26 October 2011

My Christmas Wishlist

Hi Guys and Babes :-)

I hope you're all well. I am seriously cold, Winter is definitely above us and I feel like I should be wearing gloves in the house and everywhere in the world lol.

So, it's no secret that a big day is coming up, everyone keeps talking about this special day and counting down to, it's personally starting to freak me out. If you were thinking "erm what day Joy? Just tell us" then I am sure you will know that I meant That day is Christmas day. 

I don't know how many days it is but I am sure someone could comment and tell me. The guy at the bank today told me that is exactly 2months away from Boxing day,CRINGE, I almost closed my accounts and went elsewhere to save my pennies, I don't need to hear such swear words. 

I'm not a hater of Christmas I'm just not huge fan anymore. It isn't like it used to be, I don't get to come downstairs in the morning and see all of the pretty wrapping paper and know that in that massive pile of gorgeously wrapped boxes there is going to be a brand new Barbie. I guess if I asked for a brand new Barbie I would probably get one but I'm too old for that now, so why make a big deal you might ask? because that's what Christmas was for me, my mum and dad together, my Nan and Grandad coming over for the day and me and my brother hating each other but getting on just until after lunch when we would go off to our rooms and play with what we got that morning. I just don't look forward to Christmas like I used too. All I want is to be with the one that I love and have him hold me all day long, I'd gladly give up all of my gifts for the next 5 Christmases if it meant I could be there with him. 

I think maybe I have rambled on far too long now, just getting into the Christmas spirit as you will. Today's post is about what I would like for Christmas, I'm not necessarily saying "I want everything on my list" because I know I can't have everything that I want, in truth there's just two things that I want off of the list. So I'll get onto it.


1. Hair Extensions - I'm planning drastic changes in December, I want to see the new year in with a brand new colour and long luscious locks.

2. A plane ticket - This is the thing I want the most, I want to wake up Christmas morning to all hugs and kisses I can stand.

3. Sugarpill Makeup - I have seen so many great reviews and I have researched all of the colours that I want, they look so pigmented and long lasting, with just amazing colour payoff. I think it's important I have these in my life lol.

4. Black Cons - Last year my pink converse were an absolute life saver, we had a pretty bad winter with lows of -16 and when the buses finally let us leave the place I live there was ice all over and my converse didn't fail me. I didn't slip once it was amazing. I have pink ones and although I love them I do not feel like they're very practical looking which is why I want black ones.

5. The Wicked Witch of The West leg necklace - I saw this necklace on a site randomly and I wanted it, I love different jewellery and this is definitely different lol.

6. Animal Print killer heels - Although I could never walk in them and they would probably just end up in the bottom of my wardrobe I would love these shoes. I'm really into animal print and every girl needs a pair of platforms.

7. Ruby Red Slippers necklace - I love The Wizard of Oz and when I saw this necklace on eBay I just fell in love. I can't go wandering around the place in red shoes so having them on my necklace would be the ideal thing.

8. Babyliss Wave Envy - I am loving mermaid style waves at the moment and I've seen a few reviews on this and although it's quite pricey I think I'm going to treat myself to it for Christmas.

So that's everything. It's only a wishlist and a girl can wish all she likes. I really wish for a plane ticket, I think spending Christmas somewhere else would be great for me after this not so nice year.

Much Love

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  1. I'm so sorry hun, I can't imagine what it must be like...I honestly hope I never have to deal with that either. *huge hugs* xxxxxx