28 October 2011

A little thank you

Hello my beauties,

I hope you're all doing well and the cold isn't affecting you too much, it's murder on my ankle that I injured a few years ago wahhh :'( lol. Ugh that made me sound so old lol.

This year has been both good and bad. I've had a breakdown of my marry marriage but with that came someone who's better and I love dearly. I've also met some really great people on Twitter and got back a friendship I thought was lost forever. I'm liking being a student and things at the moment are just going superbly :-).

I wanted to do a little share the love post to say thank you to everyone who has been there throughout the hard times and the nice times, I don't say thank you enough and I really should. It might seem a little soppy but some of the people I'm about to mention I would consider to be a friend to me, I have to say thank you because I'm truly grateful for all of the kindness they have given me.

So here they are in no particular order.

Jack - I love this guy to bits, I think he's seriously awesome and I couldn't ask for a better LB in the world :-) he makes me so happy :-)

Rachel (Pretty Obsessed) - I met Rachel through my Blogsale and we've become really good friends since, I'm so happy to have found her and the next person

Kelly - I met Kelly through Rachel and I'm so glad I did. These girls make me smile when I am in a bad mood and were there for me when I really someone on a horrible night.

Cas - I messaged Cas by accident one day thinking she was involved with a company and we carried on talking since then, she's a wonderful girl and always listens when I need to bitch haha.

Nav - I met Nav through the Secret Santa Swap that she is hosting and I think she's absolutely lovely and seems to like a lot of things that I like. I'm so happy I have Twitter otherwise I'd never get to meet any of these lovely people.

Rachel (AllThingsRachy) - I also met Rachel through my blogsale and she has become my best customer, lol. She's a lovely girl and I like speaking to her, I like reading her angry tweets about XFactor lol.

I've no specifically everyone on my followers list is important to me I just speak to these guys the most :-)

Much Love and thank you again girlies and manly man Jack lol :-)


  1. I love you too!!! :D xxxxxx

  2. Awwww - bless you :) Thank you very much. ''Pigeon alert: Jacques on the way to you :P lol''

  3. Aww Nav you are the sweetest :-) xxxx
    Lol Cas how did you know I had a craving for Jacques? I hope it's the red one or it'll be coming back to you with an angry note haha ;-) xx

  4. AWWWW you sloppy devil come here give us a cuddle xxxx I think more of you guys then my real live friends who it feels could give a s*#t about me sometimes now get saving and get ya ass here i have a bottle of gin with our name on it. xxxxx

  5. Awe u suger pie sure where would we be without you :-) Such a lovely post. I never thought how twitter would affect my life and the buddies I have made on here are the best in the world xx xx