16 July 2011

My new obsession

Hi guys and dolls,

I hope you're all doing well and having a great weekend :-)

As the title may suggest, I have a new obsession. I'm as surprised as you that it isn't makeup. I wanted a new bag, I figured I have lots of makeup and nothing is grabbing my fancy at the moment so why not buy a bag? I don't have that many and I wanted something with animal print all over it. 

While browsing for bags I came across this site Anna Smith New York, they have some lovely bags and reasonable prices too. I'm loving the vintage look at the moment and they have some nice vintage ones on there. I remember when I was young my Nan had this bag that she would let me play with, I always wanted one just like it but somehow never thought about it or just didn't find the perfect one.

I only have one fault with the company, the shipping. They charged me £4 to ship a bag and they didn't even ship it in a fancy box or anything it was basically just a plastic envelope they shouldn't have charged anymore than  £2 for it, but oh well I love the bag and site regardless. It came very quick, I ordered it on Sunday and it was here by Wednesday with my fav courier. 

If you like out there bags or vintage bags then this site is for you. Some might think £22 for a bag is expensive, however, when you think what you get it's not that bad, the detail is amazing and you can tell a lot of work went into it. I actually got it on sale, the bag usually costs £23 but they had knocked it down to £18, I had to have it even more then.

Anyway I'll get onto the pictures or I won't stop talking.
So here it is, isn't it pretty? With shipping it came to £22, I love it, it's quite big so I can carry lots around with me. Just because I'm a woman and when I go anywhere I need everything but the kitchen sink. So what do you think of it? Lol ok I'm totally pulling your leg, this isn't the bag. This is what the bag came in, I actually really like it and I do think I will use for college stuff.
Here is the bag, I'm sorry about propping it against the window, it just wouldn't stand up. I know it's not to everyone's taste and that's fine, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The straps are a decent length, however, I think if you're wearing a big coat it might be a little harder to pull it up your arm. It's a very good big bag, you could fit quite a lot of stuff in it.
Inside the bag you get two compartments and a decent sized zipped separator, I like this idea because it could store a MAC sized palette. The lining is fuchsia pink with Anna Smith written all over it. You also get another little zipped compartment which isn't as big but you could fit your keys into it. I haven't had a bag with an oganiser before so I'm hoping to keep it in better order and maybe not have so much junk in there. But I'm not sure if anyone is like me in the sense that, you get a bigger bag so you have more room to stuff unnecessary items in there.
The zip is multi-coloured, kind of like a rainbow. I know you can see it very well but I'm sure you get the idea of the zip will look.
I've always loved Cameo necklaces so when I saw this I wanted to have it even more. The padlock is very sturdy and the key is just so cute, and who doesn't want a big pink heart
On the back of the bag you'll see this little guy watching over you. I love all the detail on this bag, like I say I know it's not what everyone would choose and it is very loud but I really love it and I cannot wait to start using it.

What do you think of my cute new bag? If you want one like it you can get it here. Have you bought any cute new bags recently? I'd love to see them

Peace, love and cupcakes 


  1. Ohhhhh I really like that. I love a bit of animal print but never have the balls to wear it :) now you will have to hunt down a matching purse haha

  2. I love that bag, its gorgeous! x

  3. Your statment on "Just because I'm a woman and when I go anywhere I need everything but the kitchen sink" totally makes my boring day better!! I couldnt stop smiling to myself cos I am also one of those type that needs to carry big handbag around =p Btw the bag is awesome!!

  4. Lol thanks Rachel, you're right I will won't I? I've never been into animal print that much if I'm honest but cousin wears it all the time and I gave into it :-) lol. Don't give me any ideas though haha
    Thanks Leanne, it's out there but I love it :-) xx
    Thank you Emily :-)lol, I'm terrible for it but I like to make sure I have everything I need :-) I'm glad I made you smile, if I can make my readers smile then I'd definitely done my job right :D