13 September 2011

Back to school

Hello you gorgeous bunch of Lovelies :-)

I hope you're all ok. First of all I'd like to say welcome aboard to my new subbies, I'm really grateful and I am loving your bloggies too :-)

So yesterday was my "back to school" day, I'm not going to lie I was really nervous because I haven't been to college since 2005 or 2006, I don't even remember. It was very daunting because I get anxious about being around new people and the hairdressing is completely out of my comfort zone.

I enjoyed it, I went off to the loo and then when I went to room we were supposed to meet in I got lost which was seriously not good. There was a crap ton of paper work to fill in and we did some practical on the dolls heads. I've learnt how to do a proper blow dry which you get in salons, which was really quite hard to get used too. I honestly thought I'd done a bad job but the tutor came up to me and said "wow this is awesome, compared to how you were at the start you've done a great job, how do you feel about it?" I felt great about this, I know it's only hairdrying but there's a technique to it which is great to learn and it's fun. My feet hurt a lot, but that's because I'm used to being sat on my behind. There will be a trip coming up, where we will get to go to London for the day and visit a top salon, which just sounds amazing but I'm not sure if I am going be able to go, due to lack of funds.

The people are very friendly but it took a while for us to start talking, I think I am going to enjoy this course but I'm still nervous. I don't want to be the top of the class but I just to do the best I can and pass. I want so badly to be able to succeed in my new career path.

Thank you for listening, I was just wondering if you guys would like to see a haul post of my hairdressing kit?

Much love


  1. Lovely post, I totally feel your nerves haha- I'm sure you'll do fine hun and I'd like to see the haul post x x

  2. Aww thanks :-) I'll deffo get it up as soon as I order it. Lol yeah my nerves are shining through :-) haha xx