30 June 2011

And the award goes to..

Hi Ladies,

Tuesday was the eve of my birthday, while playing around on twitter trying so hard to not open my presents, I saw a Tweet from the lovely Rachel from All Things Rachy we met a couple of months ago through my Blog sale. We started talking and realised we have a few things in common - Hard Rock Cafe, Makeup and snakebite :-) she had given me an award and it so lovely of her to award me it.

I'm so touched by all the love and attention my blog is getting recently, it means so much to me. Thank you, you girls are my inspiration :-) I always thought my blog wouldn't take off, just because my style of writing isn't as formal as it should be, but it has and I'm so grateful for each and every hit my blog gets. It's my favourite hobby and I'm glad I've taken off.

Anyway enough of the chat (I don't know if I am doing this right but I hope I am), I believe you write seven random facts about yourself and then mention 7 blogs I want to plug.

So here are the facts.
  1. My name is Joy and I have an obsession with pink. It isn't just because it's a girly colour and I'm possibly too girly I just like it. You can add a lovely pop of it and I feel girly for the day.
  2. I love cupcakes, I'd eat them everyday if it was possible 
  3. I really want to go travelling, I intend to leave England sometime soon and settle down somewhere abroad with my love :-)
  4. I'm planning to go to back to college and study hairdressing and beauty.
  5. I'm an ex media student, if you sit and start talking about movies to me, be warned I will talk you to death lol.
  6. I love playing video games, I really do not mind trying any sort of game. I may not always win but who cares I have fun doing so :-) I like shooting zombies the best.
  7. I love twitter, I've met so many awesome people on there. You guys know who you are, and I'd like to say thank you for being there for me
Now for the 7 people I like to read and think everyone should read

1. Jack from ElectricJack I love his blog, he writes fiction stories and he's a seriously talented guy. He's just plain awesome a Joy to talk too :-)
2. Rachel from A Pretty Obsession is my fav beauty blogger, not only is she the nice girl on twitter she's an excellent blogger. It's nice having around to talk to when I need a chat. 
3. Vicky from Beautiful Addictions shes new to blogging like me, she's a really sweet girl

4. Kelly from Bakes, Beauty and Blog she's a really good blogger and super nice lady.
5. Charlie from Secrets Behind The Closet door she has give me some awesome advice on hair dye.
6. I love Siobhán from LetzMakeup she's a really lovely lady and so talented, her makeup looks go from everyday neutrals to in your face doll looks or carnival makeup.
7. Last but not least Emily at The Beauty Broadcast she's super nice and creates the best makeup looks which use both high end and drugstore makeup.

So there we have it, I'm sorry it was a little bit on the long side.

Peace, love and sparkly cupcakes


  1. Aww thank you hunnie :) Congrats on your award too!!
    Happy belated birthday!!!


  2. Thank you and thanks for belated birthday :-) lol.
    I hope you're well and you're welcome :-) xxx

  3. Congrats, and thanks for the lovely bloggers - I think I added them all! :D

  4. Thank you for being my new follower :-) I love these kind of posts where you can see brand new people to read. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my rambles :-) xx

  5. Thanks for the read! I'm seriously in awe of the response you get...your readership is a wonderful group who often comments. ::sigh:: I try to be entertaining, but I can't imitate your conversational style in my blog. I wish you the best, because even though my interest in makeup and cupcakes is limited, you're a great read!

  6. Awe thanks Jack :-) that means a lot. I'm in awe of my readers, you may not know lots about cupcakes and makeup but you still read me. Your blog is awesome and I wish I could give you more followers and comments :-)

    thank you again. I love the love song post with the love song names :-) xx

  7. HI there! Just wanted to let you know I tagged you here...http://icolouroutsidethelines.blogspot.com/2011/07/stylish-blogger-award.html

    You won't have to do another post but I wanted to let you know I tagged you as well. I enjoy your posts! Keep it up:)

  8. Aww thanks so much, that means a lot to me :-) I'll check your blog out when I'm on the computer later. thank you for reading my blog it means a ton to me :-) xx