7 June 2011

The Girl in the Summery Dress

Hello gorgeous, 

I hope everyone is well.

It's time for me to admit defeat.... Summer is amongst us and I'm less than impressed by this. I loath summer, I just get too over heated it's not good. Being a Brit, I'm just not used to this weather, for 25 years I've lived in the cold but recently our summers have gotten hotter. As I am so pale, by the end of the day I look like a big lobster. So while I'm all freckled up and looking like a lobster I want to try and look as cute as possible. 

That's where the clobber comes in, some of my fav summer dresses to the rescue. I'm going to show five of my fav dresses. I wear dresses so much because I feel pretty and girly in them. Dresses are better in the summer because who really wants to wear pants and feel restricted?

Most of the things I'm going to show are old so you can't get them anymore. But they were all purchased from New Look, ASOS and Primark.

I love these dresses, I love nautical dresses and I adore cherries on clothes, they look so cute :-)
OK, I know this may look a little grannyish, But I love it on. The stripes are cute and I love the flowers. I like it, it's different.

As you can see, I'm very into my florals. This one is quite short so I would have to wear some skinnies or leggings
I like this dress because of the colour, It's actually grey colour but the sun is against me today it doesn't know whether to rain or pour. I like the little synched bit and the buttons. I guess I don't really need attention drawing to that area but I like it anyhoodles.
I hope you liked, I know my style isn't to everyone's taste but I'm ok with the choices I make for clothing lol. Lemme know your fav summer things :-)

Peace, love and sexy dresses :-)


  1. I love the anchor one!! But then I'm a bit obsessed with anything featuring anchors! x

  2. I never used to be, but I like them much more now :-) x