7 October 2011

I have a secret only Santa knows.

Hello cupcakes.

I hope you're all well. I've been out of the blog world for a little so I thought I'd come back and share this amazing idea with you.

A couple of days ago while looking at blogposts I spotted a really interesting post from the lovely Jade Fashion & Beauty Disaster she had put together a quick post to let her followers know about an opportunity to take part in an international 'Secret Santa' which The lovely Nav from Navilicious Beauty is hosting for Christmas 2011.

As soon as I saw this I jumped on it because I think this is a such a fun idea. You have an opportunity to meet a new person through blogger, twitter or even email. You also get to go shopping and buy a wonderful present for them which is awesome because I love shopping for other people. If you are interested you have until the 25th October to get your entry in.

You can find all of the information here I would like to say thank you to Nav for coming up with this idea and Jade for also blogging about it. I see that idea is going to be huge and I really cannot wait to see who I get teamed up with :-)

Peace and Love 

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