20 June 2011

The big three

Hi guys and dolls,

I hope you all showered your dads with love and cupcakes yesterday. I really miss mine, it seems to be getting harder each year, especially as the 25th June is the anniversary of his death.

I asked on Twitter the other day, what peoples fav ALL TIME fav eyeshadows were. So I thought maybe it'd be for the greaterrr goood (One for Rachel lol) if I did a little post naming my top three. I have eczema on my eyes which means I have to pick shadows carefully, I think that my left eye is more oily than the right because my makeup always seems to crease on the left first! 

I wonder how many I'll pull out of my collection before I've decided I've had enough haha.Wish me luck
Avon eyeliner and shadow pencil in steelsmoke
I used to have about 15 of these pencils (I'm not even kidding) that's how I much I loved them. The eyeliner is gorgeous and once I'd tried to line my lids I fell in love, enter my everyday makeup lol. It's just everything you need, an eyeshadow and eyeliner. How much better can it get. I used to wear it without a primer also so I know it stays put all day

Sleek purple eyeshadow
The original palette is my all time fav palette, It has a black, light pink and of course my purple :-) they're so pigment and last for ages.

Urban Decay Smog
This I just cannot explain, it's so beautiful. I love my golds and this kind of reminds of MAC Indianwood.

Wow I deserve kudos, I kept it to 3 just like I said I would *highfives myself* :-) what are you favourite eyeshadows?

Peace, love and cupcakes


  1. I'm sorry about your Dad. I know it's hard. On another note I do love the Sleek palette's too xx

  2. I could kill for the original sleek palette :)

  3. Vicky thanks lovely :-) it is hard and it's crap but we had them in our lives for so long that's the only positive. I adore the sleek palettes so many cool colours in one palette my mind boggles lol x

  4. Rachel, I can send you one :-) xx