20 September 2011

Happy birthday to me

Hello my gorgeous peoples,

No today isn't my birthday, but it is a very special birthday, it's my blogs first birthday. YAYYY, I never thought I'd come as far as I have, when I set out blogging I just wanted to let my thoughts out, I was in a pretty dark place but I decided to remove those posts and start a beauty blog. Now this isn't actually my first birthday, I'm classing the first blogpost on my blog as the time I actually started blogging. From my first blog post as a beauty blogger to now I feel like I've changed so much. I used to write too much and was just a little bit more chatty. 

I want to thank each and everyone of you, for reading me, buying from my blogsales and following me on Twitter. Today means so much, I'm up to 51 followers an I'm so overcome with Joy, I never thought I'd get 5 followers so when I reached 51 I did a happy dance (Like Chandlers from Friends) I well up everytime I get a new follower because you girlies mean a lot to me. I know 51 isn't even that many to the bigger bloggers but to me I'd rather have just a few regular readers who I speak with all the time than have thousands who I will never get chance to speak to. To me blogging is a hobby, I'm not saying free things wouldn't be nice but I'm not driven buy the numbers of people who follow me nor am I doing this for the stuff. I do what I love and that is talk about makeup and I'm just happy someone reads me.

I wish I had 51 cupcakes for you all, you mean the world to me and soon I will be holding a giveaway, I'm just poor at the moment with going back to college. I hope you all will stick with me, I have lots of blogposts I want to do which I will be writing this week.

Thank you everyone again for welcoming me into blog land. I haven't received any negative comments which I am super happy with.

Peace, Love and cupcakes to you all.


  1. happy blog birthday! I also get super excited when I get a new follower (and really sad when I lose one).

  2. Aww thanks my lovely :-) yeah I hate losing followers it makes me really sad :-( but it's there loss :-) xx

  3. Happy Blog Birthday :)

    *Express birthday cake delivery via Pigeon*


  4. Haha, thanks Darl. I got it but the damn pigeon had eaten half of it lol xx