22 September 2011

Babyliss heated rollers

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all ok.

Today's review is about a set of heated rollers which I have had for a while (probably about 2years) I'd put them in my cupboard out of the way so my ex wouldn't break them and today I decided I wanted to give them a go, I was thinking about selling them on eBay if I didn't like them. Hmm, it really does feel like I start every post with "I've had these for a while, I thought I'd give them a chance before selling them and so on" As my friend tells me, I'm so bloody impulsive and buy stuff which I just do not need. I'll let you know straight up I am not selling them.

When you switch them on the little red spot on the front row turns white which means they're ready to use. I always thought heated rollers would be so hard to use, but I have to be honest the only part of the rolling process that I struggled with was wrapping all of my hair around the rollers because I have layers in layers in my hair, but that isn't really an issue with the rollers.

In terms of the heating up process, I didn't think they heated up that quick which isn't a problem because you know with heated rollers you are going to have to take your time with them. I did burn my fingers a little bit but again that's my fault because of the way I held them, I also got my hair stuck around one of the rollers which was a pain in the bum but I managed to come out the other side with no split ends lol..

Overall, I am really happy these rollers, they give sexy Hollywood waves, however, and I am  not sure if this is just because how long I left them in or didn't use enough hairspray etc, they did drop out fairly quickly. I think because it was my first time using them I became impatient and had to see the results, lol, next time I will definitely  leave them in longer and drown the curls in hairspray.

So would you like to see a few pictures?

I love the way the curls came out, they looked super pretty and I felt sophisticated just for 10mins and then they dropped lol.

And here is the rollers, I don't think these guys would be a good idea for traveling because the packaging is petty bulky but they are very nice felted rollers. You get a good amount of rollers which range in size, they seem to be 1 1/2inch ones, then 1inch and half an inch. 
The plastic lid sturdy enough, however, I didn't try and bash so maybe it is or isn't sturdy. 
The bottom left hand picture, I'm not sure what that is. I think it's where the steam is produced I didn't pay enough attention. 
When you switch them on you the light goes red and it's up to you really whatever temperature you have the rollers on, I set it to the highest. They did feel really quite heavy on my head but I guess that is also expected.

And last but not least, you get a ton of the claw clips, you do also get the meal pins but I cannot find them.

What are your favourite heated rollers? I'd quite like to try another brand of rollers when I have some cash.

Peace and Love

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