11 September 2011

A different kind of wishlist

Hello my sweeties,

I hope you're all doing well. As you are all aware I usually lust after makeup, shoes and pretty shiny things but I haven't been doing as much of that recently, I know, I'm going to the doctors next week to see what's going on with me. Instead I've been daydreaming about college, making my house nice and a holiday/vacation. And a few other things which are larger items which will take some time to save up for.

And here they are :-)

1. Sigma Makeup brushes 
I'm sure I'm pretty far behind on the Sigma bandwagon, in fact I think I missed the wagon and was made to wait a year for the next. But I'd quite like to try some,  MAC brushes are just expensive and I don't see the point buying them when I can buy some pretty good dupes.

2. Laptop
If you follow me on Twitter you will have seen me complain about my computer. My dad bought this one for us to share back in 2001 (10 years old, I am surprised she's still going if I am honest) it doesn't have a webcam and it doesn't have good memory and I just plain need a new one. 

3. Sigma Flare Palett
I would love this palette, it's only $35 which isn't that much in pounds but it's the postage and package that costs the most and sometimes they stick customs chargers on top. I'm sure one day I'll get it :-)

4. Pink GHD's
I know my hair is pretty straight but when left to do it's own thing it does kink and needs some sort of attention. My hairdresser used her GHDs on my hair once and the results were ahmayzing, my hair was straight and shiny for days. I want them and they're pink, so what? lol. Also (and this is probably going to get old quick) I'm going to be an Hairdresser, I need good tools!

5. Yes that is the Statue of Liberty and yes I do want to own her. Ha. No I'm just kidding of course, I want to visit NYC, I think that this is one of my main goals, I want to go there so badly. I would love to spend a week wandering around NYC and shopping, then end up in Kansas. I want to find Dorothy ;-) lol. I have my reasons for wanting to go to Kansas :-)

6. Xbox 360
Yes I added Xbox to my list, I spent so many years complaining about Xbox ruining my relationship but I LOVE playing games. There's so many games I want to play and I plan to get an Xbox at some point. I think men do not expect us girls to like games especially me, I'm so girly but I really enjoy playing computer games I find them so much fun and great escapism.

7. Sewing machin
I'm a disaster at sewing, but, I think if I have a sewing machine I could create some really cool stuff, I want to make animal print throws for my sofas and my bed.

8. Coolpix S3100 - I have had a ton of different cameras, however, I've always come back to Nikon Coolpix, the pictures come out so stunningly good. They're so lightweight and they just look so cute.
9. New glasses - My eyes have become so bad recently, I have to squint just looking in the mirror and I've been getting a crap ton of headaches, it's not good. So on my list this is the thing that I am going to get fixed the quickest.

Much Love

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