16 June 2011

Is it Lust or Love?

Hi my lovelies,

I hope you're all well.

I know I did one of these posts before, but I thought as it's my birthday soon maybe my mum will see (doubtful she's not so good with technology) and buy me everything I want *insert sarcastic laugh* 

I am still lusting after the things from the first post but I've moved on, there is only one thing from that list that I am really wanting. As a woman, I never stop wanting. It's ok, because I think it's healthy to want stuff and when I finally do get to buy it I'll appreciate an awful lot more.

So enough chit chat, I'm just going to get right into it :-)

  1. MAC Vegas Volt - I know I keep going on about this lipstick but it's gorgeous, I really really really want it.
  2. Green corsage dress from Dorothy Perkins - I went to order this dress the other day but it had 'sold out' off of the site.. I ordered it in purple instead because I loved it in purple too. But was actually really rather upset with the fact they didn't have it and then when I looked back today they did. I feel like I should write an angry letter to someone to register my disgust lol.
  3. Leopard print shoes from Dotty Ps - I'm really obsessed with Dorothy Perkins at the moment, I'm also so in love with animal print. I didn't think I ever would be but my cousin wears nothing but animal print so it was inevitable I'd turn towards animal too lol.
  4. Coral Dress from Dotty Ps - It looks gorgeous and I just plain want it because it's pinkish lol
  5. MAC Macroviolet Fluidline - I am still after this eyeliner, I keep looking at swatches on google and I love it.
  6. Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Delinquent - It's a gorgeous shade of purple and I'm in love with purple :-)

So there we have it, my lusts for the month :-) what are you lovelies wanting?

Peace, love and cupcakes


  1. The dress is so pretty and the colour is gorgeous xx

  2. I know :-) I want them both, they're so pretty :-) in craving a green dress at the moment, I'm not sure why lol xx