lol. I got them 4years ago and I just wanted them because I love pink, and they actually look really quite nice on. I wouldn't wear them daily but they're great for fun at Reflex lol.
They glide on so nicely, and they feel so soft. There was a little bit of fallout out nothing major. The swatches are just on my bare skin without a base of anything. They're all very pigmented. The first purple didn't show up true to colour so much because the sun was working against me I was trying to take the picture. I've never actually worn on them the lid for a long period so I can't comment on staying power, its ok with me because look how purdy lol
I hope you enjoyed my post. What are your favourite Barry M bits?

Peace, love and cupcakes


  1. I have a few barry m pigments i love them but in all honesty i dont use any of my pigments much. Think its because of the mess if im not careful. Love the look of the purples though x

  2. I agree, and thanks for following me and reading my post I will follow you too :-) I really want to start wearing them again they're so pretty and the purples make me very happy :-) x