24 October 2011

New MAC Paint pots

Hello cupcakes,

I hope you're all ok and had a great weekend. I'm off this week which is super nice, not like I'm going to be doing much relaxing I've got lots to do for college and I have decided I'm going to bombard you with Blogposts mwhahaha lol, I'm just kidding.

I think everyone who follows me here and on twitter will know just how obsessed I am with MAC Paint Pots, you can read my previous post on my Paint Pots here so I don't repeat everything I've mentioned before. The reason I like Paint pots is, they're just so low maintenance. Sometimes I'm going out and I don't feel like spending a ton of time on Makeup because I don't have time or whatever other reason but you can stick one of these babies in your bag and you're sorted. They last for ages on my eyes and my eyelids can get pretty greasy, you can apply them with a brush or you can just use your fingers. They're simple yet nice products. I know a lot of people would be instantly turned off by the price and I can agree but one of these paint pots if you store it right and keep it nice could last you for years. That my dears is why I am planning to get as many of them as I can, I LOVE versatile products :-).

I've been waiting for MAC to bring out some nice new paint pots that have good colour pay off and different colours to the permanent ones they have already on the site and in store. It seemed like I had to wait an age for it to happen, I waited patiently (just because I knew it would happen one day soon lol) and recently they came out with some new ones in one of their new collections which I am not sure of the name. I got straight onto google to find swatches etc and I new I had to have them. I got two because MAC were doing free delivery that weekend so I had to take advantage of it.

Here are the pictures :-)

From L - R. Pure creation, Half-Wild and Constructive (which is actually permanent)

I'm not very good at explaining colours so you can agree with me or not here lol.
Pure creation - it's like a peacock blue with hints of green, it's a really gorgeous colour. Like purple I am always searching for a nice blue which doesn't come out black when applied to the skin and this one definitely doesn't.
Half-Wild - I don' know what to say about this purple other than wow, I've been wanting MAC to bring out a purple paint pot for so long and I had to grab them while I could and I did lol. I would say this is the perfect kind of purple, it's a plum purple and I just want to wear it everyday for the rest of my life lol.
Constructive - I'm going to say the same thing about the other two here WOWZERS, seriously this paint pot is just ahmayzing, I would say it's the perfect shade of brown for my eyes because it makes them look even more blue, if that's possible. It's gorgeous and I can only describe it as a bronzed brown.

My final thoughts on these paint pots is just sweet criminy lol, I am so happy with all three of my purchases, I would buy again and I would definitely make my friends get them lol. I have own swatched Pure Creation and Half-Wild but the constructive paint pot is so lovely on, it lasts for ages is just the perfect brown for me. I know with some Paint Pots you don't get very good colour payoff, yes I'm looking at you Rubenesque lol, and yes to get the swatches I had to swipe a couple of times but the colour is still gorgeous and I am going to love playing with them :-)

There we have it, have you seen any nice new paint pots recently? I welcome all suggestions and I will buy when I have the money. Usually I buy makeup and I do stash it but with paint pots I get the most wear out of them because I wear them all the time.

Peace and Love.


  1. I have all of these and haven't even used them yet, crazy or what! <3 xxxx

  2. @Nav you need to get them used lol :-) xxx

    @Paperbacks thank you I love it and I can't wait to try it out :-) xx