25 July 2011

It's all false

Hello cupcakes :-)

I hope you're all doing well.

I wanted to do a little haul, showing off my new eyelashes (that sounds so weird). I'd never given into the hype of false lashes, I thought they were  pointless but had to agree they did look pretty. For my birthday I took myself off for a makeover at MAC and decided to give lashes a go. I have to say I fell in love with them and ever since I've been craving them. It's strange because I have quite long lashes anyway, but I have longish hair and I want hair extensions so what's the difference right? Lol. My eyes and my lashes are my fav thing about myself, my eyes are super blue and my lashes are quite long, I have the eyes and lashes I'd look at someone and think 'You are a lucky cow' so to enhance what I have I thought I'd take the plunge and buy some.

Here they are in all of their glory, I'm going to review them properly in a couple of weeks.

My friend and I were talking about getting some cheap eyelashes from eBay to practice with and I saw these ones, I didn't really like that much and I have no desire to wear them outdoors but I figured for $1.99 inc shipping I should give them a try. They're hideous and the band looks like they're going to be uncomfortable to wear.
I like 2true makeup, it's good quality and cheap. Isn't the packaging just the cutest? I like black and pink together, I so hope I will like these because £1.99 for a pair of eyelashes is just what I need.
Superdrug have bought out a new line of false eyelashes and I could pass them up. They look very edgy and I cannot wait to try them. I like false lashes with a nice cat eyeliner this is what I am going to rock on my next night out. I'm hoping these guys will be a good dupe for the MAC lashes I got for my birthday.

I saw these guys in a recent Pixiwoo video and I had to have them. They're just the perfect lashes, edgy yet feminine.
Do you guys have any favourite lashes I need to try out?

Peace, love and falsies :-)


  1. So wierd I got those cheapy ones from ebay the other night to get some practice in haha :) I havent been able to get the hand of them yet so hoping these will give me a chance to perfect them :)

  2. I've never tried to put them on so I'm expecting one on my forehead haha. Good luck I hope you master them :-) I just some good glue for them that won't irritate my eyes and I'm set lol :-)
    you take pics and I will :-) lol

  3. ooh post some pics when you try them on! I never wear fake lashes either as I find them too much hassle, even though I really like how they look x

  4. I will deffo post pics, I don't think I'd do them everyday but it'd be nice to add some extra glamour into myself :-) I'm excited to try them x

  5. if you go to www.bftecosmetics.com, all the youtube hyped red cherry ones are theyre, for really cheap and very cheap postage. They're really good quality! I bulk buy mine from there! They don't some with glue though but I buy that seperately anyway :D x

  6. Ooh thanks chick :-) I shall go and have a looksie :-) xx