14 October 2011

My RAK goodies

Hello my loves.

Long time no see. I've been busy with college and things haven't been going that great in my personal life. But I am slowly getting back into my blog so just bear with me.

So on to today's post which is a long time coming since I got my stuff over a week ago.

Recently I took part in a Random Act of Kindness/swap organised by Leanne from A Slice of My Life and she paired me with Sophie from Country Girl Does Norfolk  

A Random Act of Kindness (RAK) is so much fun to take part in, you get to shop unfortunately not for yourself but for the person you get paired up, it's nice to make someone smile with the cute bits you pick up for them. The host will choose a limit for you to spend before shipping in this case it was £10. If you haven't taken part in a RAK then you should keep your eyes peeled and definitely take part in one.

Anyway, enough rambling here is what Sophie got for me. 

She wrapped it in a lovely box, unfortunately I ripped right into before I could take pictures of nicely she had organised things. I'm just too inpatient lol. It really felt like Christmas :-)

She sent me a lovely card which I wish I had done instead of just writing a note.

These rings are soooo pretty, I love them so much the flower one is obviously my favourite but they are so pretty. I have fat fingers and I am glad she picked out large for me lol.

I have give massive kudos for the cupcake notebook here, I love cupcakes obviously from my blog name lol. It's really handy to have and I have put it in my bag for in case I need to jot something down.

And the last few bits. I love scarf's and she sent me the cutest one with pink and purple threading. I love the necklace, I've never had pearls before lol. It's also coming up to tights weather so I was very happy to see a cute pair of tights and a little makeup palette which I will get lots of use out of.

So there we have it, my first of many RAK's. If you want to see what I bought for Sophie, follow the link above :-)

Peace and Love


  1. Woo! You got some lovely stuff, I did a post on my RAK post too :)

  2. Thank you girls I did get some nice things. I'm so happy with what I got :-) xx

  3. This swap idea sounds really cool! :)