16 September 2011

The Best Blog award :-)

Hello my loves.

The other night was a particularly bad night and it just seemed like it wouldn't ever end. But yesterday was  much better, I've gained 2 new subscribers and I am super happy about that. Also the lovely Cas awarded me with the "Best Blog " award and I am so grateful to receive this. If you don't follow Cas then what are you doing with your life? lol. She's such a lovely person and I love talking to her :-)

I decided that because this award is such a huge honour, especially as I'm still new to blogging I wanted this on my blog. I'm beyond grateful at the reception people have given me and my blog, everyone has just been super nice. Anyway I'll move onto the actual post before I burst into song. Lol.

And the rules are:

1) Answer the following questions
2) Mention and link who passed you the award
3) Share 7 facts about yourself
4) Award 15 blogs (I'm going to break this rule slightly lol)

The Questions
1) What is your favourite colour?
I am really loving Magenta at the moment, well actually, I'm quite obsessed lol.

2) What is your favourite song?
My favourite song at the moment is Beyonce "Sweet Dreams"

3) What is your favourite dessert?
Cupcakes, or a hot fudge sundae :-)

4) What's annoying you at the moment?
A couple of people, I do not wish to think about them anymore.

5) When you're upset you . . .
I try to have a good cry to get it all out of my system and I put 80s music on and dance around like someone not right.

6) Black or White?
Hmm, after careful consideration I am going to go with Black, it's slimming lol.

7) What is your biggest fear?
I'm not sure I would like to share this is I am honest.

8) Best feature?
My eyes, everyone comments on them, I have to say I do have gorgeous eyes :-)

9) Everyday attitude
Treat people as you wish to be treated, always smile at people because a frown uses more muscles. Just try and be the best I can, if people don't like you they're the ones who are missing out.

10) Guilty Pleasure?
80s music, I could listen to it everyday for the rest of my life.

7 random facts about moi
1. I love the Hard Rock Cafe
2. I am obsessed with getting pierced!!
3. I make the most amazing tuna pasta :-)
4. I LOVE horror movies, If a horror movie scares me and leaves me with nightmares then it has done it's job, if it doesn't I am not going to be impressed.
5. I love red, yellow and orange peppers, but I hate green peppers, I like green peppers cooked but I cannot stand the others cooked
6. I love nothing better than sitting and picking apart movies, if I spot a continuity error I will bellow at the top of my lungs about it, it pisses me off. If you are going to spend millions of dollars you should probably get it right or you'll have this continuity freak on your back. My ideal job would actually be getting paid to spot continuity errors haha.
7. I have been to Australia, Canada and Florida and I plan one day to see the world.

I am passing this award to the following:

Rachel (Prettyobsessed) This girlie is actually the best, she's been such a great friend to me and I am so grateful to have her around.

Kelly I think me and Kelly may  come to blows over Gerard Butler lol. This past few days she's been so awesome.

Rachel (AllthingsRachy) Rachel is my valued customer, whenever I have a blogsale she's always buying from me. Really lovely girl :-)

Jack I cannot say anything about him other than he's just awesome.

Leanne I love talking to Leanne about Onesies lol :-)

There we have it. I would like to thank Cas again for this award you've really made my day. I always struggle with choosing peoples blogs so I've just put up a couple of my favourite blogs, that doesn't mean I don't like other bloggers because I do, I just cannot come up with 15.

If you lovely bunch decide to do this then please let me know :-)

Peace, love and cupcakes x 


  1. Thanks for passing it my way :)
    My onsie made my week in photos lol xx

  2. You're very welcome :-) and whoop for the onesies xx