12 July 2011

Unloved makeup

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all well :-)

You know when you get something new, but something about it just doesn't grab you? Maybe the formula, it's a little too runny etc but you want to make it work. Today I want to talk about two eyeliners I recently rediscovered. I used them once and I didn't like them, but instead of persevering with them I put them in my collection never to bother with again. I recently decided that I needed to sort myself out and tried them before I stuck them on my blogsale. In the end I decided not to sell them because I liked them.

MAC Superslick liquid eyeliner in Marked for glamour (the grey gunmental one) and Pure show is a yelow toned golden colour
My favourite is this one, it's such a beautiful colour. I've seen golden eyeliners before but never this gorgeous.
First of all, please ignore the eyebrows and the shape, I'm still a beginner here. I love the golden one it makes my eyes really pop
I think the initial thing that put me off was the brush, I hadn't practiced with these kind of brushes and to be fair, I'm better with my Sonia Kashuk brush or my 266 brush. I'm impatient when it comes to makeup, "if it doesn't work the first time it isn't ever going to work for me" that has been my motto recently but I've chilled out a little bit. 

The brushes are actually really good, they're soft enough so it won't cause discomfort when you're using it, but it's also hard enough to get a nice clean line, they have great colour payoff, most of the time with makeup it can start to look less pigmented after a few hours but not these, the colour you see on the brush is the colour you're going to see 6 hours later. They do not budge, which for most people is a good thing right? The only downside is you have to work quick with them, because they dry so quick and if you make the smallest of mistakes you have about 5seconds to clean it out. They stick to your eyelashes and won't come off. I would like to buy a backup but on eBay they're so expensive, if anyone knows of a dupe for them I'd be happy to give them a go.

I really should stop being so impatient, just because it doesn't like the first time doesn't mean I need to give up.

Have you guys rediscovered anything that you misplaced in your collection?

Peace, love and cupcakes


  1. Oh I am just the same I have tried false lashes a few times but have given up and I have also barely tried liquid eyeliners but I have ordered one from ELF to practice with :)

  2. I've never tried falsies but after my make over I got some to try :-). I can't believe I've got to 26 and am only just sorting myself out with makeup lol Oooh goof luck, let me know how you go :-)