11 July 2011

A little swap

Hi guys and dolls

I hope you're all doing well.

A couple of weeks ago I was complaining on Twitter, as usual, about the Sleek pout and polish lip tins. Cue the lovely Rachel, A Pretty Obsession she came to rescue and told me she would send one, because hers was going unloved. We then decided to make it into a swap because it was for "greater good" and we are just both obsessed with makeup. She sent me some lovely stuff and a birthday card. If you're reading Rachel thanks again lovely, and anytime you want to do another swap just let me know :-)

Anyway, enough of the rambles here is what she sent me  :-)

This is all of my goodies, I got a little bit too excited and started opening it before I could take pictures lol.
I love these guys, a pink glittery ring is just what the doctor ordered

I love the orange lipstick and the 'colour changing lipgloss' does work, it goes from orange to a gorgeous bumble pink on my lips
I couldn't be happier with these guys, I was wanting an orange nail polish and a navy one too, I think she must know me lol. The blue eyeliner brush looks so good, I can't wait to use it :-)
I know it's of no interest to the swap but how could I not take a picture of the cute pink tissue paper she wrapped it in?

She sent some awesome things and I will definitely be doing some reviews on these things :-)I love doing swaps and if there are any people reading from the states get in touch with Rachel because she's wanting to do a swap over the pond :-)

Also if you want to check out my blogsale it's still live


  1. Thats a really lovely idea :) xx

  2. Thank you :-) and welcome to my blog :-) xx