5 September 2011

Back to school wishlist.

Hello my loves.

I hope you're all ok.

As I've mentioned in previous posts I'm going back to college, This time next week I'll be there. I'm quite scared and anxious about it. I'm not going to go too much into because I've said it all before, but I am doing a hairdressing and an accounts. Anyhow, it's also coming up to Autumn which means I need new stuff to keep me warm, so I've stuck it all on a little wishlist for myself to remember stuff that I am going to need.

Here it is.

I know these things aren't just for college but I do need them, that's my excuse anyhoodles. 

1. Pink pocket jumper and skinny jeans - this year I am going to introduce lots of knitwear into my wardrobe, I think there is nothing better than have a huge jumper and a comfy blanket to snuggle into on a cold day, there's going to be lots of them coming. Also I haven't worn jeans in at least a decade, I do love to wear dresses but sometimes it's just so nice to wear something else.

2. Magenta double breasted coat - I love this coat, it's not just for the colour either. I've always wanted a proper grown up coat like this and I think I will be getting one.

3. Animal print scissors - I actually didn't realise you could get animal print scissors, but I spotted them on eBay one day while trying to find out how much a new pair of scissors would cost. I know some people might think they're unprofessional but pish posh, I like to introduce fun stuff into my day.

4. I'm a sucker for back to school stuff, I love getting brand new cute notepads and new pens it reminds me of actually going back to school. I'm going to say it, I miss it, I miss seeing all my school friends and swapping stories about our summers. I'd love to go back and relive it.

5. Pink train case - it doesn't have to be pink, ah ok that's a lie of course it does. I want a decent storage case, I'm going to need one for putting my kit into one place so I can get around easily.

6. Brown UGGS - I have a pair of black ones which I've had for a couple of years now and although the lining is still so cozy and warm I'd quite like another pair because they look battered. I personally love UGG boots, I think they look so good with everything from a skirt and leggings to skinny jeans and a cute top. I know they're so expensive but when you wear them as much as I do it's not so bad I guess. Lol.

So there we have it, is anyone going back to school or college?

Much Love


  1. Ooh good luck going to college im sure hairdressing will be lots of fun. I love getting new back to school bits, I got all excited over buying new notepads and stationary and a couple of new 'schoolbags' for going back to uni:) x

  2. Aww thanks Rach' I'm sure it will, I'm just nervous because it's going to be completly out of my comfort zone :-) I'd love to see the new 'schoolbags' lol I'm going to go buy my other college bits tomorrow I think :-) x

  3. I love the colour of that coat!

    Good luck with college! I'm sure it'll be ace! xx

  4. Aww thanks, I'm excited :-) I'm loving it too, I think it'd be a nice edition to winter and will brighten up those dark gloomy days :-) xx