3 July 2011

A Birthday haul/some of my presents

Hi girlies :-)

Happy weekend, I really cannot believe it is the weekend again. It has gone really rather quick.

So on Wednesday it was my birthday, it was a nice day but I really don't want to be 26. Oh well, lol.

I thought I would share what I got and what I have been buying for myself, so here goes.

This looks strange, but it's actually really cool. The boy bought it for me, he said what would you like I said nothing, we both knew he was going to get me something. It's a 'big ball of nothing, for someone that has everything'. He really did a good job, just because this really is the kind of thing I like. Everytime I look at it, I laugh and feel happy at the amount of love and thought put it in to it. If a man can make you laugh they've pretty much succeeded in life lol.
The other thing he got me (he spoiled me, he shouldn't have) was a cute little bear, the reason behind it is, I always complained to him about being cold so he got me this because, it has a little sack which you take out of it's back and put it in the microwave to keep you warm in bed. It's so cute and polar bears are my fav, I really think this guy knows me lol.

I got all of these dresses from Dorothy Perkins - I don't have the exact links because things go quickly on that site. But I got them all and when I got to the checkout they'd taken 30% off each of the dresses for me. I was a happy bunny :-). I'm really into spotty dresses and tops at the moment and the last dress is full of tiny hearts :-)
My mums boyfriend bought me cupcakes, I don't need anything else :-)
I treated myself to a MAC makeover, me and my friend had planned a night out and I thought I have a tiny bit of cash left over so I thought I'd get it done. It was dramatic but I didn't mind, I really wanted to look different and that I did.
At MAC when you pay for your makeup to be done you get £25 to spend on makeup at the counter, I had been lusting after this baby for ages and I finally got it. It's called Vegas Volt.
These were the crazy lashes that the lady put on me, they definitely looked different. I felt like a real idiot wandering around with big lashes and orange lips at 3:30pm.
And the last thing I got from MAC was a new gel eyeliner called Macroviolet. I've been wanting this for ages and it's finally mine.
My friend bought me this from boots, They're meant to be good and I cannot wait to use them and see if they do as they on the tin.

So there we have it, I'm older now so I don't get tons of Barbie dolls anymore. Have you lovely ladies bought any new pretty things recently?

Peace, love and cupcakes :-)


  1. ooh jelous of the top right dress and the cupcakes! woohoo you finally got vegas volt eh! good choice. Defo checking out macro violet next time i go to mac. Hope you had a lovely bday! xx

  2. Aww thanks chick, it was a nice day I didn't want it to end :-) yes deffo check out Macroviolet it's so pretty :-) lemme know if you get it :-)
    thanks I can't wait to go out again so I can wear them :-) xx

  3. ah, those cupcakes just made me want to make some dessert tonight ;)

  4. So sorry only commenting now :) love ur dresses they are amazing

  5. Aww that's ok Rachel :-) thanks for commenting :-) I like the dresses too, I just want more lol xx